Where Did THAT Come From: Olmec Head

Well EA finally released an item that seems to have been sitting idle in the files for a while now. It is an odd looking item, but seems to fit in with the latest “Social Event” EA has released to keep our lil tappin fingers happy while they work on the next big thing.

The item in question is the Olmec Head. SAY WHAT??!?!! What the frak is THAT? Well hang on while I break down the item and just as to why it appeared in our games.


First of all, the Olmec are actually REAL. Like they exist outside of the Simpson world. Shocking huh? You can read more about them here. As for the one in our game now, well let’s go to the Series to see what pops up.

Season 2, Episode 22: Blood Feud
Burns is sprawled out on the floor and apparently fading fast. He has a lack of blood and needs a transfusion right away.

OO- is a very rare type and not going to be easy to find. So Smithers gets on the Power Plant PA system asking anyone with that type to report right away to the blood mobile. While asking what his blood type is, Homer finds out from Marge that Bart has the rare blood that Burns needs. So Homer tries to convince Bart to give his blood…FOR RICHES AND REWARDS!!

Burns gets the blood and becomes supercharged with energy. He is excited that he feels so great and decides to send the Simpsons a “surprise” in the mail as a thank you. It was…just a card. That’s it. Nothing more. D’OH!!! Homer has Bart dictate a very mean response to Burns. Marge stops him from sending it, but Bart ends up dropping it off anyway. Homer tries to stop it from being delivered, but has no luck. Burns reads it and tosses Homer out of the plant. Smithers eventually convinces Burns that Homer deserves better for all that his family has done to save his life. So Burns goes to the Springfield Mall to get the Simpsons a gift. He finds the perfect $32,000 gift in Plunderer Pete’s.

So Burns delivers his gifts…an advanced copy of his book (who would ever wanna buy a crap book by a mean grumpy old man?)…

and for his next gift…A BIG UGLY HEAD!!!

Olmec 4

Burns explains it is MORE than just a head. It is the God of War. Xtapolapocetl (Ex-tapo-lapo-kettle). Bart is happy, Homer is annoyed, Burns is giddy, Marge is grumbling, and there is no moral to this story. Just a bunch of stuff that happened. Lol.

Olmec 5

So that is where the Olmec Head came from. Now let’s look at some other times throughout the series it pops back up.

Season 3, Episode 15: Homer Alone
In this episode, Marge has snapped. She has had enough of her family not appreciating her for all that she does. So she parks her car lengthwise on the bridge and refuses to move.

Olmec 6

Homer is able to talk her out of the car finally. Marge is back at home and still not happy. She tells Homer she wants a vacation…by herself. She sends Bart and Lisa to Patty &  Selma’s. Maggie doesn’t want to go, so Marge leaves her home with Homer while she goes to Rancho Relaxo. Maggie misses her mom terribly and sneaks out in the middle of the night. Homer realizes about lunchtime the next day that she is missing and goes searching for her. Looks like they moved the Olmec Head to the basement.

Olmec 7

Season 5, Episode 17: Bart Gets an Elephant
(Oh hey…this is the one that Stampy appears in.) Marge is not happy at the dirty state of the house. She forces everyone to stay home and help clean the house from top to bottom. Homer is “cleaning” up the basement area. It seems someone got a lil creative with the Olmec Head and added a few touches of color to it.

Olmec 8

Olmec 9

Season 6, Episode 12: Homer the Great
Looks like there might just be a leak in the Simpsons basement. Along with the Olmec Head…back to its original colors again. Lol.

Olmec 11

Season 7, Episode 13: Two Bad Neighbors 
The neighbors are having a rummage sale. (Remember a few scenes from Disco Stu in this episode?) Notice a familiar Bug Ugly Head in the background. The Simpsons must be putting it up for sale.

Olmec 12

Season 7, Episode 18: The Day the Violence Died
In this episode we discover the real inventor of Itchy from Itchy & Scratchy is Chester J. Lampwick. Bart is trying to help him get the money he deserves and offers to let him sleep at the Simpsons house until the Studios open. Looks like the Head didn’t get any buyers at the rummage sale as it is back in the basement…again.

Olmec 13

Season 8, Episode 4: Burns, Baby Burns
After Burns is not impressed with his newly found son Larry, Homer tells him they need to pretend he has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, he is hiding out in their basement…with the Olmec. Lol

Olmec 14

Season 8, Episode 8: Hurricane Neddy
As Hurricane Barbara touches down, the Simpson family hunkers down in their basement.

Olmec 15

Oh look…the Olmec is STILL there. Maybe it will help to hold the house down.

Olmec 17

Season 8, Episode 15: Homer’s Phobia
We only catch a quick sneak peek of the Olmec in this episode as Bart is desperately attempting to shut the dryer off before it blows up.

Olmec 18

Season 12, Episode 2: A Tale of Two Springfields
The phone company adds a 2nd area code to Springfield, forcing Homer to riot and split the town into two Springfields. The 939 and 636 side. The two sides continually find ways to battle the other side. Homer goes as far as getting Fat Tony and his crew to build a wall down the center between them using “recycled” parts. Poor Olmec was recycled.

Olmec 19

Season 14, Episode 9: The Strong Arms of the Ma
After being mugged outside the Kwik-E-Mart, poor Marge is afraid to even go outside. Everything is now a threat. She ends up hiding down in the basement. Guess who else is there to keep her company?

Olmec 20

Season 21, Episode 13: The Color Yellow
Lisa is annoyed at her family tree and heads to the Attic to look for more info (I wonder if the Fuzzball is up there?) Speaking of Heads…look what has managed to make it out of the basement and into the Attic. Wookiee? Did YOU move it? Did YOU take my Olmec head outta the basement?

Olmec 21

Season 25, Episode 6: The Kid is Alright
Lisa is distraught her new friend is a…Republican…so Marge takes her to the attic to show Lisa why there is nothing wrong with people having different ideas and thoughts. Guess who else is also still in the attic?

Olmec 22

There yah go. A bit of a background on that silly Olmec Head for the game. What do you think of the Olmec Head? Where in your town did you put it? Did you stuff it in the basement with the Bunny or the Attic with the Fuzzball? Sound off/Show me in the comments below.



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23 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From: Olmec Head

  1. I really get a kick out of all the different spots in the home it gets placed in. The basement, the attic, outside, back into the basement. There is literally no way possible to get this thing anywhere. It is one of the funniest running gags of the series! I was super stoked when I unlocked it! I placed it in the only place I could the Simpson backyard.

  2. Got the big ugly head, working on the sizzling sirloin next. Had a horrible glitch that keeps kicking me completely out of the game when I visit friends. Came to find that about 12 to 15 of my friends had that glitch so I had to wind up putting them in my ‘hide’ list so that I don’t hit them while arrowing from friend to friend. That leaves me with about 40 or so ‘active’ friends that I can visit. So the free stuff will take ma few weeks to collect I suppose.

    • At least the game isn’t throwing you out anymore. The beauty of this event is it’s not timed. So it’s great that we can all work at our own pace to earn free stuff! 🙂

  3. This was one if my favorite early Simpsons episodes. I especially loved at the end where they sat around discussing what it all meant and Marge said something to the effect of “maybe it was just a bunch of stuff that happened”. My friend and I loved the name Xtapolapocetl and we were always making jokes about it around our confused friends who weren’t as obsessed with the Simpsons as we were. Then when I first saw the callback to it the next season when it was in the basement it solidified my love for the Simpsons. I still look for it every time there is a scene in the basement. It there ever is a last episode of the Simpsons they better mention or show Xtapolapocetl or I will be really disappointed!

    • Oh, and I put it out in the woods behind Kamp Krusty, partially obscured by shrubs and trees like it’s waiting to be discovered. I wanted to make a little jungle with palm trees so it looked tropical, but unfortunately you can’t put palm trees anywhere but the beach or squid port so there’s not enough room to do it. 🙁

    • Lol. That is what I kind of hinted to at the end of that episode wrap up. The whole “Moral of the story” lines they kept tossing out. It made me giggle…”there is no moral…” 😉

  4. I put mine outside Burns’ mansion… Did the simpsons regift? Or did mr. Burns buy one of his own cuz he liked it so much? I guess no one will ever know for sure 🙂

  5. So close, yet so far away… 915/1000. 😉

  6. WanderingCaveman

    I dropped mine on the beach near my Camp Krusty and threw a few bushes around it. I really like what Bunny has done with her’s, putting it as a centerpiece surrounded by a bunch of holiday themed areas.

    • Thanks, I wanted something for the central point and couldn’t find anything that fit. Was gonna put a gazebo there…then BAM!!! Big Ugly Head!! Perfect! Lol 😉

  7. Lovin this new feature for friends. It’s nice that I don’t have to try and rush to finish it 🙂 ….. Best big ugly head ever !
    But I can’t help but notice under the charcter collection there is a section that has 3 of Cletus kids …. What’s that all about ? Was hoping to see them in this past update ….

  8. Big Ugly Head now where have I heard that before?

    I think this guy has had more appearances than many so called regulars, Tatum Miss Springfield?

  9. I remember the first time it showed up but I had no idea how many appearances it had after that! That’s awesome!

  10. Christian Goddard

    Is it wrong to spend donuts on all the items i really want homers car right now

    • lol not necessarily. That just means you are a true TSTO Addict! BUT i’d caution you…if you do it everyday and have 100 neighbors you should unlock all 5 in about 6 days that’s not too bad! 🙂

      • Christian Goddard

        Okay but i dont have 100 friends yet and also is anybody not being to log into facebook too i try and it just sends my game back to the start screen

        • I have never used the facebook login. I have always used Origin IDs. So not sure myself on that one.

          You still need to log in using the Origin ID, just once in there you can search for your FB friends. Is this where it kicks you out?

      • Christian Goddard

        Yes that is it sorry to not specify what it was it kick me out for the last two days

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