TSTO Anonymous… forget TSTO, it’s Superbowl Time!!!

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Well hey there Addicterinos!  Did you miss us yesterday?  It’s been a little since we held our last TSTO Anonymous meeting and with the realization that The Simpsons won’t be airing new material for a month, I figured it was definitely time to gather all the Addicts together.

Why do we not get fresh material?  Easy… the Super Bowl and the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Everyone is familiar with the Olympics, but why the Super Bowl?  Isn’t that just an American thing?  Well, FOX has the monopoly on this event and that means our beloved family sits on the sidelines while giant men in pads crash against each other to get an oblong and pointy ball across 100 yards of grass.  Basically our version of rugby that steals the true name of soccer.

TSTO Anon Super Bowl

For today’s meeting, I figured I’d talk about football and the Simpsons to see if we could figure out what the two have to do with each other besides TSTO Tapperinos and bloggers being forced to talk about the Super Bowl tie-in.

The Super Bowl has been featured in The Simpsons many times:

–          Lisa proves to be adept at picking the winners for NFL football games in “Lisa the Greek” (S3:E14).  Football Sunday becomes “Daddy-Daughter Day” for her and Homer.  Lisa realizes the arrival of the Super Bowl will end her father-daughter bonding.  (I actually call time with my daughter Daddy-Daughter Days because of this episode.)

–          When Homer dreams about riding in the Duff Blimp in “Lisa the Beauty Queen” (S4:E4), the blimp floats right over none other than the Super Bowl.

Duff Blimp Super Bowl

–          A Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl is shown in a dream sequence in “Cape Feare” (S5:E2)

–          In “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday” (S10:E12), Homer and the men of Springfield head to the Super Bowl.  On their arrival, they can’t get in because they purchased counterfeit tickets printed on crackers and hilarity ensues.  Not a complete loss, they meet Dolly Parton and the music of Blur is featured.  (NERD NOTE: This episode actually premiered after Super Bowl XXXIII.)

–          Perhaps the most applicable to this year’s Super Bowl.  Homer is watching the Super Bowl in “Bonfire of the Manatees” (S17:E1).  The Denver Broncos win 19 to 14 over the Seattle Seahawks.  It’ll be interesting to see how closely this mirror real life.

Super Bowl

The game of American Football itself is also featured in several episodes.

–          Homer is given the Denver Broncos by Hank Scorpio in “You Only Move Twice” (S8:E2).  The team even practices on the Simpsons family’s front lawn.  Homer later loses the team at  a poker game at Moe’s.

Broncos Namath

–          In Bart Star (S9:E6), Homer ends up coaching Bart’s pee-wee football team.  Also features a cameo by Joe Namath.

–          Homer is obsessed with building a half-time float for a local football game at Springfield University in Faith Off (S11:E11).  He is also responsible for the star kicker’s leg being amputated.

–          Homer watches a preview for a Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos game in “Skinner’s Sense of Snow” (S12:E8).

–          The Kansas City Chiefs are seen playing the Dallas Cowboys in “The Bart of War” (S14:E21).

–          In “Million-Dollar Abie” (S17:E17), Homer attempts to bring a NFL franchise to Springfield (The Springfield Meltdowns) and nearly succeeds.  Unfortunately, Grandpa Simpson ruins it by caning the NFL Commissioner.

–          When  Marge visits former flame Steffan August in “That 90’s Show” (S19:E21), he is watching a NFL  game between the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins.

–          Bart has a hilarious dream of the Manning brothers in O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (S21:E8).  Peyton may be going for his second ring on Sunday to match his broth Eli but I always identified more with Cooper Manning.

Manning Moleman Football

–          Moleman… football… groin… Nuff Said.

–          Cletus the Football Robot makes an appearance in “The Spy Who Learned Me” (S23:E23)

Cletus the football robot

With all those football and Super Bowl references, I’m not surprised to see a Super Bowl tie-in for the Best. Game. Ever.  Add to that FOX owning rights to the Super Bowl and it really all makes sense.  But why did our new content revolve around Duff Beer?

It’s really as simple as looking at American Football.  In the NFL, the sponsors tend to be beer companies.  The most recognizable name in American Beer… Budweiser.  Every Super Bowl includes commercials for this beer.  One of this year’s commercials involves the company’s famous Clydesdale Horses befriending a puppy (a previous Super Bowl friendship included a donkey name Hope).


I had to share that video because it’s stinking cute.  Makes me want to adopt a horse.  The Clydesdale horses have played football in a Bowl commercial.  You may also have seen some frogs croaking out the words Bud, Weis and Errrrrr or remember the Budweiser lizards.  Don’t even get me started on those Wassup commercials.  All of these premiered during the Super Bowl.  My favorite Budweiser Super Bowl Commercials of all time though are the Bud Bowl commercials.  Picture beer bottles playing NFL football against each other.  I always wondered how anyone could root for Bud Lite?  In America, the Super Bowl is actually known better for its commercials sometimes than the game.  There are so many great ones.

Budweiser Super Bowl

Getting back to my point, Duff Beer is basically the Budweiser of the Simpsons.  If a beer company in their world was to sponsor the Super Bowl, it’d be Duff.  Keeping that in mind, the Party Bus, Racer and Blimp all make complete sense for the Super Bowl tie-in.

Since this IS a TSTO Anon meeting, I thought it’d be interesting to briefly talk about addicition.  Next time you read a “You Might Be an Addict” list or have your tapping addiction derided by a non-tapper, don’t worrt.  You’re not the only addict in the world.  Of course you’re in good company here on the blog, but there are people all over the world addicted to much worse things like drugs, alcohol, gambling, internet video about cats and fantasy sports.

There are even people addicted to NFL Football.  In certain portions of the United States, football is almost a cult.  Don’t even try to make fun of a cheesehead in Green Bay or boo the Steelers in Pittsburgh.  Fans of the Seahawks even have their own dedicated number on the team.  I found all sorts of info on the web about football fans addicted to the comraderie, competition, need to be the best, violence and betting.  Compared to these folks, our addiction seems pretty mild.

For discussion’s sake, here are some thinking points:

What do you think of the Super Bowl tie-in?

Was your addiction effected with the delay of the Valentine’s Day update?

Are you addicted to Football AND Tapped Out?

What is a football anyways?

Can you get me a Duff from the fridge, dear?

Well, I hope my favorite Addicts are having a boffo time and that you get all the goodies from this recent tie-in.  I’ll be watching the Super Bowl especially because my best friend is a humongous Seattle fan and I like to laugh at HIS addiction for a change.  Have a great weekend and Party on, OH YEAH!

TTFN… Wookiee out!


10 responses to “TSTO Anonymous… forget TSTO, it’s Superbowl Time!!!

  1. I want want want Cletus the robot

  2. whats this “new server” you guys keep talking about?

    • We have moved everything to a space that can handle MORE. Where the site originally was held, limited us on our ability to post all we wanted and customize the site to what our vision is. The new “storage” area will open a ton more possibilities for us and more convenient options for our readers. 😉

  3. I am a little sad that the Super Bowl is delaying the Valentine’s update but I live in Seattle so I am super stoked about tomorrow’s game. I will be watching with beer, and will be tapping at various intervals as well. Going to be a great day for my addictions, may have to watch a bit of Dr. Who or Star Trek to round it out!

  4. Basically our version of rugby that steals the true name of soccer

    You’re darn tooting.

    The 6 Nations start today the best Rugby competition in the Northern Hemisphere well worth watching.

    One question why does American Football stops every 5 seconds?

    • So the pig headed wanna be celeb meatheads can pose for the paparazzi and try to get their face and pictures ALL over TV and media and try to get even MORE money to spend on unnecessary crap. Is that about right? Lol

      And also you have to stop every 5 seconds to give people at home a chance to ref from their couches. 😉

      • It will never catch on …lol
        All mytownsfolkare at homers watching the jamboree except for Ned, the zombies a roguexmas racoonand the white wookie.
        This is a Hollywood movie waiting to be made

    • As Leonid Brezhnev is reported to have said when asked what he thought after watching his first game of American Football “All fall down, all get up.”

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