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Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 2 Prize Guide – She-Wolf

So you knew I was going to do some research.  Right?

I mean yes…I know that She-Wolf had a brief appearance in the THOH XX…really brief.  But, I was curious if there have ever been any Female Werewolves in the movies.  Lon Cheney Jr. was truly the most memorable from my youth.  But the male versions show up all of the time in horror movies…with no memorable females.

And let’s face it…the TSTO version looks pretty dated. I mean, where does she shop…1955 with June Cleaver? “Hey…She-Wolf…it’s 1955, she wants her dress back!” 

But, as it turns out…there are a handful of Female Werewolf movies…and one in particular looks hilariously scary…for all of the wrong reasons.

Oh. And I’ll also cover the details of She-Wolf in our games. Promise!
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