Wheel of Mayhem….er Friendship!

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

So for those of you who have used donuts to speed up the rosebush crop you’ll be all ready for this information.  For everyone else who refuse to use donuts on silly things like speeding up a 24hr crop you’ll be ready for this information sometime after 12pm EST tomorrow…but feel free to read anyway.  (otherwise I’ll be sad and think you love Bunny more than me…just remember I’m the one who makes sure she gets food and “water”)

Who’s excited to see a Wheel back in TSTO?!  Awww come on now was Christmas THAT bad?  Eventually EA fixed the odds….keyword eventually.  But the good news is they’ve learned from their mistakes (heck even made fun of it!) and they’ve made the new and improved Wheel of Friendship for Valentine’s Day!  Let’s take a closer look at the Wheel and how you will go mad fall in love with it!

Krusty: Hey hey.  It’s Valentine’s Day!  Your change to tell that special someone in your life…and all the unknown weirdos you friended to get your numbers up…that you acknowledge their existence – in order to get free stuff on a phone game!  And here’s something totally new – The “Wheel of Friendship!”
Homer: Wait, isn’t that the same wheel you put out for Christmas?
Krusty: No, that wheel was totally rigged.  This one is only a little bit rigged.  Also, it’s pink!
Homer: Just like the thousands of donuts I intend to burn through buying spins for it.

Oh EA!  At least they can laugh at themselves and our torture right?  Anyway onto the Wheel itself.  Unlike the Holiday Wheel, the Wheel of Friendship contains decorations and only decorations.  Once you’ve hit an item it does not disappear, it remains on the wheel and you can continue to get multiples of the same decoration.  Consider it a little Valentine decorating assistance.

Every 200 Hearts collected earns you 1 spin on the Wheel of Friendship!  How do you earn Hearts?  Well check out this post for the details on earning Hearts from your friends.  You can also pay (surprise, surprise) DONUTS for more spins.  Here are the donuts for spins break downs:
ico_feb_heartpack_small  25 donuts for 5 spins worth of Hearts (1,000 hearts)
ico_feb_heartpack_medium65 donuts for 15 spins worth of Hearts (3,000 Hearts)
ico_feb_heartpack_large 115 donuts for 30 spins worth of Hearts (6,000 Hearts) BEST DEAL….if you wanna use donuts.

So when you first launch the Wheel, you’ll notice all of the items have a white heart behind them.  As you spin the Wheel and land on an item the heart turns red.  Once you’ve filled the Wheel with red hearts you’ll unlock the Tunnel of Love for Krustyland!
2014-02-06 02.31.29

Yes, it’s really that simple.  You only need to land on each item once to unlock the Tunnel of Love.  You don’t need to clear the Wheel (since all of items will remain on there, and you can keep acquiring the decorations) and you won’t earn any useless Gift Cards!

Let’s talk about the prizes and their odds:

Items are broken down into odds of 15%, 10% & 5%
At 15% odds you have the following items:
Lovely Fence

At 10% odds you have the following:
Love Bench
Lovely Lampost
Lovely Flower Cart
Cherub Bird Bath
Fountain of Love
Valentines Balloons
Lovely Gazebo
Valentines Pond

At 5% odds you have following:
I Choo Choo Choose You Train

As you can see most of the items fall into the 10% odds category.  Not to shabby…

So what happens once you earn the Tunnel of Love?!  Well it’s placed in your inventory and you can place it in Krustyland!  Once placed it unlocks the ability for Marge to visit Krustyland!  However, this is no particular questline associated with placing the tunnel. But it still looks cool in Krustyland!

Here are the tasks associated with Marge in Krustyland:

Task Length Earns
Pick Up Gifts for the Kids 1hr 21 tickets, 17xp
Complain About Ticket Prices 4hrs 52 tickets, 45xp
Take Part in a Sing-Along 8hrs 82 tickets, 70xp
Watch the Stunt Show 12hrs 126 tickets, 100xp
Ride Tunnel of Love with Homer 16hrs 166 tickets, 125xp
Stay at Krustyland Hotel 24hrs 180 tickets, 150xp

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80 responses to “Wheel of Mayhem….er Friendship!

  1. Really don’t like the love wheel. I’ve needed the pink fountain for a week and a half now I got most of the items in the first couple of spins but now it’s just getting ridiculous, it seems to go to land on it but last minuet switches to the one next door why can’t I just get the tunnel of love:(

  2. I guess I won’t earn the item this time :/ I still need the train & with the last hours counting… I got the others in no time, but after 2 weeks I still don’t have the train :/ & with my neighbours, I will have 2 spins left for today :/ too bad I guess…

  3. Even with a **TON** of spins I am still missing the bench and the heart balloons. I’m getting a little frustrated and don’t think I’m going to finish up the wheel, unfortunately. 🙁

    • So sorry to hear that. The lil trick works on some, so worth a try. Otherwise, just keep trying. Still a few more days left in the event. 😉

  4. I have collected everything on the wheel… The hearts haven’t all turned red the Chair and the Cart have stayed white even though I have 3 chairs and 2 carts… So it’s preventing me from getting the Tunnel of Love… Can anyone help 🙁

  5. I still need the heart pond. It’s the only thing I need to get the tunnel of love ride. I have this feeling that I’m just going to keep wasting spins and getting everything else on the wheel and not be able to complete it like at Christmas. I didn’t care that much about the Clausco building but I want this ride. I’ve tried the tricks listed above and they haven’t worked for me. Grrrr

  6. Have got all the items on the wheel now and thus the Tunnel of Love.! Think the word Pagoda is a better one than the Gazebo but it does look like a decorated bandstand!
    Now …what I do with $ 24 million dollars! I loathe the escalator and that Popsicle skyscraper?
    Continuing to delete all ugly farming neighbours…..sorry but we have to improve the look of these towns.
    Littlejohn61 ( MRTPI ex )

  7. this wheel is frustrating even tho i still have 2 wks till event ends. i know i still have time but dang its driving me batty! Been at least 4 or 5 days now and i am trying to get the train and the balloon,
    . i just cannot figure out where to set the wheel. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. i hope EA does not make this a permament event item. i am burning out on this! Thanks for letting me vent!

    • Vent away my friend. Some folks swear by placing the pointer 4 below your desired prize and lightly spinning counterclockwise. Didn’t work for me. My luck was handing my iPhone to someone else. You’ll get them all.

      • Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that. I keep getting trains, even though it has the smallest probability, and I can’t get the pond =P

        • It’s weird what people are having trouble getting. The gazebo was my last item. I wish I was getting a lot of trains. That multiplier is good even if the train is scary looking.

  8. One thing I’ve been wondering, if you get more than one I Choo Choo Choose You Train or Valentines Pond and place them in your city, does that increase the payout for money and XP each time? So for example, if you have 3 trains, does that mean instead of just 2.25% increase you get 6.75%?

  9. Choice of friends?
    I am in an interesting position of being able to choose my neighbours and I am removing those neighbours who are away or who have very ugly, farming towns!
    I have a waiting list of new neighbours so can add them easily. I remove them quickly if they are just farms of houses or just don’t seem to put effort into clearing away nuclear waste.
    I spent a lot of time spinning the Christmas and accumulated a lot of presents but still failed to get Claus Co. I didn’t really mind cos it’s not a great building.
    Now I am spinning away and have yet to get the beautiful pagoda and thus the Krustyworld gift but there is plenty of time!


    • Wats a pagoda

    • I totally agree with you on the friends issue! If you wanna add me feel free, I am constantly moving things and making them look ‘realistic’. Oh, but you would have to excuse one corner of my town as I have used some waste to create somewhat of a garbage dump lol. And good luck with the wheel!!

      • Will delete an ugly town soon and put you on my top 100!
        Still don’t know what to do with $26m and 10 nasty pink fountains!

      • I would lve to know what will happen to your Valentine Park….looks really great and very original. Also like your parked trains on the northern border. I did not buy the ray gun because I didn’t want a wrecked space ship! Maybe I should not try to be too English?

  10. I have tried all the tricks lol. I keep landing on the flower cart. I have 12 of them :/ I think my wheel was set with a 20% chance on flower cart 5% on balloon and 10% on everything else… J/k. But glad to know the “less rigged” wheel is still very much rigged. Again I beg EA let us sell off some of this stuff or at least use it in Krustland. PLEASE!! 😀

  11. …still need the train and the fence. I have sooooooo many gazebos and the rest! Do you think EA will throw us a bone and rig it so that we all get The Tunnel of Love? I really want it and it sucks that it’s all left to chance! I’ve tied your wheel turning technique with no luck:(

  12. Has many tappers managed to win the tunnel of love? I’ve been waiting on landing on love bench for days to unlock it. Don’t seem to be lucky enough. I love my Krustyland and have spent a lot of time on it. Will be very disappointed after tapping so much not to receive it before the event ends.:-(

    • Try the lil trick from last wheel and see if it works. Place the pointer in the center of the item 4 spaces away from the one you want and spin the wheel counterclockwise very gently. If doesn’t work, try the 3rd space.

      This may be a long shot, but hey…why not try, right?

      • Wooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Goin 3 spaces back actually worked for me. Very happy happy happy indeed! Thank you!:-D

      • No way! This totally worked for me!?! Thanks! 😀 I’ve been struggling to win the fence, the last thing I needed and this worked?! I put it in the middle of the pond i.e. 3 below & spun as gently as I could. After a few false stats it spun & landed on the fence!

      • Almost out of time and I have needed ONE item since about the 12th. With this trick, is the wheel supposed to go right to the prize I need, or does it have to spin all the way around at least once but somehow works and stops on the needed prize? I’ve been able to flick it gently 4 and 3 spaces, but it stops on the needed prize and nothing happens. It seems to have to spin all the way around or it won’t activate. Is that correct? THX

    • I have complete faith you’ll get it… 2 weeks to go and a lot of folks are 1-2 prizes away. Took me 29 spins in my A town and 33 in my B town.

  13. Not sure if it works… But I tried twice and it worked for me…

    I spin my wheel clockwise… I set the wheel 3 spaces further (i.e. – to get the train, I set it on the hearts balloons)…. And low and behold, I got the train! Did this to get the heart pond as well…

    If this works for anyone else, let me know! 🙂

  14. I’ve already cleared the wheel and got the tunnel of love. Is there anything on the horizon for the rest of the event, or are my hearts basically useless now?

    • Hearts are in a sense useless now. They’re for the wheel, so you can keep earning prizes but as of right now there’s nothing beyond the Tunnel of Love.

      • (on a side note…I LOVE to use decorations for 2D and all my designs…so I am playing on to stock up as much as possible of each item since I can’t just buy handfuls of them. 😉 )

  15. PinnyXxx Add me i go on every day and i will visit your town everyday aswell !

  16. Choose choo choose train on second spin! Must be make up karma for Christmas

  17. Super excited !! I just got the train 😀 With it giving out a 2.25% bonus, plus having the possibility of having more than one… I love them bonus %’s and for ea to basically give that away for free makes me one happy tapper! So far I only have three more items to get (gazebo, pond and balloons).

    • I was quite in shock when I got 3 in a row. It was pretty cool. Now I gotta figure out what to do with them all. LOL

      • I’m just hoping I don’t get stuck with a whole lot of flower carts. I’m totally OK with multiples of the rest, but I already have 2 carts and since you can’t sell them…. Maybe they could add a gift a neighbor thing and I could save up stuff to gift for ppls 2d art (since I’m terrible at it) lol!

  18. Does anyone else have an issue when you visit friends (and these are friends that say “Daily Actions 3,” and I roam the streets and there are never any valentines? I have a handful that don’t have them and its driving me crazy because I keep forgetting…. 🙁

  19. I’ve spun that wheel at least 80 times. I have everything, but the train. I have ridiculous amounts of everything else and I mean reticule us amounts. Any chance we’ll get to sell some of that?

    • Unfortunately not. Usually when you’re awarded something for free they don’t let you sell it. They’ve also, lately, been limiting the ability to sell limited-time items, i’m assuming to prevent people from accidentally selling something they can’t get back.

  20. On the bottom right when I’m visiting a friends town it says 5 hearts for the next 3 tasks and goes down to 1. Should I be waiting for it to go back to 5? If so how long do I need to wait?

  21. Is anyone having issues logging into the server again today? I was able to get on this morning…and now the servers are down again. I have been trying to get in for 3 hours to pick my roses!

    • Uh huh. They’re goin in n out

      • Thank you, Bunny! One more question.. I have Homer doing a 16 hour plant shift so haven’t gotten the task of visiting 3 friends yet. I had already visited all my friends and gathered hearts. Do you know if I’ll have to wait another day to visit friends after the job kicks off or will the friends i’ve already visited count towards completion? Thanks!!

        • Hmmmm. It is a hit and miss with those. I would say the majority of the time that you still have to visit the 3 once the task is triggered. Sorry.

  22. or beucase I live in Europe and got the update later??

  23. Woah, where are you guys?? The first Valentine’s quest started today… for me… I mean I got the updates this morning and began playing right after. It’s the 24h quest so I’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow -_-

    But uhm… hopefully there’s time for all of us to finish everything… feels like I’m falling more and more behind the more I read the comments about how you guys are spinning the wheel that I haven’t even seen yet.
    Is it maybe because some of you guys spend donuts to finish the quests faster??

    • Location shouldn’t impact it. I know some devices weren’t showing the update right away. Don’t worry though, you have plenty of time to complete the event. You’re not far behind others 🙂

  24. I already got some of the decorations last year, so the wheel was pre-loaded for me 🙂
    With 3 spins I now already have 6 red hearts.

  25. I loaded the event and must have got a glitchy version because my spins were alone 30 hearts per spin. I was able to get all of the prizes and already got the tunnel
    Of love. Anyone else get them for

    • We’ve seen a few Addicts tell us they were able to earn spins for 30 (or 40) hearts at first, but then the game did an update and it went back to the 200 hearts.

  26. I hope it won’t happen to me again what happened at the end of the christmas event because on the last week of the event I didn’t got any more tokens for every 1000 gift cards as I (and everyone else) used to. It really wasn’t fair. I got 1 spin token per day from the bar, and of course I won only more gift cards… which were absolutely useless that way. Thank God I ‘only’ missed the gorilla or what was that big white thingy.
    It wouldn’t be funny at all if something like this would happen again.

    • I hope it doesn’t happen again! This wheel seems a lot better so far. I did spend donuts to clear the wheel (so I could let you guys know exactly what happens when it clears) and I only had to use about 20 spins to clear the wheel. Vs. Christmas where I spent WAY to many donuts to clear the wheel for myself! 🙂

  27. If the first 24 task only give us 50 hearts, how do we proceed to the second task of spinning the wheel for 200 hearts?

    • It earns 50 hearts for the task BUT the reward for completing the part of the quest is 200 hearts. 🙂 So you’ll earn 250 hearts for growing the roses.

  28. I liked the spin wheel even if I didn’t get everything at Xmas it was fun and just your Donald duck what you won. This time its just a way to collect decorations.

    • I like that it’s nothing too crazy, like skins or buildings etc. The decorations make the wheel fun to spin. 🙂

  29. With all my friends and quests I was able to get 4 spins. I got two bird baths and two ponds. I fear if I’m going to finish this wheel with my luck XD

    • Aw don’t worry it’s only been a day (not even)! You have plenty of time to clear the wheel. For me it took about 20 spins to clear it (on my B game, using donuts…so I could let you guys know what happens when it clears), which was SO much faster than Christmas. I did have a problem getting the last item (for me it was the heart balloons) but I just handed the wheel to Bunny and said you try it! And sure enough 1 spin she got the Balloons for me. Sometimes it helps just to hand it to someone else for a spin or 2 to see what they can get for you. Also, helps prevent the frustration of wanting to throw your phone against the wall! (I was about there yesterday!) 🙂

      • I give up on this game. After the first week the Christmas wheel cheated constantly, slowing down and speeding up during your spin making sure you got cash or gift cards. They finally get the freezing and reset issue fixed half way through December and now the freezing has started back up along with retry screen for hours every. I’m sick of it. Even now as write this I’m hitting the retry button. Totally not worth it anymore.

        • It’s a peek time in the game right now. Usually when a new update hits (the first few days) between 2pm-4pmEST is peek playing time for a lot of Tappers (I guess a lot of kids get out of school), so the servers usually have issues. If possible…try playing earlier in the morning or later at night for the first few days of an update. I know it’s a pain, but usually after the rush is over things settle back down. 🙂

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