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Hmmm, I do appreciate EA for anything free they give us, but overall…I was disappointed in the tie-in to Homerland. There was literally NOTHING explained. NOTHING TRA LA LA. So…thanks FOX for giving us something I apparently need to drive to Boise and go to a con to find out about. ūüôā


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Addicts Quick Hit: Season 25 Premiere

A quick reminder…if you’re planning on submitting an entry for the Spooky 2D contest you have approx 1hr and 20 minutes to get it in. ¬†All entries MUST be submitted by 11:59PM EST TONIGHT (Sunday September 29th). ¬†So get those entries in for your chance to win FREE donuts!!! Click here for more details!

Here’s a quick hit about the premiere episode of the Simpsons. ¬†As soon as it has aired on the west coast here in the US we’ll have some great recaps for you.

s25e1 homer freakout

So what do Three-Eyed Sushi and Hi-Glow waste barrels have to do with the Season 25 premiere of the Simpsons? ¬†(Note: Don’t click more if you don’t want an episode spoiler) Continue reading

Should I Spend Donuts on the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels?

The Season Premiere of the Simpsons is coming THIS Sunday on Fox and to celebrate the start of the 25th year EA has given us a mini update. ¬†With the episode tie in update comes the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels, a limited-time premium decoration for your Springfield! ¬†Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, ‘Should I spend donuts on this?’ Well before you hit that confirm button¬†let’s break down the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels and if they’re worth your donuts:

 Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
Donut Price: 40 Donuts
Unique?:  No
Bonus: 2%
Bonus % Per Donut Spent: 0.05%
Conform-O-Meter Points: Vanity +400
Where Can I Place It?: On the main (grass or pavement) sections of Springfield only.  (No Squidport or beach)

Final Thought:¬†At 40 donuts and a 2% bonus, it’s certainly not the worst investment you can make.¬† While I have added them to my Springfield I do think the Hi-Glow Waste Barrels are a large & somewhat weird addition to TSTO. ¬†Although it makes perfect sense, since the town was blown up and all, but it’s just a weird object to try and place, at least in my opinion. ¬†Normally this is something I’d say pass on, since the concept of the decoration itself isn’t that great and for the donuts paid/bonus % awarded there are better items you can spend your donuts on that will make a little more sense in your town. ¬†However…this is a LIMITED TIME item. ¬†Once it’s gone it’s gone and you can never purchase it again, so be sure to take that into consideration when making your decision.

What do you think? ¬†Will you be picking up your Hi-Glow Waste Barrels before they’re gone? ¬†Let us know in the comments below.

Looking for more guidance on premium purchases?  Check out our Ultimate Premium Guide!


How Do the Season 25 Premiere Items Impact The Conform-O-Meter?

Well Tappers the Season 25 update has arrived! ¬†EA was a little sneaky this time and had the update out in the wee early hours of the morning! ¬†However, as true Addicts, we don’t sleep! ¬†So Bunny was all over the update as soon as it was out with the complete walkthrough and introduction of the 2 new¬†limited-time¬†items. ¬†You can check that out here. ¬†But now let’s take a minute and see how the two new items will impact your Conform-O-Meter rating.

For those of you that don’t already know…The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and XP from everything you collect in the game. ¬†When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it‚Äôs max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town. ¬†If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check¬†here for the basics¬†and¬†here for how many points you‚Äôll need to reach 5 stars. ¬†We’ve also posted about each of the 8 categories and how you can max them out you can view them here: Indolence, Consumerism, Tree-Hugging, Vanity, Obedience, Gluttony, Righteousness & Socialism.

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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Season 25 Premiere Update

The “mini-update” has dropped in the weeeeeeeeee early mornin hours…good thing Bunny’s floppy ears were to the ground listening…Here we go…(Special thanks to Alissa for having majority of this typed up. Made my extra dialog/pic posting a breeze. TEAMWORK!!)

Conventional Wisdom Pt. 1

Lisa will just start the task automatically

Lisa: Wow, Dad. What are you doing up so early?
Homer: Getting ready for work.
Lisa: But you rarely ever go to work. At least not on time. Or with ‚Äď what’s the thing on your face ‚Äď a smile?
Homer: Yep. I’m smiling because for two glorious days and one even more glorious night, work isn’t actually going to be work. It’s going to be a convention!
Lisa: What’s so great about that? What happens at a convention?

Homer: Uh…nothing. Just work. It’s really boring. Now where’s that inflatable gorilla wearing women’s underwear that I ordered?
Make Homer Wait for the Mailman 12hrs
Keep Lisa free when complete


As soon as you complete the first dialogue, the High-Glow Waste Barrels will be added to your Premium Stuff for purchase. (40 Donuts). Multiplier of 2.00% bonus money and XP to all jobs. It is a 3×3 square in size and about as high as Springfield falls. . The animation on it does make the barrel on top rotate around.¬†


Conventional Wisdom Pt. 2
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: The convention’s in a couple days, Dad. Shouldn’t you be packing?
Homer: Good idea. I’ll start with my convention supplies. Ball-point pens, notepads, business cards…
Lisa: Okay, Dad. I’ll leave you to it.
Homer: Great. See you later, sweetie! Now to dump this crap and put in my real convention supplies. Champagne, animal tranquilizers, superhero costume….
Make Homer Pack for the Convention 4Hrs


Conventional Wisdom Pt. 3
After tapping Homer

Homer: Well, I’m all packed.

Lisa: Four bags? You’re only going away for a night. How much clothing do you need?

Homer: Oh, right…clothing. I should pack some of that as well.
Make Homer Re-Pack for the Convention 4hrs


Homer: Woo-hoo! This is going to be the greatest weekend ever! I’m going to feel like crap on Sunday!

And you will to, if you miss the Simpson’s 25th Season Premiere. This Sunday at 8/7c on FOX. And to celebrate the premiere, a FREE decoration for your Squidport has been placed in your inventory!¬†


At this point, you can now go into your inventory box and retrieve the Three-Eyed Sushi. It is place-able in your Squidport area only. It is on a 4×4 square and about the height as other shops. The animation on this one is Blinky…well…blinking. ūüôā

6.1 7

And there you have it…complete with pics. I have my DVR set to record this Sunday’s episode. Season 25 Premiere! CAN’T WAIT!!!!


Last thoughts…just how big do these new items look in comparison? Hope this helps.

2013-09-26 05.40.52 2013-09-26 05.41.51 2013-09-26 05.42.35 2013-09-26 05.43.11 2013-09-26 05.43.59

Midnight ramble: 3-eyed Sushi? Nah… I’ll take poison… poison… tasty fish.

Hi everybody!

Wow… busy day, eh? Lots of words put out there today by myself and other bloggers. Amonst all the screenshots and commentaries, we got some great info about the Season 25 Episode 1 tie-in decorations. You can read Alissa’s take on them here.

With word of Three-Eyed Sushi for Squidport and Hi-Glow Waste Barrels (Nature Tested… EPA approved), hopefully I wasn’t alone when I went off to the web (JUST LIKE LISA) to see if I could find more info on these other than what the TSTO datafrakers could find. (spAndex has a great pic of these decs if your interested)

Seems these decorations are purely from the episode which hasn’t been released yet. Some creative folks have made images previously connecting Blinky with sushi so it’s not exactly “original”, but what ever is? I can tell you one thing though, my furry behind will be firmly planted in my wroshyr treehouse for the Season 25 premier to see these items and how they fit.


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