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TreeHouse of Horrors XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide- Womenhet

Well here we are…at the final prize of the final act of what has been a pretty darn fun event!  Yep! I’m still going with that opinion!  And yes…it was fun in part, because it was so darn EAsy!  I actually got this “woman in rags” a full week ahead of the calendar, and so there was simply no pressure to grind.  Which was enjoyable…because you really didn’t have to care.

But, I have to admit, once again, my curiosity got the better of me, and I had to look up to see how many female mummies had been discovered.  And after a quick Google search…the answer is easy. A BUNCH!
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TSTO Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Grand Pyramid

This is one of those items that kinda gets lost in the issues that the TSTO programmers have with proper scale. Let’s face it…as cool as a “Grand Pyramid” is by name, it’s really more of a “kinda nice, but smallish Pyramid.”  I mean, it’s the same size as the Bazaar we just won! (10×10).

It does take you back to loads of other questions though…mostly about aliens.

I know. I’m not really much of  conspiracy theory kinda guy. But the whole question of Pyramid structures popping up all over the world at around the same time just seems suspect.  They all required amazing feats of engineering and loads of slave labor to pull off. In fact, I think modern man, even with all of our tools and resources would have a tough time duplicating something with such precision. It just feels like aliens had a hand. But, I digress…

Let’s take a look at the “less-than grand” Grand Pyramid in our games!
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Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Bazaar

Let’s face it…when it comes to a Canon Springfield, there is nothing as bizarre as an Egyptian Bazaar!  See what I did there?  Used to words that sound the same but aren’t spelled the same and have two completely different meanings.  Like, Where and Wear.  I mean you can’t wear a bazzar, no matter where you are…that would be bizarre…right?

But, here we are…at Prize 2…and it is pretty cool looking, even if you have to go “Non-Canon Springfield” to use it.  It is one of those nice concepts, like Dracula-La Land, where you can place it over roads to make it more realistic. Pretty cool.

Let’s take a look at the details!
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Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 3 Prize Guide – Stone Gate

It’s funny, really…just how obsessed we get with “getting it all,” during a major event.  And then you realize that if you couched all of your daily challenges, and pickaxes before Act III started, you probably blew right through this prize as if it wasn’t there.  But, it is kind of a symbolic door to the rest of the stuff.

You can’t get the Mummy’s hot Mamma unless you start by going through the Stone Gate.

So…we will…
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Treehouse of Horror XXIX – Act 2 Prize Guide – She-Wolf

So you knew I was going to do some research.  Right?

I mean yes…I know that She-Wolf had a brief appearance in the THOH XX…really brief.  But, I was curious if there have ever been any Female Werewolves in the movies.  Lon Cheney Jr. was truly the most memorable from my youth.  But the male versions show up all of the time in horror movies…with no memorable females.

And let’s face it…the TSTO version looks pretty dated. I mean, where does she shop…1955 with June Cleaver? “Hey…She-Wolf…it’s 1955, she wants her dress back!” 

But, as it turns out…there are a handful of Female Werewolf movies…and one in particular looks hilariously scary…for all of the wrong reasons.

Oh. And I’ll also cover the details of She-Wolf in our games. Promise!
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Treehouse of Terror XXIX Act 2 Prize Guide – Barking Good Butchery

So, this is one of the prizes that would be a total “meh” if it wasn’t for the dialogue that comes with it.  I have to admit, I have a soft spot (in the head?) for anything Cletus and his clan say.  They are hilarious…even when they are talking about meat.  Or maybe, ESPECIALLY when they are talking about meat.

Let’s face it. There really isn’t that much funny about meat.  To get meat, you have to have some living creature donate their parts to the process.  And yes, while it has been made clear that Alissa is very fond of veal, after my trip to visit her children and my grandson, “baby meat” (even if it is from a baby cow), doesn’t sound great to me.

OH…SLOW DOWN!  I’m not talking about baby meat…I’m talking about cow meat! And let’s be honest…we rarely if ever think about the actual animals we have in our meals, because we don’t have to.

Deb and I have gone away from most red meat, opting instead for turkey, chicken and fish…which are much healthier for you, and come primarily from stupid animals.  After dealing with wild turkeys for the past few years on an almost daily basis, I can assure you that they are one of the most ridiculously stupid animals in creation…followed very closely by chickens and fish.   But, I digress…

Let’s get back to the Butchery…and Cletus.

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TSTO Treehouse of Horrors XXIX Act 2 Prize Guide – Screaming Stitch and Hem

I’m not going to even begin to try to understand this prize…any more than I am going to try to understand Alissa’s methods for posting the Prize Posts well after we most likely get the prizes.  But, maybe it’s because she wants us to slow down and remember the prizes we won…rather than just blasting through each update veraciously.

Or…maybe it’s because these Prize posts are so boring. Let’s go with that.

(Edit from Alissa: For those wondering the answer to this…I post the prize posts in line with when they should be unlocked based on the calendar…or as close to the date as possible.  If you’ve already unlocked it by the time it posts you’re ahead of the game…which is  good thing.  But I don’t want those that haven’t unlocked it yet to feel like they are behind by posting them to far ahead of the calendar.  So I follow the calendar for posting dates on prize posts…)

But, speaking of memories…the Stitch and Hem brings back memories of “Stretch and Sew,” which had headquarters in Eugene, Oregon (which is a bobbin thread’s toss from the REAL Springfield!).

The Stitch and Hem may very well be modeled on this company, which was notorious for “making sewing fun again,” as well as their raucous, bawdy company parties, that made company parties fun again. Rumors. They hang around in a place as small as Eugene. But, I digress…

Let’s get on to the prize details…
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Treehouse of Horrors XXIX Act II Prize Guide – Haunted Crossroads

Ah….the good old Haunted Crossroads. Every great story about selling your soul to the devil has a “crossroads.”

Some would say that is is a metaphor for being at a crossroads in your life when can clearly take one path that is good for all, and another that is good only for you.  Others would argue that there are literal crossroads where the Devil likes to hang out to do his business.

Others would also point out that the song “Crossroads” is one of the most covered blues staples ever…and relates to the story of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil to gain talent, fame and fortune. And the way Robert’s life turned out, one might tend to believe the tale.

Or…it could just be another prize for a mobile game, struggling to remain relevant after more than 6 years.

This directly from EA via Twitter…

So, are we at a crossroads in the game?
Well…yes…kinda. Because it IS the first prize in Act II!

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Treehouse of Horrors XXIX -Prize Guide – Countess Dracula

OK.  So yes…I am going to admit that I have a bit of a thing for hot cartoon ladies. Maybe it was seeing “Fritz the Cat” in my formative years…or maybe I just appreciate a well-shaped leg.  But, whatever it is, I have been clear with my appreciation of the female cartoon form in TSTO…

Fem Fatale…Marge…Miss Springfield…and several others, including the obvious…Booberella (she has boooooooobs!) are all part of what makes me smile in this game.  It’s harmless. I’m not “cheating” on Deb, or trying to marginalize these character’s other contributions  to society.  And to be fair, there are plenty of “hunks” in the game for others who like hunks, to drool over.

So…yes…if I zoom in on the Countess…as she bobs around her victims…her gown flowing in the wind (where does that wind come from anyway? It’s like Favio…he always has wind blowing around his swirling head of blond locks)…you get the picture.  And I am happy that Countess Dracula is now part of our game!

Yes. There is that little bit about being “eternally part of the world of the living dead” if she takes a bite.  But, at least for this event, the curse is reversible.

You have her, or you want her… let’s dig into the details.

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Treehouse of Horrors XXIX – Prize Guide – The Webs

I’m not going to lie (and you should never trust someone who starts a sentence with “I’m not going to lie!”), this is really a silly item that is barely worth the tapping to get it.

I honestly have no idea why the designers/programmers thought that this would be a great addition to Halloween…but, here it is.

The Webs.

I get it. The concept is creepy.  But for those of us at or nearing retirement age, the idea of being “cocooned” for eternity is just plain weird.  Unless of course, you are talking about the way the codgers in the movie “Cocoon” were treated (swimming with hot aliens in a pool that reversed the aging process).  But, I digress…

We got The Webs…”A Retirement Forest” at “Giant Spider Acres.”
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