Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: I Am Lugash!

TSTO Lugash
Lugash was originally released as part of the Whacking Day Event.  While Lugash and his gym have always been for donut purchase, Gymnastics Lisa was a costume for Lisa that was awarded with the balance beam when you whacked 1000 snakes.  (Gymnastics Lisa utilizes Lugash’s gym to help boost her gym grade)  The Lugash quest line is below, and it starts once you’ve purchased Lugah’s Gym for 175 Donuts.
New Character Unlock!

The Cranky Man Can Pt.1
After tapping Lugash

Lugash: Little girls all fail!  Failure girls don’t deserve love!  I take your pets.  Learn to be good at gymnastics or never see fluffy friends again.
Make Lugash Confiscate Student Pets1hr

The Cranky Man Can Pt. 2
After tapping Lugash

Lugash: Lugash is great!  If childs are not great, it is because they don’t have enough Lugash.  I break all of you like piñata.  Then out shall fall the candy of success.
Make Lugash Intimate Children-8hrs

The Cranky Man Can Pt. 3
After tapping Lugash

Lugash: You should not fear Lugash.  You should only fear dying surround by only family and loved ones and no medals to prove you are not worthless.  But for now…YOU ARE ALL WORTHLESS! …..I am sorry, children.  Lugash must go to anger management class.  WORTHLESS ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASS!  I HATE IT SO MUCH!
Reach Level 27
Build the Adult Education Annex
Make Lugash Attend Anger Management-

And with that your Lugash quest line is over.  Short, not very sweet but exactly to the point.  As an added bonus, here’s the Whacking Day Gymnastics Lisa quest that’s unlocked when you Whacked 1,000 snakes.

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 1
Tapper is awarded with the Balance Beam and Gymnastic Lisa, a limited time costume for Lisa.
New Costume Unlock!

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 2
After tapping Gymnastic Lisa

Lisa: Dad, Dad!  I got a new gym outfit and a balance beam.
Homer: I know, sweetie.  We got it for you to shut up about killing snakes…I mean, to help you pass gym class.
No task here, just whacking 1,000 snakes was task enough.

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 3
After tapping Gymnastic Lisa

Lisa: Training on this balance beam could help pull my grade up in gym class.  And I need it—without perfect grades, I don’t really have a “thing.”
Make Gymnastic Lisa Walk the Beam-12hrs

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 4
After tapping Gymnastic Lisa

Homer: That’s my little girl.  Who’s got your Daddy’s athletic genes?
Lisa: Your genes are exactly my problem.  How am I ever going to pass gym glass?
Make Gymnastic Lisa Dream about Passing Gym Class-24hrs
Lisa: Dad, I dreamt I could get an A in gym class.  And nothing one dreams could possibly not come true.
Lugash: After see your gymnastics, I agree00ideas of you succeeding is just dream.  So say Lugash!  To be great takes total dedication.  Al time invested in training.  Until when mind think of losing, it also think “I AM DYING!  THIS IS DEATH!”
Homer: If you’re promising to take up all of my daughter’s time with grueling psychological torments, then I think we have a deal.
If Lugash’s gym was purchased during Whacking day another part of the quest was unlocked here

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 5
After tapping Gymnastic Lisa

Lisa: Mr. Lugash, I was wondering–
Lugash: Talk no need child.  You come to Lugash only one reason.  Because you are pathetic without Lugash.
Lisa: I just wanted you to sign my petition against Whacking Day.
Lugash: Petition can not stop Whacking Day—only gymnastic can stop it!  By doing gymnastic!
Make Gymnastic Lisa Train at Lugash’s-4hrs
Make Lugash Train Children

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 6
After tapping Gymnastic Lisa

Lisa: Dad, I don’t care about getting an A anymore.  That gym coach is just too angry and scary.
Homer: Sorry, we already paid for the lessons.
Lisa: But I saw a girl set her own broken leg in the middle of a summersault
Homer: Wow.  Next time that happens, film it and put it on YouTube.  I’m tired of watching videos about cats.
Make Gymnastic Lisa Train at Lugash’s-4hrs
Make Lugash Train Children

Little Girl in the Big Ten Pt. 7
After tapping Lugash

Lugash: Bravo, little girl!  You are my greatest triumph!
Lisa: Thanks, Lugash.  I still hate this, but thanks.  So you think I can get an A in gym class?
Lugash: If gym class is balance beam, yes.  God gave you greatest gift.  Big head.  Like beach ball made of bone.  Give you perfect balance!  Go home now.  Rest your giant head.  You will now pass gym examination.  I am certain of this.  I am Lugash!
Make Gymnastic Lisa Do Cartwheels-1hr
Lisa: Dad, I aced gym!  Which I know will matter when I’m trying to get a job someday.
Homer: Woohoo!  Wait, I mean Do’h!  Now what will distract you from getting all moral and judgement-y about Whacking Day?  There must be more quests to keep you busy.  It’s not like we constantly have nothing to do as we wait for another set of tasks to fill up our time.

And with that the Whacking Day/Gymnastic Lisa/Lugash quest is officially complete.
What do you think?  Did you participate in Whacking Day and get Gymnastic Lisa and her balance beam?  Do you own Lugash?

Happy Tapping Friends!

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  1. It is sad that Gymnastics Lisa doesn’t earn the higher rates (like Kamp Bart), but it does still provide some variety for Lisa tasks. Especially when it comes to 1 hr tasks, I’d much rather send Lisa to do cartwheels for an hr then shop at the Kwik-E-Mart with everyone else in town!

  2. I got Lugash after wacking day a little after a Gil donut sale.. Funny character and has a voice. I was sad that Lisa’s gym outfit tasks at Lugash’s gym does not pay out premium.

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