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Something’s Coming: A Peek Inside the Files

Reminder…voting in the Valentine’s Day Poem Contest ends tonight at 11:59pm EST.  So be sure to vote for your favorite

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry I’m a little late today with getting this…random…info out to you.  We’ve been slammed with, yet another, massive  snow storm here in the North East and I’ve spent much of the day shoveling out!

I know most of the other TSTO sites out there reported on this earlier that something was coming.  What exactly that something is…no one seems to know.  As you know the policy here at Addicts is not to report on anything unless we can verify it for ourselves.  So, now that I can finally see my driveway again I’ve taken another look at the files.

As some of you may have seen when you logged on to TSTO today a little mini update hit.  No…nothing changed, well from the game play itself for today.  But this little update most likely updated the files with information about that something that’s supposed to be coming.  So let’s see what we’ve uncovered shall we?

Oh and for those curious….here’s what my driveway looked like with all that snow!
2014-02-13 12.36.33 2014-02-13 12.36.39

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All About YOU!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Over the last few days you’ve gotten to learn more about Wookiee, Bunny and myself and about 10 days ago we asked YOU to tell us a little more about yourselves.  We wanted to learn more about who you guys are & what your tapping habits are & we wanted you guys to learn more about each other!  And well your responses AMAZED us!

We were completely blown away by the number of responses we received to the poll (6,690 responses to be exact!) & even more blown away by the stats!  So I’ve been tinkering away the last few days compiling all of the data and putting it all into fun graphics and charts & now the time has come to share those results with you!  So let’s break it all down shall we?

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WDTCF – Tunnel of Love

Badabum badabum badabum badadbumbumbum (phonetic NFL intro lol).  Sorry for the cheesyness but I’m just a happy Wookiee.  Loving the Valentine’s Event so far even if it is a bit too pink for my tastes.  Before every event, I usually get the chance to rap about items I’d like to see in the game (part 1 and part 2).  I initially didn’t think there’d be much VD stuff that I’d want, but I surprised myself by finding a lot.  Of course, you poop in one hand and wish in the other and we all know how that turns out, but I actually got one right (two if you count the grocery store in Level 38).

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