To Infinity and Beyond….or Something Like That

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So you’ve read about Wookiee and you’ve read about Bunny…now do you see why I lock them both up?  I’m doing it for your own good I swear!  

So now that Bunny and Wookiee have shared their crazy with you I bet you’re thinking it’s my turn now huh?  Do you really want to know more about me?!  Come on now people do you really want to dive into my world of Cray Cray?  Think about it for a second…it takes a special kind of crazy to run this blog AND keep my two favorite Fuzzy Nuts under control on a daily basis, are you sure you want to find out about THAT nutcase?  ToxicsharkAlissa (thanks again for the image Toxic!)

Whoa you’re still here?!  You must be crazier than I am!  Well I guess it does take a special kind of crazy to put up with all of us on any given day!  So THANK YOU for being that special kind of crazy!  Seriously…we love you!

2014-01-25 21.27.32Yes this would be Bunny and I causing trouble as usual

So…HI!  My name is Alissa.  You may remember me from such posts as…..oh wait I don’t do 2D art.  Well how about…nope not 3D either.  Hmmm…just what the heck do I do around here?  Oh yea..I’m the “Head Addict”.  It’s my job to be the responsible (hahaha) one and make sure you guys get those quality game posts (like should I buy, conform-o-meter, those ever important walkthroughs, etc) to help you feed your TSTO Addiction!  It’s also my job to make the site look pretty and make sure it’s actually up and running!  (which I know i’ve been failing at it a few times in the last week!  I’m sorry! 🙁 )  Oh and I’m usually the one making the cheesy jokes!

So you’ve heard from Wookiee about how he joined Addicts and Bunny told her tale so I guess now you all want to hear about how I started playing TSTO and how Addicts came to be.  Well…”just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale a tale of a fateful trip.  That started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship..” just kidding.  I promise no 3 hour tours here….just a 3 hour post!

Anyway…I started playing Tapped Out wayyyyy back in December of 2012 on my iPad, just before the Christmas update hit.  At that point I was bored and looking for a new game in the iTunes store,  saw TSTO was one of the Editor’s Top Picks so I downloaded it.  I enjoyed it for a while but lost interest when I realized I couldn’t download it to my Android phone.  Flash forward a few months (Whacking Day)…one day I noticed TSTO was added to the Google Play Store and the rest is history.


I became Addicted to TSTO over those snakes!  I was obsessed with getting each and every last one of them!  However, I had 1 friend lol.  So…like Bunny and Wookiee…I turned to the Giggle for help.  A few searches led me to a really helpful website…you know that site that shouldn’t be named.  And from here my story is basically the same as Bunny and Wookiee’s.  I learned about from the site that shouldn’t be named (TSTSBN).  TSTSBN goes down, we all discuss on Tapped-Out…and boom Addicts is born.  Ok there’s a little more too it than that! 😉

Having been a frequent reader of TSTSBN I was noticing it just wasn’t catching my attention that much anymore.  Sure the game help was awesome but I wanted more.  I basically was wanting a fun place where Tappers could get together and just enjoy TSTO (after all it is a game right?).  While TSTSBN was great it was lacking that sense of fun.  It was more just straight posts about direct content, it was in fact…dry.  I wanted something with more personality.  I wanted to learn more about how items related to the Simpsons.  I wanted to laugh.

So when TSTSBN went down I thought here’s the chance.  Let’s make something awesome!  So I got together with an old friend of mine, who also played TSTO & just so happened to be a computer programmer, and we set out to create what you see today.

Now here’s MY version of how Wookiee and Bunny joined the team.  Having already known both of them through Tapped-Out I was already privileged enough to know about their amazing 2D skills.  I also had the chance to get to know them (more so Wookiee at the time..we bonded over evil clowns, insomnia & Christmas decorations) and their crazy sense of humor.  When we set out to create the site we wanted to be different.  We wanted to do things no one else was doing (After all you now have at least 5 TSTO blogs to choose from…we wanted to stand out).  So just after Addicts launched (actually the night it launched) I asked Wookiee if he’d like to join us on Addicts and write about 2D, Wookiee then strongly suggested (I’m pretty sure he would have ripped my arms out if he had too!) we add Bunny to the mix as well.  And again the rest is history!

Back then we called ourselves “The Little Blog That Could”.  We weren’t the biggest TSTO site but we knew we had something special.  Of course none of this would be possible with out the AMAZING talents of Wookiee and Bunny AND with out you AMAZING readers!

20131207_155909So now here we are 6 months later….and we’re one of the fastest growing blogs out there, but we still consider ourselves “The Little Blog That Could”.  We haven’t changed our methods or our desire to be different.  To be a fun place for Tappers to come and hang out and to bring you the WHOLE story.  Not just walkthroughs and tech support but info ABOUT the game, where things came from, 2D/3D designs, contests involving readers….Tapped Out is a game, games are supposed to be fun right?!

But seriously…I can’t say this enough…this site would not be what it is today with out you amazing readers!  You guys make this place fun, we just supply the music and margaritas!  We love each and every one of you for being here and being part of this TSTO Community! 🙂

AND this site wouldn’t be what it is with out Bunny and Wookiee.  The three of us really are friends outside of the blog stuff and call each other almost daily (we at least text daily).  We strongly believe it’s that chemistry that makes this place so much fun!  Well that and we check the drama at the door…seriously save the drama for someone else’s mama!  I honestly consider Bunny and Wookiee (my 2 Fuzzy Nuts) to be like family to me.  I love them both and there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for them!

So now following the flow setup by Wookiee and Bunny….a bit more about ME (ahhhhhhhh):

meReal Name:  Alissa….at least that’s the name it says on the US Passport and Driver’s License issued to me by the US Marshals  

Favorite Simpsons Character: I love them all…but like Marge my favorite would have to be good ole’ Homey.   Such a lovable oaf!

Favorite Episode: “Homer At Bat”.  I giggle every time I watch it, especially now when I see the Simpsonized Cartoons of Donnie Baseball, The Rocket, the Strawman…and others.

Favorite TSTO time of year: Christmas!!!!  

Gil Christmas Donut Deal

Favorite TSTO Character: Duffman…mostly because I love when he says “Duffman is here to refill your beer!”
TSTO Duffman Promoting

Favorite TSTO Building: Duff Stadium.  How could I not love a baseball stadium?!

Favorite TSTO task: Hank Scorpio’s Test Flame Thrower!  It makes me giggle every time!
tapped out hank scorpio fire

Brief synopsis of me: I’m 28…the baby of the blog (but not by much!), born and raised in the “fist bumping” state of New Jersey (GTL baby…GTL…).  And yes I fit the stereotypical “Jersey Italian” mold.  Almost my entire family lives within a 20 mile radius of each other.but I DO NOT have a stereotypical “Jersey accent”…just ask Bunny & Wookiee.  So no I don’t say Cawfee or Sawsage.  🙂

I come from a family of 4 girls (I’m #3)…so LOTS of estrogen in my household growing up! (my sister’s actually read this blog…what up crazies?! 🙂 )  Perhaps that’s why I was the tomboy of the family!  Always playing sports…well mostly just softball and basketball.  I was pretty good at both but ended up just sticking with softball once I decided to stop growing.  Hard to play basketball when you jump and you’re STILL not taller than the guard’s armpit!

No i’m not a Star Wards nerd like Bunny and Wookiee (in fact I haven’t even seen a full movie…AND often they have to explain their references and jokes to me, they tend to fly right over my head.  However…I do have probably an unnatural love of Toy Story.  Which is why I usually start posts with Hey Howdy Hey…my little tribute to Buzz & Woody 🙂

I’m a…sometimes…proud graduate of Rutgers University (if you’re wondering, my degree is in English…probably why I tend to ramble on and on and on).  For my “real job”…I know I have a job besides this blog?  Really?! Surprises me too!… I do sales and marketing for a metal manufacturing company.

I’m married to an amazing man (yes he reads this blog…and no I’m not sucking up so he won’t get as annoyed at me when I spend so much time here 😀 ) who puts up with me spending so much time here and on TSTO!  We’re avid baseball fans and in our spare that (hahahaha what’s that?!) we brew our own beer and wine.  (what did you think I was kidding when I said I was making Bunny’s “Water”?…Why do you think she spends so much time in my basement?!)
820804_10151310414303292_1354873419_o288102_10150924144748292_918988487_o                                    Chocolate Stout….just in time for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Aspirations in Life: Take over the world?  Does that count?  🙂

Embarrassing Confession: While on vacation in Jamaica this past fall I was forced to go “off the grid” (and to keep it that way my husband locked my phone in the safe!).   I would literally be on a float in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, 80 degree weather, drink in my hand and turn to my husband and say “I wonder how the blog is doing…” “I wonder if the update (level 37) hit yet”… “I hope they didn’t blow up the blog”
viewYea…I take the title of “Head Addict” seriously….

So now that I’ve been super long winded I’ll shut up….

Thanks for reading and here’s to another 6 months!  Cheers!

All original art and content © Up All Night, LLC and
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28 responses to “To Infinity and Beyond….or Something Like That

  1. In my quest for good questions, I had to do a little research. Alissa you have the Midas touch, bravo, I can tell you don’t like talking about yourself so good job here.

    I did notice just a teeny weenie spelling error above the night-boat, where you wrote “shop” instead of “ship” otherwise the joke would have been as organic as a Globetrotter on a Island :p

    I have more data to collect and questions to prepare, so excuse me as I walk away and avoid my coffee table in the process. :p

  2. Thanks soo much for your wonderful blog. When I have issues regarding the game, your advice helps me all the time, thus I don’t waste time in resolving issues on my own and continue to enjoy playing the game. Been reading your blogs since last year when I started playing 🙂

  3. Fist bumping ………. Noe do I need to know wtf this means?

    • Instead of shaking hands… hitting your fist against someone else’s solidly as a sign of understanding. Not to be confused with fist pumping which is thrusting your closed fist into the air in celebration.

  4. I love origin stories and this is a good one! Thanks so much for this blog, it really is the “one that could” 🙂 (I’ve also tried my hand at brewing, made a Chocolate Maple Porter, that turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself)

    • Aw well thank you! It’s a mentality we’ll never change, it’s what makes 🙂
      Chocolate Maple Porter sounds really good! We’re most likely going to start our summer beers soon (since it takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks…depending on which one we do).

  5. Great post and many thanks to you for starting this site. I was immediately drawn to the humor and the creative way it was done. It’s quite an accomplishment! Btw, I’m Jersey Italian too, I just don’t live there anymore. 🙁

    • Well that’s the highest compliment you could pay us! We certainly strive to be different 🙂
      Woo-hoo for Jersey Italians! But I can’t say I blame you for leaving…lol

  6. Ah, good old New Jersey! You gals are in my neck of the woods. I live in Pa and work in the Jers. Much admiration to you for basically having two full time jobs (three? I sometimes count my TSTO addiction as a job). Are you ready for yet ANOTHER storm? Hopefully this maintenance business gets resolved before we’re trapped under 10″ of snow! I’d go crazy staring at Bart all day!

    • No….NO MORE SNOW! And yes three full time jobs…the secret is to keep a Bunny in the basement and a Wookiee in the Attic oh and NEVER SLEEP! 😉 Thanks for reading neighbor, stay safe in all that snow!

  7. You’re awesome. You’ve got much love from me.
    (And I love your town!)
    Good to know more about you!!

  8. I love you guys I think I’m addicted to the blog more than the game itself. I wake up and read everything you guys write before I launch into the game. knowing you guys for the past 6 months was like connecting with old friends congrats on the anniversary can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring

  9. It has been real nice getting to know each and everyone of u 😉 I was banned as a child from watching the Simpson’s..yes soo sad.. it came out when I was around 7 and when Bart belted out the famous “Don’t have a cow man” my mom giggled but the moment he spoke a simple curse word she had a cow…I nor my younger brother were allowed to watch them anymore. It wasn’t until my late 20’s I started really watching it so there are many many episodes I have yet to see…yipeee for me… When my husband was in the app store in want of a new game he stumbled upon TSTO 😉 needless did he know that he was bout to share his wife with a game…I started like most android users during whacking days and havent turned back since.. I needed friends so i went searching and stumbled across TSTOaddicts and found a new home… I love it here you guys and gals are the best keep it up.. You make it different here as in your words not so dry..

    • Aw well thank you Tabi! I too was banned from watching the Simpsons as a child (although I still watched an episode or two now and then!)…and I don’t think my husband realized it was going to have to share me with TSTO and you guys either. If he did…he might have deleted the game before I started playing! 😉

  10. What a great post…so fun to learn about you and why you are an addict. I can’t imagine how you have a real job and still manage to head up this great blog. I love the information about navigating the game and then the back stories…they are fun. Anyway, keep up the great writing!!!!

  11. So happy to now know about you and Bunny. No wonder the Wookiee loves working the blog so much. Keep it up because I truly enjoy learning about the background of the game.

  12. Awesome!! I see now why you three connect so well! Will we hear from Mark or shall he stay anonymous? In any case, I wish you all a great 6 months coming and many more after!! Thank you, Alissa, Bumny and Wookie!!

    • Thank you! Yup Wookiee, Bunny & I are pretty much real life bffs and I adore them!
      As far as Mark goes…most likely you won’t be hearing from him because of the nature of his job. Work has really pulled him away from the blog for the last 5 months…so he stays behind the scenes and pulls images and gifs for us when we ask nicely 🙂

  13. wanderingcaveman

    As a former reader of TSTSNBN I spent the last six months wandering the internets, gleaning an update post on the Simpsons Wiki or a discussion on Reddit from time to time. Sure, there were other blogs that poped up, but none of them really drew me back on a regular basis. But when I found the Addicts site I was instantly hooked. So thank you, Alissa, for putting together such a wonderful site. You guys do great work making the posts fun and informative, as well as really building a sense of community.

    • Aw thank you! I’m glad we’ve been able to keep you hooked! We seriously love you guys & like I say we just supply the music and margaritas you guys make it fun! 🙂

  14. Well you’ve succeeded in making a blog that is not dry and makes us laugh.

    Happy Anniversary and may the next 6 months be even better than the past 6!

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