Won’t You be My Valentine?- Add TSTO Friends for Valentine’s Day

Update 2/25/13: Hey everyone.  Since the Valentine’s Day Event is essentially over…by the countdown timer in TSTO…we’ve decided to close friend requests on this post (since it’s specific for Valentine’s Day).  ALL of your Origin ID’s will still be readable in the comments of this post, you just will no longer be able to comment on this specific post.  Instead we’ll move all Add Me requests back to our original post which can be found here.  🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here at Addicts we’re on top of the Valentine’s Day Update prep work….so on top of it  I’m currently running 3 devices with Tapped Out (my phone’s not pictured because I needed it to take the picture)!
2014-02-05-10.18.50-800x450                        As you can see I take my job as head Addict very seriously 🙂

So we’ll have you covered on the iOS and Android front…don’t you worry!  Anywho…we’re also busy frakkin away at the files.  Oh boy the things we’re uncovering!  And (as we thought) there will be a social element to Valentine’s Day…just like Christmas and Halloween!  So you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your fill of Neighbor’s to help you earn more prizes!  So here’s your official TSTO Addicts Valentine’s Day Add Friends Post!

So now…hit up this post with your Origin ID’s and Add Me Requests and spread the Love around!  Who wants to be first?

Screenshot_2014-01-26-22-30-10PS You can also find other Neighboreenos looking for friends here 🙂

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  1. mmmitch079, check in at least once a day. Lvl 38.

  2. Hey folks! So I have a bunch of spaces left because I had to remove neighbours who didn’t seem to be playing anymore If anyone still needs more people, add me please. Have a great day, everyone!