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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Kearney, Springfield’s Oldest Bully

Hi Everyone!

So I know Mark, the donut king, usually does walkthroughs but he’s taking some time away from the blog for work reasons right now.  However, we still wanted to keep all tappers, new and old, up to speed with walkthroughs.  So until Mark comes back you’ll see Wookiee, Bunny or myself covering walkthroughs.  But don’t worry we’re just keeping the spot warm until our donut king comes back!  So let’s talk about Kearney Zzyzwicz…

Kearney Zzyzwicz is a premium character you can purchase from the start of Tapped Out. If you’re wondering if Kearney is worth your donuts, you can check out our Premium Character guide on him here. Once purchased he unlocks a “Bully” of a quest in your game. Here’s the questline… Continue reading

Should I spend Donuts on Jub-Jub?

Level 35 is here (woohoo!) and with it comes Jub-Jub, a premium character for the Simpsons Tapped Out.  Wookiee talked about Jub-Jub earlier in the week, check out his post here for more about who Jub-Jub is.  I’m sure you’re asking “Should I Spend Donuts On This?”  Well before you hit that confirm button, let’s break down the Pros and Cons of adding Jub-Jub to your Springfield.

jub jub
Donut Price: 90 Donuts
-First pet to have a task! (12hr task to flick tongue)
-Has a very small 1 part quest with Selma
-Selma has a 6hr task with him (Cuddle Jub-Jub)
-Comes with The Springfield Pet Shop (boots your consumerism rating!)
-At 90 donuts it’s the cheapest character to come with a building

-He’s an iguana that will walk around your town, so if you’re not a fan of iguana’s maybe he’s not the best choice for you.
-90 donuts can be pricey to pay for a character with only 1 task.
-Buying him will make Selma happy, and maybe you don’t want to make Selma happy

Final Thought:
Personally, if you’re going to buy a premium animal I think Jub-Jub is the best one you can get.  First, he comes with a building (that generates income and helps your consumerism rating), second he has his own task that generates income ($600/12hrs) and 3rd he interacts with a character.  Those are 3 things not one of the other animals in the game can do and that ALONE is worth the investment.  But if you’re short on donuts and looking for characters I would suggest going with SVT, Moleman or Bumblebee man first.  However, if you already have those Jub-Jub isn’t a bad investment to make!

Jub Jub’s Task:


Task Length



Tongue Flick


$600, 150xp


2013-09-12 12.13.09

He also unlocks a 6hr task for Selma, with a quest line.  Here’s the quest line for you:
Much Ado About Jub-Jub
Selma: Oh Jub-Jub, I know it’s a cliché to use a pet as a child substitute…but I really do think of you as my baby!
Jub-Jub: Hiiisssss!
Selma: A baby who will eat my remains when I die alone in my apartment.
Jub-Jub: Hiss….
Make Selma Cuddle Jub-Jub­- 6hrs
2013-09-13 09.44.42

Looking for details on more Level 35 Donut items?  Check out Should I Spend Donuts on Disco Stu?  You can view our Ultimate Premium Guide Here, complete through level 35!

Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: I Am Lugash!

TSTO Lugash
Lugash was originally released as part of the Whacking Day Event.  While Lugash and his gym have always been for donut purchase, Gymnastics Lisa was a costume for Lisa that was awarded with the balance beam when you whacked 1000 snakes.  (Gymnastics Lisa utilizes Lugash’s gym to help boost her gym grade)  The Lugash quest line is below, and it starts once you’ve purchased Lugah’s Gym for 175 Donuts.
New Character Unlock!
Continue reading

Should I Spend Donuts on the Scratchy Mascot?

Wondering if you should spend donuts on the Scratchy Mascot?   Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding Scratchy to your Krustyland.
Tapped_Out_Scratchy_Mascot_unlock mascot
Character: Scratchy Mascot
Donut Price: 60 Donuts
-Always walk around outside
-Every Amusement Park Needs Characters
-Funny Animation when Tapped
-Does nothing for your Krustyland No tasks, no bonus, nothing.
-Can only be used in Krustyland
Final Thought: Gives a little bit of variety to your Krustyland. Personally I’ve added this mascot in my park because I think it brings a fun element to Krustyland in General!