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WEEKEND UPDATE: January 12th – 18th

Shhhh…Alissa thinks those new “locks” she got will hold me and the Fuzzball. Psssssh, as if. Now…what did I sneak out for? Oh, yah…WOW…I can’t believe another week has passed me by. Went so fast. Did it go quickly for you?

Well just in case you missed anything, here is a recap of what happened during the week.


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Turbo Tappin’ Premium: The Blue Haired Lawyer

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another edition of Addicts Turbo Tappin’ the update, the quick walkthrough that’s so fast & so complete it’s copy and pasted by blogs everywhere!  Good thing this is Turbo Tappin’ the Premium Blue Haired Lawyer, maybe we should get him on the case huh?  (ok not all blogs…BUT there are some and you know who you are.   But don’t worry, to me copy and paste is the sincerest form of flattery, so I won’t send BHL after you…yet 🙂 )

Anywho let’s get on with what this post is about…the Blue Haired Lawyer!  Just what Springfield needs a Lawyer.  I guess the people of Springfield were getting fed up with Wiggum when he sent them all to jail back during Level 33!

The Blue Haired Lawyer is new to Level 38 BUT only level 1 is required to purchase him.  So if you’re a lower level Tapper still trying to hit Level 38 you can still add a little legal fun to your Springfield!

The Devil Wears Blue quest is 10 parts and has some great humor in it (including a really funny task in the last part), and it’s teased to ALL players in part 1.  Yes, EA is now giving players a “Freeview” of the premium quests (well at least for this one) and showing you what Part 1 of the questline looks like…in (my guess) an effort to get you to want to know what happens next and buy the Blue Haired Lawyer.  Like going to the movies and watching the previews….

Well I’ve rambled on long enough….let’s get to Turbo Tappin’ shall we?


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Turbo Tappin’: Level 38 and Judge Snyder

Well Level 38 is here! (it’s about time huh?)  And what a level it is…full of twists and turns and lengthy tasks…oh man the tasks!  Clearly EA is on a mission to not let us get bored again…

So now that there’s a new level out there you know what that means, right?  Time for another Turbo Tappin’!  So with that let’s jump right in a Turbo Tap the Main Questline (Freemium) of Level 38!

As we mentioned in the Level 38 is Here post Chief Wiggum gets things rolling in your game with a 12hr task….

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Turbo Tappin’- EHHH-YESSSSSSSS Style

WOOHOO! WE GOT THE YES GUY!! And you all thought this lil Bunny got annoying. Just you wait. 😉

Well as with any new character added to our lil game, the Yes Guy came with a quick lil task line with some quite hilarious dialog. (EA jabbing at us again?)

So for those of you will lightnin fast tappa tappa tappin fingers, here is the short short short version of his quest.

Positive Reinforcement Pt. 1
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Search for a New Catchphrase-60 mins / $70 17XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 2
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Call a Doctor– 4hrs /$175 45XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 3
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Run Away in Shame– 12hrs / $420 100XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 4
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Get a Haircut– 8hrs / $275 70XP


Positive Reinforcement Pt. 5
Yes Guy will start the task.

Make The Yes Guy Be Mr. Burns Yes Man- 24hrs / $600 150XP

So now you have an annoying character in your game that I truly adore and am happy he is finally here. Enjoy!


Turbo Tappin’ Christmas: Costington’s

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

How’s your gift card collecting going? Are you getting closer to that magic 30,000 mark? Getting ready to unlock Costington’s and Mr. Constington? If you’re not there yet don’t worry, as long as you’re staying on track with Bunny’s Gift Card Calendar you’ll collect all of the Personal Prizes before the event is over! For those who are close to, or already at, the 30,000 Gift Card mark…let’s take a look at what happens when you unlock Costington’s.

Costington’s will automatically be placed in your inventory once you unlock it. Once placed it will take you 24hrs to build. After it’s built Mr. Costington will be introduced into the game as well as his 5 part questline! So let’s take a look at the Turbo Tappin’ version of The Cost of Doing Business..


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Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Ebenezer Burns

Just past Christmas Day and EA has released the 3rd Community Prize. It is a skin for Mr. Burns that turns him into…well…I guess you can’t turn him into a Scrooge due to he already is one. Worse than one actually.

Well along with Ebenezer Burns, you will get a questline. So here is the quick tappin verison of that.

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Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Santa Flanders

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well it’s the Friday before Christmas, are you getting excited for Santa yet?!  Let’s break into the holiday spirit and prep ourselves for Santa’s arrival with a Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough of Santa Flanders!

Santa Flanders is a Personal Prize that unlocks at the 22,000 Gift Cards Collected.  You can check out details of unlocking him on this post here.  Once you unlock Santa Flanders a 5 part quest should auto-start for Flanders (in the Santa Flanders costume).   If it doesn’t auto-start check to see if Flanders is on another task, and that he’s in his Santa skin.  If he’s not Santa, tap on Flanders and toggle to Santa.  If he IS Santa but the quest still doesn’t start, try hard closing the app and restarting.  That should (hopefully) “kick-start” the quest.

So let’s jump into the Christmas spirit….here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Santa Flanders Walkthrough Continue reading

Turbo Tappin’ Holidays 2013: Wheel Prize-Mr. Plow

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s been snowing here a lot lately, so say I’m on a bit of a Snow Plow kick…earlier today I brought you the Plow King Turbo Tappin’ Guide.  Another prize you can win on Krusty’s Wheel is Mr. Plow, the Plow King’s arch nemesis…well maybe not that bad (more on this later).

Mr. Plow was originally released as a limited-time skin back in January of 2013 that you could purchase (for 90 donuts!) for our old pal Homer J Simpson.  For those who didn’t shell out the dough-nuts (see what I did there?) for him or for those Android users who didn’t have the game yet, you’re in luck because Mr. Plow is back!  And part of Krusty’s Wheel of just land on anything but cash!  Once unlocked a 7 part questline should auto-start for Homer (in the Mr. Plow skin).  If it doesn’t auto-start check to see if Homer is on another task, and that he’s in his Mr. Plow skin.  If he’s not Mr. Plow, tap on Homer and toggle to Mr. Plow.  If he IS Mr. Plow but the quest still doesn’t start, try hard closing the app and restarting.  That should (hopefully) “kick-start” the quest.

So let’s plow on through…..Here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Mr. Plow Walkthrough: Continue reading

Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Wheel Prize-Plow King

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Are you having fun with the Krusty Non-Denominatioal Wheel yet?  Getting frustrated because you keep landing on cash?  I know I am!  But hey that’s what gambling is all about…and if I was in Vegas right now I’d be pretty stoked to land on $1,000!  At least I’ll keep telling myself that….

Anywho…let’s take a look at one of the non-cash prizes you can win on Krusty’s Wheel of misery fun, the Plow King!  This is a costume for our premium belching friend Barney.  Of course Barney unlocks when you purchase the Bowl-A-Rama for a whopping 250 donuts!  (Yikes!)

If you have Barney the Plow King Skin should unlock automatically (if not just tap on Barney and toggle over to him) and if you haven’t purchased our friend don’t worry the skin will stay in your inventory should you eventually make the purchase!  Once unlocked a 5 part mini quest will start where Barney does what any good drunk would do….and talks to himself.  Seriously every line of dialogue is Barney talking to himself….I wonder if he’s been “cheating” on Moe and drinking the “good stuff” at the Egg Nog Bar.

Anyway let’s get to the point of this post already….geez

Here’s your Turbo Tappin’ Plow King Walkthrough:
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Turbo Tappin’: Christmas 2013

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or in Shelbyville) it’s snowing is Springfield! That means it’s time to Turbo Tap the update! Here’s your Turbo Tappin’ quick walkthrough guide for the Christmas 2013 update (for those of you who LOVE the full dialogue, don’t worry it’s coming soon too):
Note:this is a walkthrough for just the main quest line at this time. Due to the nature of the Christmas update, and the many parts to it, we’ll add any additional walkthroughs separately. So basically this is the walkthrough for the main quest (free) version. Enjoy!

Things kick off with a dialogue between Homer and Lisa, discussing Christmas and a special delivery on the Simpson’s doorstep. Continue reading