Déjà vu all over again… VD items in the WDTCF archives

What’s up VD Tappers?

So we finally got the elusive Valentine’s Day Event and it looks pretty sweet so far.  9 returning items and 10 new things!  Almost makes me want to point out the power in prime numbers.  3 weeks of love-filled fun with your neighboreenos… what’s not to like?  This fuzzball is stoked.  Super stoked even. Anyone else feeling a little twitterpated?  (seriously hope someone gets that reference)

Here at Team Awesome Sauce, we always love providing you with up-to-date content and info about all the buildings, characters and decorations.  What’s even better is when we’ve actually done this before an update even drops.  I dug through the vaults (lots of fur and cheetos dust in there btw) and figured rather than rehashing previous posts, I could just share posts you may or may not have seen.  Sound like a good idea?

shauna_menu howardsflowers_menu icecreamparlor_menuAbraham-Lincoln

Bunny wrote a great post all about Shauna back in November.  She actually did several about the bullies but this one was my favorite (you can find a bunch of character posts in our character guide).  I must admit, I have always been riveted by the “bad girls”.  Tattoos and attitude just have a special something for me.  Anywho… In other news, if you’ve seen Bunny’s new avatar, she may actually identify with this character.

Bunny Icon 2Always new she was a bad bunny.  I’m pretty sure she’d never show off her lady bits to minors though so don’t get too excited.  Wait a sec… I hear thumping footsteps from downstairs…. I better hide.

(insert whatever scene your imagination and laughter requires… I think this is what angry bunny looks like.  Special thanks to Toxic Shark for sharing on TOuk.)


Phew… the coast is clear… for now.  Thankfully I had a bottle of Bunny water to throw down the stairs and distract her.  I’m sure I’ll pay for that Shauna joke eventually.  Prior to Valentine’s Day, Bunny had the great idea for me to cover Where did THAT come from posts for Howard’s Flowers and Phineas Q. Butterfat’s.  I think it’s fair to say that she was the one with ESPN this go around.  (This is me kissing up to the Bunny lol.  I only had one prediction come true btw.)  I’m so thrilled these buildings came back for tapperinos who didn’t get a shot at them last year.  Both are very cool looking and add a certain something to Springfield.

Having 3 posts already done seems like a lot… but wait…. there’s more!  Would you believe we even covered dear old Honest Abe already?  It wasn’t written four score and seven years ago (NERD NOTE: That’s 87 years), but it was a while back.  I’m a history buff so Abe in the game is awesome to me.  As a reminder, Lincoln and his Log Cabin are our little treat for President’s Day so he won’t be available until then (16-18 Feb).  It’s listed for the same premium price of 150 donuts and is a purchase I never regretted.


So there you go… some WDTCF posts to peruse at your leisure while your busy spinning the new wheel, gathering hearts and enjoying all the new stuff.  Don’t forget about our Valentine’s Day contest for free donuts.  Y’all stay classy… I’m off to fortify the attic doors against marauding furballs.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

15 responses to “Déjà vu all over again… VD items in the WDTCF archives

  1. Where is the Lincoln log cabin? I don’t see it in my premium or buildings areas? Is it still coming (perhaps) closer to President’s Day? I want it from what you all are saying about it!

  2. Thanks for all the info, I love the site more every day! (ok, I’m a bit too addicted)

    PS: EA should start categorizing the decorations, scrolling from one side to the other looking for stuff is getting boring

    • Awww thank you! And yes I agree! EA does read this site…and some things tappers have requested have made it into the game do you never know. Maybe that’s next 🙂

  3. dont feel bad i got a boatload and still need more donuts went from freemium ti premium and now transforming to completionist Muhahahahaha

    • I started out as a Freemium player (“oh I’ll never spend cash in this game”, I always told myself) but now I’m definitely a completest! And also on my 4th boatload of donuts in 1 year! Hey it takes a lot to be the “Head Addict” right? Gotta keep my title 🙂

  4. I want to get the log cabin so badly 🙂

    • It’s one of my FAVORITE (and Wookiee’s too) premium items in the game! Comes with Lincoln too and he has some amusing tasks! 🙂

  5. lol-I’ve already had to change my poll results, but unfortunately I can’t send in a new VD poem!

  6. Resistance was futile-last night I officially went from freemium to premium! It started with my first scratch-off netting 100 donuts. OMG-what have I gotten myself into!

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