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Should I Spend Donuts On Blue-Haired Lawyer?

Level 38 is here (woohoo!) and EA decided to go all legal on us and rolled out the much anticipated Blue-Haired Lawyer.   And with the little Devil Wears Blue quest preview tease we all got, you may be asking “Should I Spend Donuts On THIS?”  Well before you hit that confirm button, lets break down the Pros and Cons of adding this Legal Eagle to your Springfield.


Character: Blue-Haired Lawyer
Donut Price: 90 donuts

-Reasonably priced.  At 90 donuts he’s not the cheapest character in the game BUT he’s the same price as Dr. Nick & within 5 donuts of The Rich Texan and Arnie Pye
-Premium tasks that earn 50% more than regular characters
-Comes with a quest line, that’s 10 parts (so it will take you a little while to complete)
-Has a few outdoor tasks
Unlocks at Level 1 so if you’re a new Tapper this is a great character to add to your game to help you earn more money. This has since been changed, he now unlocks at Level 35
-Unlocks a hilarious new 16-hr task for Mr. Burns (Blue-Haired Lawyer Dino Ride)
-Another Blue-Haired Character to add to your game

– Doesn’t come with a building.
-At 90 donuts he’s at the higher end of the premium characters that doesn’t come with a building.
-After his quest line he has no other interactions with other characters in Springfield.

Final Thought:
Personally I purchased the BLH, but i’m a bit of a completest.  I enjoyed his questline and the “slip-n-fall” mentality.  And I like adding different characters to the game, I really felt like Springfield could use a lawyer to help defend against Wiggum’s crazy arrest record!
However, if your donut budget is limited you might want to hold off on this purchase.  BLH is not Limited-Time and will be in TSTO until the game is over, so there is no rush.  If you’re thinking about saving your donuts, for now, in anticipation of a Valentine’s Day Event (and those Limited-Time items) that might be your best bet.

Blue Haired Lawyer’s Tasks:

Task Task Length Payout Building
Shop at Kwik-E-Mart 1hr $105, 26XP Kwik-E-Mart
Dine at the Truffle 2hrs $175, 40xp Gilded Truffle
Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace 4hrs $260, 70xp Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
Look Unimpressed 8hrs $420, 105xp Outside Task
Attend Church 12hrs $600, 150xp First Church of Springfield
Deliever Lawsuits to Local Businesses 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Outside Task

Turbo Tappin’ Premium: The Blue Haired Lawyer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another edition of Addicts Turbo Tappin’ the update, the quick walkthrough that’s so fast & so complete it’s copy and pasted by blogs everywhere!  Good thing this is Turbo Tappin’ the Premium Blue Haired Lawyer, maybe we should get him on the case huh?  (ok not all blogs…BUT there are some and you know who you are.   But don’t worry, to me copy and paste is the sincerest form of flattery, so I won’t send BHL after you…yet 🙂 )

Anywho let’s get on with what this post is about…the Blue Haired Lawyer!  Just what Springfield needs a Lawyer.  I guess the people of Springfield were getting fed up with Wiggum when he sent them all to jail back during Level 33!

The Blue Haired Lawyer is new to Level 38 BUT only level 1 is required to purchase him.  So if you’re a lower level Tapper still trying to hit Level 38 you can still add a little legal fun to your Springfield!

The Devil Wears Blue quest is 10 parts and has some great humor in it (including a really funny task in the last part), and it’s teased to ALL players in part 1.  Yes, EA is now giving players a “Freeview” of the premium quests (well at least for this one) and showing you what Part 1 of the questline looks like…in (my guess) an effort to get you to want to know what happens next and buy the Blue Haired Lawyer.  Like going to the movies and watching the previews….

Well I’ve rambled on long enough….let’s get to Turbo Tappin’ shall we?


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