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Friday Filler – Organizing and Creating from Clutter and Chaos

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

I always felt kind of smug when I saw the pollution pics of Beijing, China. All of those people moving around in a thick haze, wearing masks, and scurrying from building to building.

And then the West Coast fires hit…and our area, most especially the “Real Springfield,” is still chewing the air in small doses, as we run from one AC haven to another.  If we are lucky, we are supposed to be down to just “unhealthy,” from “you would be an idiot to go outside,” by midweek…next week.

We joke about toads and locusts being next. But, we don’t joke much anymore.

**Update…as I write this, we got a few hours of respite after a night of coast air blowing things out for a bit. But, we are predicted to go back to awful for the weekend. Yes. I am golfing today while the air is less chewy. I will only play nine. I’m not a complete idiot. 

However…the hideous smoke has forced me away from my last home improvement chore of rebuilding our deck, and made me take time to do some “Digital Tap-Worthy Remodeling” of my town.

After deciding to store some of my “Bonus % Items” so I could design a bit within the Item Limits…I am kind of pleased at how the organization and designing has gone.

It really comes down to mastering and executing the ability to purge, design, and place. Let’s take a look at how things turned out.
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Friday Filler – When is Enough, Really Enough, and When Is It Just Hoarding?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Well…as you may or may not remember,  a year ago I started a massive remodel of our house, with almost top to bottom remaking of the kitchen, two bathrooms, and flooring throughout the entire first floor main living area (family room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, stairs).

I have done all of the work myself…and with everything that has gone on during that year, find myself a bit awe-struck that I am not actually done yet (I still have an entire back deck tear apart and rebuild). But, then again, as I have also found out, once you start remodeling, and your wife is the primary “contractor” and you are “the worker,” you are never really done. All of the new, makes any of the old look shabby by comparison. And, even worse, that damn HGTV channel is still on the air, giving “the contractor” more ideas.

But, absolutely the worst part…is the massive land fill that now must be hauled off in a dumpster, along with decisions on what to do with the rest.  Clutter…thy name is Patric.  I admit it. I hate to throw away anything.

AND, to the point of this post…WE FACE THE SAME DECISIONS IN TSTO.  “Keep…store…or sell.” 
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