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Gil’s Latest Gimmick: Details and Should You Buy Vicki Valentine

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ol’ Gil is back in Springfield.  He returned to Springfield yesterday with the arrival of the Love, Springfieldian Style event…which is appropriate because he’s the salesman we love to hate.  Anyway, Gil naturally had another ‘deal” for us.  What’s the latest gimmick he’s peddling? Well, this time around he’s offering up the grown-up child star…Vicki Valentine.

So let’s break down the details of this latest offer and determine if you should spend your donuts to bring this tappa, tappa, tappin’ star to Springfield….

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Turbo Tappin’ Valentine’s Day 2014: Premium Stuff

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well the 2014 Valentine’s Day Update has brought us not 1 but 2 premium characters…AND they’re both female!  Woo-hoo more ladies in TSTO!   We figured what better time than now to Turbo Tap the premium stuff!

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.  You can check out more of our Turbo Tappin’ Walkthroughs here.

Now on with the Turbo Tappin’!  We’re going to cover BOTH Brandine AND Shauna here, so hang onto your devices cause away we go!


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Wheel of Mayhem….er Friendship!

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

So for those of you who have used donuts to speed up the rosebush crop you’ll be all ready for this information.  For everyone else who refuse to use donuts on silly things like speeding up a 24hr crop you’ll be ready for this information sometime after 12pm EST tomorrow…but feel free to read anyway.  (otherwise I’ll be sad and think you love Bunny more than me…just remember I’m the one who makes sure she gets food and “water”)

Who’s excited to see a Wheel back in TSTO?!  Awww come on now was Christmas THAT bad?  Eventually EA fixed the odds….keyword eventually.  But the good news is they’ve learned from their mistakes (heck even made fun of it!) and they’ve made the new and improved Wheel of Friendship for Valentine’s Day!  Let’s take a closer look at the Wheel and how you will go mad fall in love with it!
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Queen of Hearts: The Run Down on the Valentine’s Day Currency

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

Are you enjoying the update so far?  Did you use donuts to rush the Rosebush on Cletus’s Farm?  Are you ready to throw your device if you get another Bart Screen?  Bunny, Wookiee and I are working hard to bring you all of the details of the update, answer your questions in the comments AND work on implementing some changes to the site behind the scenes with our new dedicated server.  (YES…we get so much traffic at Addicts we had to go to our own private server dedicated just for TSTO Addicts!  Very cool…but also very stressful!)

Anywho I thought I’d take a little break from the site changes and my own Bart screen’s to give you a run down on the new Valentine’s Day Currency….Hearts, Hearts and more Hearts!  So let’s get to it shall we?


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Valentine’s Day Run Down

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Love is in the air and we FINALLY have something new to write about!  Woo-hoo new content!!!  So with out further ado let’s breakdown the ins and outs of the Valentine’s Day update basics shall we?

If you’d like to know what’s new with Origin and the some details about the servers going up and down…check out this post.

Oh and for my fellow Addicts that don’t like spoilers stop here….as all of the details and spoiler type info will be after the page break 🙂  

Oh and 1 more thing…so i guess you should keep reading huh?  The wheel will start AFTER you’ve completed the first quest (takes 24hrs).   Continue reading

Won’t You be My Valentine?- Add TSTO Friends for Valentine’s Day

Update 2/25/13: Hey everyone.  Since the Valentine’s Day Event is essentially over…by the countdown timer in TSTO…we’ve decided to close friend requests on this post (since it’s specific for Valentine’s Day).  ALL of your Origin ID’s will still be readable in the comments of this post, you just will no longer be able to comment on this specific post.  Instead we’ll move all Add Me requests back to our original post which can be found here.  🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here at Addicts we’re on top of the Valentine’s Day Update prep work….so on top of it  I’m currently running 3 devices with Tapped Out (my phone’s not pictured because I needed it to take the picture)!
2014-02-05-10.18.50-800x450                        As you can see I take my job as head Addict very seriously 🙂

So we’ll have you covered on the iOS and Android front…don’t you worry!  Anywho…we’re also busy frakkin away at the files.  Oh boy the things we’re uncovering!  And (as we thought) there will be a social element to Valentine’s Day…just like Christmas and Halloween!  So you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your fill of Neighbor’s to help you earn more prizes!  So here’s your official TSTO Addicts Valentine’s Day Add Friends Post!

So now…hit up this post with your Origin ID’s and Add Me Requests and spread the Love around!  Who wants to be first?

Screenshot_2014-01-26-22-30-10PS You can also find other Neighboreenos looking for friends here 🙂

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Something Loving This Way Comes!

OOOOOoooooh. Bunny Foo Foo is busy frakkin files…and guess what I see? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I spy with my lil eyes. 😉

You really wanna know don’t yah? I think you’re all gonna be really happy with this one. I know I am. Get your itchy tapping fingers ready cuz Something Loving This Way Comes. WOOHOO!!

Keep your eyes this way as we will keep you up to date as all the goodies arrive.

Hoppy Tappin


Diary of a Wookiee… a little culture for your wait

Hey everyone!  Wookiee popping in to say hey while we all wait in limbo hoping for the Valentine’s Day event or Level 39 or just something to break the monotony.  Like most things in life, waiting sucks.  It’s no fun to wait in line at the DMV as Patty and Selma slack off or to wait in line in Krustyland only to find out no one was in front of you in the first place.  Seriously, why are the cues so long if nobody’s in the park?  I think we all can agree that no one likes the waiting game. Continue reading

New Addicts Contest- Won’t You Be My Valentine?

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Better watch out
Or Bunny will Frak with YOU!  

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Wookiee’s Keepin it Tight
And so are YOU!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ah it’s almost February.  Love is in the air (almost).  Have you been waiting for something to do? Getting bored during our lil lull in the game right now? Well be bored no more….because we’ve got ANOTHER lil surprise for our fantastic readers….ANOTHER CONTEST!!! WOOHOO!!!

Another contest?!  What?  Already?  Didn’t we just do this at Halloween and at Christmas?!  Well Tappers, I think love really is in the air here at Addicts (either that or we’re all just hopped up on Bunny’s “water”), and we’ve lost our minds YET again!  (actually have we ever had them?)  We’re once again giving away FREE Donuts!!!  We’ve really & completely lost our minds!  So let’s talk about this Contest (before we change our minds)…..


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