All About YOU!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Over the last few days you’ve gotten to learn more about Wookiee, Bunny and myself and about 10 days ago we asked YOU to tell us a little more about yourselves.  We wanted to learn more about who you guys are & what your tapping habits are & we wanted you guys to learn more about each other!  And well your responses AMAZED us!

We were completely blown away by the number of responses we received to the poll (6,690 responses to be exact!) & even more blown away by the stats!  So I’ve been tinkering away the last few days compiling all of the data and putting it all into fun graphics and charts & now the time has come to share those results with you!  So let’s break it all down shall we?

addicts want to know

First up let’s take a look at the age break down:agestats1% (pink) of you said your age was none of our business…
S0 it looks like most of you are in your 20s and 30s….ironically the same age breakdown of Wookiee, Bunny & I…

You Use The:
malefelmale breakdown2% of you didn’t quite know which room to use!
You Go To…
Looks like most of you go to work…tsk tsk Tapping on the job!…but I am slightly concerned about the 11% of you that go to the bar! (or am I?!  Who’s got the next round of Margaritas?!) 
You’ve Been Playing TSTO For….
You Tap On….
Oh and…
Trying to let Bunny out?

You Said You Are….
you are aYou….
have a stats
got afeelingsong stuck
tapperinovenYou Live…
Where youre fromOh and…
pineappleFor TSTO Help You
duffman lugash
svt funzos duffstadium try n save eventfav superbowlFinally:
You Visit Addicts….

Bottom guys are awesome and we loved getting to know more about you!!!  Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about each other too!

Special thank you to the 6,690 of you who took the poll!!

What do YOU think of the results?  Are you surprised by any of the numbers?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!!

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35 responses to “All About YOU!

  1. This is great! Any chance you could make this poll an annual thing? When I was reading the stories about people’s favorite Christmas presents when they were a kid, I got a feeling that the population here may skew a bit older than it did when you did this poll, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Also, favorite items and such may change as new items fast added to the game.

  2. I was part of the poll n it was super fun to I signed up to get emails from tsto addicts

  3. Awww I missed it as well!

    I guess Ive been getting ready for Valentines day too much. Writting poems and moving buildings, adding pretty stuff to make my Springfield brighter and cheerier and I missed this poll. Well, ill keep my eyes open for possibly the next one. By the way im in the orange age group. Pushing 60. Maybe thats was why I missed it. Ya think? :o)

  4. awww, missed the poll, but results were very interesting 🙂

    off topic and kind of off app, but totally simpsons related, has anyone seen the lego Simpsons house set? Now i feel the need to build a lego version of my virtual town, lol

  5. Wow, I am shocked how few of us are parents. You all have no idea how much time we (parents) spend waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Perfect tapping opportunities.

  6. I was waiting for this! So cool to see how we all fit in. Hi, Candiekidz, it’s good to see one of my neighboreenos on here! Your Krustyland is way cooler than mine, thanks for visiting all the time!

  7. WanderingCaveman

    Well, I was a house farmer when I took the poll. But I finished packing up the last of my blue houses this past weekend and now my Springfield is in complete disarray as I attempt to remodel it.

  8. Thanks for all the hard work! I read a few TSTO blogs, but this is the best one. Not only do you bring all the latest news and the best insight into a wide variety of TSTO-related topics, but the personality you all bring makes this a really fun place. Keep up the great work!

  9. Another great post from The. Best. Site. Ever. For. The. Best. Game. Ever.! I’m one the old fogies in the 7% bracket and the 13% using iphone LOL Love the poll and looking fwd to more. Actually i look fwd to all the posts here!

  10. Love the stats and layout. Love this site. Well done!

  11. I’m part of the 26% that play on an iPad! But I also voted the Try N Save as my fave stand alone building! (I think it’s super cute with the little car ride out front: I don’t own any premium buildings unless they are event related, because I simply cannot afford donuts…this is why I enter the contests)
    However, if I had donuts I would buy Frinks Lab and the Bowl A Rama, then the Brewery. I was going to get Gil’s offer but I lost it after a day…but EA paid me in donuts for the trouble. Still bummed I missed out.

  12. Hey Alissa, great site, great job overall…really cool Springfield (thanks)…I caught the poll accidently while looking through the contest submissions…I think…
    I’m snowed in here in NC and having device issues…this may be the end… my kindle won’t charge(dropped it)…at least I just got the Tunnel of Love ride!!!
    Go Isotopes!!!

  13. I’m one of the 5% in a relationship. I’m surprised by how long that number is..

  14. Oh I miss that poll, I am new around start playing like a month ago. 😀

  15. It would be interesting to know the occupations of our TSTO community.

  16. this is completely unrelated, but did i read somewhere that lincoln was going to be available as a premium character again this weekend? or did i dream that. because after playing tsto since october 2012, the game has actually seeped into my dreams.

  17. Hi to all the great team ! 🙂 Thanks for the info,once again you guys there rock!! I enjoyed reading the stats and had a chuckle,as usual. I did partake in the survey and was surprised at the small percentage that play in Australia .Anyways thanks again and keep up the great work,we all appreciate it 🙂 love from down under 🙂 xo

    • Thanks Janelle! We’re going to be sharing some specific stats tomorrow, but Australia does make up the 4th largest group of readers here at Addicts 🙂

      • Your welcome Alissa, oh good I will check them out tomorrow then. So Aus is the 4th largest group of readers there at Addicts,well that’s not too bad then! 🙂 bye mate xo

  18. Doh!

    I don’t want to offend anyone but UK is part of the EU and so at 19%!

    • Oh I know…but I also know (from stats on the site itself) that the UK makes up a bigger population of the site (it’s our second highest one in our daily stats) so I wanted to see what percentage was specifically from the UK answering the poll. 🙂

  19. When was this poll? I must have missed it 🙁

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