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From the Mouths of Addicts: Well I’ll Be A Wookiee’s Mama!

wookiee mama

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  Wookiee here to introduce this week’s post.  Last week my Mom was out browsing the blogosphere and may have seen some stuff that made her angry.  After calming her down, I did encourage her to write about whatever she felt like for a Mouths of Addicts post.  Without further ado, here she is… Continue reading

The Glitch is Gone :(

Hey there hoppereenos…errr…tappereenos…errrr….neighboreenos? Bunny here just making a quick pounce in and out to bring you some sad news with the newest Update into our game.

The Tile, Farm, Channel 6, etc. glitches that we took some great advantage of before the Valentines Event…I am here to report that sadly, none are working. All gone. 🙁 I have tried all methods in all the games I have access to, and all are only allowing one tap. As soon as the one tap is made, the item is gone for any other taps. These were indeed great while they lasted, so I hope all of you got what you could out of them.

We will keep an eye out for any more goodies that show and let you know.



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Social Currency Event Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well now that Valentine’s Day has finally left our games we’re all kind of sitting here wondering…what’s next?  With today’s update hitting & not bringing a new Level with it  what the heck changed?  Well….there’s now a little incentive to visit your neighbor-eenos on a daily basis!  F-R-I-N-K Points…err Friend Points (you’ll see the reason for the change below the fold).

Friend points (FP) earn you prizes…like previous social events (only this one appears to be permanent).  Currently there are 5 prizes you can unlock earning FPs.  Once you’ve unlocked all 5 you’ll reach the max level, but it does appear EA has plans to add more.

Photo Feb 26, 12 30 46 PM

How do you activate the social event and start earning FP?  You won’t see it right away in your main Springfield Screen.  To unlock it you’ll need to go to your friend screen and visit one of your neighbor-eenos (yes it works on Other Springfield…which is what I used for my Screenshots).  Once you tap a building you’ll see blue FP come out (in addition to the normal cash and XP).  They look like this:
Once you collect your first FP some dialog will auto-start with Frink and Homer.  This will go over the details of how to collect points and earn prizes.  And it will also activate the event in your game. THERE IS NO RUSH on this.  It does not appear like it’s something EA plans to remove.  It looks as tho it’s a permanent addition to TSTO.  So take your time and have fun with it!

Neighbor-eenos are now important ALL the time in TSTO.  So if you need Friends be sure to check out our friend request page!

Now for more details…because I know some of you like to play the game in real time I’ve put the major details (and what the prizes are) below the fold.  So if you don’t want to find out more info about the event don’t click more.   Continue reading

Valentine’s Day is Gone for Everyone

Photo Feb 26, 12 29 43 PM

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Well a day late but Valentine’s Day is finally over…if you’re on iOS!  Download the new update for TSTO (Version 4.7.2)!  So be sure to login to iTunes to download the update!
Photo Feb 26, 12 28 07 PM

Android  users are now updated as well!  Be sure to hit the Play store to find your update!  Note: If you don’t see the update try restarting your device.  Sometimes it doesn’t show right away on Android.
2014-02-26 18.20.46

Amazon users…per our Addicted Tapper Reporter Joyce:
At 245pm eastern, I noticed that the kindle store had version 4.7.3 (I am still waiting for it to download but the kindle version is out. I also had the “theres a newer version. Upgrade? Nonredirect mentioned below.

So Kindle users…check your store your update might be there! 🙂

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Curiosity Poll: Wheel of Friendship

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Still no update to speak of…but like I said yesterday…it’s ok!  We’ve got TONS of great posts to keep your Tapping minds and fingers fresh!  I’ve got another little poll I want to conduct this morning inspired straight from the comments again.  (and yes this time it’s an actual poll…just for you Freak!)

In reading your comments over the course of the Valentine’s Day Event it’s been interesting to see the different items that some of you have been having difficulty getting.  That elusive final item to clear the wheel if you will.  For me it was the Train. I only landed on it ONCE. Yes, that’s right 1 time in ALL of my spins (about 50+ I lost count).  However, Bunny has like 10 trains.

Now it makes sense…in my mind anyway…that the train has been the hardest for me to get because the odds of landing on it are the worst (5%).  BUT for some of you the hardest items to land on have been the fountain or the bird bath, and you have multiple Trains.  Which is interesting (to me anyway) because the odds on the fountain and bird bath were at 10%.

So what I want to know is just how accurate (to an extent) those odds were.  (I know to truly calculate the accuracy of those odds I’d need to know how many of each item you earned and how many spins etc.  But this is more a basic accuracy test)  I want to know which items you had the hardest time hitting AND which items you seemed to land on the most often.  NOTE: I’ve left the fence off of the landed on the most.  At 15% odds I think it’s safe to say we all have multiple fences in our towns!

First up the item you have the fewest of:

Now let’s see what you have the most of:

Now one more thing….I want to know if you’ve cleared the wheel yet.  Last time we ran this poll over a week ago 40% of you say yes and 60% said no (with 38% of you saying you only had 1 item left).  So I want to know if those results have improved.  This time it’s just a simple yes or no:

Curious to see your results!

Sound off in the comments below about your hardest item to get, what item you have so many of (beyond the fence) and if you’ve cleared the wheel and when (if this little update delay has helped you earn that Tunnel of Love).  I love hearing your wheel clearing stories!

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Update on the Horizon?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ok so I’ve been checking the files every half hr or so for the last day.  And haven’t noticed any changes.  In fact the main file kept saying it was last updated on 2-19-14…and this was as late as 9:45AM EST today:

BUT I just checked the files again (about 10:15AM EST) and the modified date has been changed to 2-24-14:

So doing a little further investigating I see that there is a new update that hit the server…a Valentine’s Day Takedown.  What exactly is in the update?  Going through it now.  But as you guys know we don’t post spoilers until they’re 100% confirmed with our own 2 eyes.

Does this mean an update will hit today?  No one can be 100% certain on this (only EA) BUT based on previous history it’s likely it will hit our devices at some point today.  (In the past it’s been between 12pm-2pm EST).  Remember this will be an APP STORE update, so be sure to check your stores for an update. If I gather any new information before the update hits I will post it on THIS post.

In the meantime…enjoy the last of the hearts!

UPDATE 12pm EST: Continue reading

Silly Simpsons News: Going Cuckoo

Hola, me llamo Wookiee.  Mi perro fuerte es muy grande porque comer muchos burritos en la playa del sol.  ¿Has oído hablar del reloj de cuco Simpsons?

Wow… That sentence was much harder to write than I thought it’d be.  Thank you California public school system and Oogle translate.  I bet there’s about 5 years of Spanish teachers that would love to shake me right now.  I actually did do a verbal report on “mi perro fuerte” in 8th grade but I bet it was much funnier and in better Español.  If you think that the Wookiee has gone cuckoo, you’re probably right.  You’ll just have to click more to see how. Continue reading