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Black History Month -Gameplay Hints

I was sooooo hoping for some twists and turns…in the next “major update event.”  But, no…it appears that the only real twists are that I am stuck doing update info, while Alissa and her family are doing “Everything Disney” down in Orlando. It’s OK…she deserves a break…and I haven’t had to cover an update for months and months.

BUT…like it or not, you also get my commentary, along with as many “facts” as I can pull out of thin air.  I don’t do the “frackin’ thang,” so most of what I will be posting is just from my own game play experience.

Luckily (or unluckily), EA has made this another “wash, rinse, repeat” kind of update…with the ability to earn “coins” that can be used to buy stuff most of the long time players already have. Meh…

But, just for the sake of filling out some content so “Mom” knows I did my chores while she was gone…read on!
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