WDTCF – Tunnel of Love

Badabum badabum badabum badadbumbumbum (phonetic NFL intro lol).  Sorry for the cheesyness but I’m just a happy Wookiee.  Loving the Valentine’s Event so far even if it is a bit too pink for my tastes.  Before every event, I usually get the chance to rap about items I’d like to see in the game (part 1 and part 2).  I initially didn’t think there’d be much VD stuff that I’d want, but I surprised myself by finding a lot.  Of course, you poop in one hand and wish in the other and we all know how that turns out, but I actually got one right (two if you count the grocery store in Level 38).


Woo hoo… Free new building for Krustyland!  Sure we have to complete another wheel to get it but with everything in the game practically demanding the collection of hearts, it’s a winning situation.  For more on the wheel, check out this post by Alissa.

The Tunnel of Love is not originally from KL (i.e. in The Simpsons Ride), but it fits right in.  The addition of this actually makes me really happy because this could mean more non-Krustyland amazingness might make its way into our theme park.  Can you say Duff Gardens and Itchy & Scratchy Land?

The Tunnel of Love comes from Season 19, Episode 12: “Love, Springfieldian Style”.

VD - Tunnel of Love

“Ahhh, the tunnel of love.  Nothing gets a woman into your arms faster than scary robots and simulated privacy.” ~ Homer


This episode is broken into three segments featuring stories about love.  The stories are told by Homer, Bart and Lisa after Marge & Homer get stuck in the Tunnel of Love ride.  Bart put Jell-O into the water which solidified and jammed up the ride.


NOTE TO READERS: As a young Wookiee, I thought this might also work in the toilet.  Alas, gelatin solidifies much slower in real life.

Homer took Marge to the carnival for Valentine’s Day.  Just like losing the kids in the mall during Christmas, it gives them 2 hours alone without the kiddos.  Of course this logic fails because they end up story-telling with the children later but oh well.  It’s a pretty funny episode (especially if you like Bonnie & Clyde, Lady & the Tramp or Sid & Nancy) and the Tunnel of Love is rad.


And there you go… quick reference to something new and cool in TSTO.  Now get out there and be somebody!  This new ride should easily be ours.

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, what do we do, we spin, spin…

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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29 responses to “WDTCF – Tunnel of Love

  1. Why wasn’t this available this year? I’m pretty sure I had Krustyland unlocked by Feb 2015. Will the tunnel ever come back? Or is there any other way I can get it? Or do I just have to wait and hope?

  2. I hate the prize wheel. For the second event in a row, I will have spun it many, many times, and not gotten the one thing I want from it. Doesn’t seem fair, and I’m starting to sour on the game.

  3. I got the tunnel really early so I’m no collectin many hearts but I did get maybe 4 trains which is nice with the multipliers the balloons was the hardest to land on its always the last thing u need that’s the hardest

    • I don’t mind extra ponds and choo choos as they give multipliers. So I will keep spinning to get as many as I can. (That and I can’t wait to design with the new stuff.) 😉

  4. I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what the TOL !!!!
    But I still need two wheel items.
    Yesterday I spun the wheel 14 times and got ZERO of the two items I need !!!
    I still love ya EA !!!

  5. Capital City Goofball

    So happy to have this now! At least for those of us waiting for the train, today helped not hate the wheel so much! Homer and Marge are now spending time together in the tunnel. It would be cool to get a Jello task for Bart, as well as to get Ned and Edna to ride it too!

  6. Why oh why do I have to win so many balloons, fountains, carts, and fences just to get one stupid train! My Springfield now has more hearts than a love sick 13 year old’s notebook. *grumble*

    I think the worst is going to neighbors’ towns and seeing people with 4 trains all lined up on the curb mocking me. *double grumble*

  7. Noooooo I have all the decorations but 1!!! Stupid heart pond give me my tunnel of love!!! Arrrrrghhhhhh!!!!! … I’ll be ok

  8. Pink to make the boys wink

  9. As ideas go: toilet jello is awesome and the prize wheel SUX. I was so disappointed to not get Clausco after my token counter stopped working. I really don’t understand the rationale of the wheel. Is it meant to entice me to spend donuts??? b/c I’d never ever spend real money on something left to chance. After all the chatter and hubbub about whether the community prize counter was real or fake -and all the assurances here that EA wouldn’t create content that people couldn’t attain – I can’t help but feel the wheel pretty much flies in the face of that logic. I love the events, but missing major buildings when I’ve done everything possible to earn them (and help others) really just spoils it.

    Why can’t EA set up a system like the individual prize list at Halloween? (this system, plus the glut of donuts, made it the.best.event.ever.) Once each of the prizes is earned, it could unlock an event “store” where the subsequent currency earned can be used to choose which duplicates we *want* for our towns.

    • I’m not the biggest fan of the wheel but at least it’s “better” this time. Now, if EA ever gives us the elusive giant toilet, I really want the opportunity to put Jello in it.

  10. Mmmmm… Duff Gardens.

    I’m going to have to ask you for some lottery numbers soon, if you keep calling these right, Wookie!

    • According to the Simpsons, you could win with these combinations: 3-17-25-38-41-49 and 1-6-17-22-24-35. A wiser man than me once told me though that the lottery is a tax on people that are bad at Math. I’ll stick to Simpsons stuff for now lol.

      • Awesome!

        Hey — just noted that you changed your handle from wookiecorp — I guess the nostalgia for it will pass soon… looks good!

        • Yeah… that handle was a joke from posts I did on TOuk. It’s my “company” and I figured it was time to change. Everyone already calls me wookiee (or fuzzball) here. I laugh at some of the things people come up with like Wook or Wookster. Added the “the” in front because I’ve seen some other Chewbacca tappers around. There can be only one and I had to sound official lol.

  11. Spinning stinks. I like earning my prizes not work hard and place it on luck or chance. It’s. It fun anymore

  12. You tried to make jello in your toilet? LOL, that is awesome!!!

    • When you say it like that, it sounds so gross. I was a young boy once and it just made sense. Distinctly remember thinking the only shame about the experiment was not being able to eat the Jello if I succeeded.

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