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Midnight ramble: 3-eyed Sushi? Nah… I’ll take poison… poison… tasty fish.

Hi everybody!

Wow… busy day, eh? Lots of words put out there today by myself and other bloggers. Amonst all the screenshots and commentaries, we got some great info about the Season 25 Episode 1 tie-in decorations. You can read Alissa’s take on them here.

With word of Three-Eyed Sushi for Squidport and Hi-Glow Waste Barrels (Nature Tested… EPA approved), hopefully I wasn’t alone when I went off to the web (JUST LIKE LISA) to see if I could find more info on these other than what the TSTO datafrakers could find. (spAndex has a great pic of these decs if your interested)

Seems these decorations are purely from the episode which hasn’t been released yet. Some creative folks have made images previously connecting Blinky with sushi so it’s not exactly “original”, but what ever is? I can tell you one thing though, my furry behind will be firmly planted in my wroshyr treehouse for the Season 25 premier to see these items and how they fit.


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