Friendship Level 1: Unlocking the Olmec Head

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Are you all enjoying the little social game EA given us with the Valentine’s Day Removal update?  Are you remembering to take your time and enjoy your neighbor’s town?  There is no rush to complete the prizes ASAP.  There’s no clock on this event, so take your time.  Relax and enjoy tapping!  Oh and the free stuff…

Speaking of free stuff…let’s talk about the first of the Friendship prizes, the Olmec Head.  The Olmec Head is unlocked once you’ve reached your first 1,000 FP…and many of you should be unlocking it at some point today (if you haven’t already).  So what happens when you unlock it?  What does it do?  Let’s take a closer look…


Once you’ve reached the necessary 1,000 FP to unlock the Omec Head you’ll see this message popup:
Photo Feb 26, 12 33 11 PM

Once you return to your Springfield you can find your Olmec Head in your Inventory.  It’s a decoration for your Springfield and will improve your Vanity Rating on the Conform-O-Meter (hey what were you expecting for a free item?).

It takes up a 4×4 chunk of your town and can be placed on the grass, pavement, beach or Squidport (so anywhere really!).  The rush rate on this is 10 donuts/100 FP needed.  So if you need 1,000 FP to earn it, it will cost you 100 donuts.  If you need 900 FP points it’ll cost you 90 donuts, and so on.

 Once it’s placed a little dialog will popup from Homer.  It’s just two short sentences:

Homer:  Hey it’s…that thing!  I missed ignoring that.

Now that you’ve completed Level 1 it’s onto Level 2.  What does that mean exactly?  Well not only is it your chance to earn the Singing Sirloin but you’ll also earn more Cash  for the items you tap while visiting Neighbors.  How much?  You’ll earn $22/item tapped (so $22×3 items is $66 per neighbor).  This is a $2 increase from Level 1.

Next up…you’ll need 2,000 FP to unlock the Singing Sirloin!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the details!

In the meantime…what do YOU think of the Olmec Head?  Have you unlocked it yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  What are your plans for it?  Do you have a spot in your town all picked out?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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51 responses to “Friendship Level 1: Unlocking the Olmec Head

  1. I got my fp points to level 2, and the dialog for the completion of FP lvl 1 with the reward “Olmec head” won’t disappear.

    I keep on clicking ok, and it doesn’t close. I’m unable to play the game…

  2. That’s cool, I can’t wait to start collecting these. Add me Amira2123.

    • I’m attempting to add you. When I push add, I keep getting a message that you can’t do that! I broke down and now I am a member of WordPress if that matters

    • I tried putting my Olmec head on top of Costington’s, received Homer’s message, but the Olmec head disappeared. What happened? I rebooted and nothing!!

      • It may have disappeared into your storage inventory, so check your cardboard box. Or it may have been placed behind a building like the one you tried putting it on, so try going into your “movement” screen and hiding all the buildings. See if you can locate it then.

  3. Add me

  4. Add me weberm2019

  5. I can’t find my Olmec head. I got my 1000 FPs & it stated it was placed in my inventory but I’ve looked 3 times & it’s not there. Its not anywhere!! I’ve even logged out & in again but still no joy!!! Any ideas anyone? I’m wondering if I’ll get any other prizes now.

    • That is odd. Mine was in my lil cardboard box inventory for my town. Try completely logging out, shutting down your device, then when it powers up…log back in. Then check that lil cardboard box inventory again to see if it is there.

      • I left it logged out and switched off for a while then when i booted back up, it was there in my inventory. Perhaps it just didn’t sync properly. All ok now anyway. Thank you for your help.

        • WOOHOO!! Sometimes with ANY electronics issues…just shutting it all down and giving it a lil “time out” corrects the oddest things. Just glad it is back where it needed to be. 😉

  6. Just remember, the more actions you have, the less points per click. I’m down to one point for my next 165 actions, and I’m not even halfway to that Olmec head. I think I’m at about 350 something or 360 something. So whoever did the math at collecting all the prizes in about a week with 99 neighbors did not account for the reduction in points. Or at least that’s how it looked from my stand point.

  7. Please add me:

  8. Is there anyway we can trade stuff with someone else?

    • I WISH!! I would LOVE that option. I covet so many items that others hate. Gimme all your propane tanks and odd items for my art. Lol. 😉

      • Questiony the Question Mark

        “I’ll trade you 21 white fences I got from mystery boxes for a
        Kang Topiary.”
        I wish we could trade.

  9. Bunny – do you only store special items? After a certain point I figured out that it’s better to sell stuff I’m not using and just buy new stuff. I have more dollars than I would spend on a level update so buying new stuff = XP = free donuts.

    • I store a TON of stuff. Lol. Like in the 10’s of thousands all together. My artwork is constantly changing and I never know what design I will want to create next…so I never know just what items I will want/need. So it varies. In my A town, I store all not in use that does NOT have a bonus attached. In my B town…its just whatever I am not using as I have plenty of $$$ in that one.

  10. add me for friend point

  11. Would love to see a Springfiled Showoff of the Olmec head…. Not quite sure where I’m going to put it yet…. But I think it would pair up we’ll with the Chritmas totem pole…. Somewhere…. I just need to be inspired by a great set of pics from a Springfield Showoff. *hint* hint* 🙂

  12. Bunny & Wookie, let’s be friends!

  13. Is this for more experienced players? I’m @ level 32. Also, when I try to add a friend, I get: “Failed ro send friend invite. Please retry.” I’m sure there’s a simple step I’m missing, but not savvy enuf to figure it out.

  14. youngbarron1991

    Level 38

    Add me “what could possibli go wrong…”


    I wish they EA would fix glitches, before adding more for people to do! I can’t get into my main town and haven’t been able to for 2 days! I am playing another Springfield and I get kicked out every time I go to or try to go to a friends town! Although I have contacted EA, at the beginning of the month when problems started and again last night. Getting a few donuts doesn’t help when one can’t even get to the town! I’m not wanting to complain, but this is really making me rethink playing a game that I love!

    • Awwww. We feel your pain. 🙁

      Wookiee went through it many of times. They had to roll back his town.

      For me, I had too many decorations in it so it caused mine to crash (like close to 8000 items). EA has been good at fixing most the issues. I hope they get you resolved soon. Keep us updated.

      It is hard on an Addict when they can’t get thier fix. Lol 😉

      • How did you know the rough number of decorations you had? Did EA tell you during the troubleshooting process? I have a lot of decorations, too. I’m wondering if I’ll run into that problem sooner or later.

        • I make 2D/3D art. So I used a TON of decorations. I got the alert pop ups of “too many items in town” around 6500ish?? I think… and kept going. (It alerts around 4500 too). I finally got in and stored a ton of it. (You should see my counts of items in inventory…a LOT. Lol)

          Wookiee had the same issue when he had too many 2D/3D decorations filling his town. It is just too much for many devices to read all that code at once. Add to it characters in motion, animation, sounds, and the thing goes nuts and has no other choice then to crash.

          The trick is when you start hitting the alerts, you may want to think about taking out a few trees, bushes, benches, etc and simplifying the look in your town to avoid a crash. 😉


      I don’t think I have that many decorations, I have never received a warning. What do you mean by roll back his town? will I lose the building I paid for (yeah I fell off the wagon and wanted, so put out buck O roos ) and holiday buildings? Makes me feel crazy wanting to get into the game. Also makes me wonder if I should just drop it all and stop plaaa…. AHHh can’t even say it!

      Thanks for your help, the group here is great I come here almost daily!

      • Usually if they rollback your town they restore it to a previous point where you had 0 issues. When they do this they make good on any premium items you may have purchased. So you don’t have to worry about losing the donuts, it’s more to just restore your game. Hope that helps!
        Glad you check us out daily! We loving having you here! 🙂

  16. If I want my neighbours to have something to tap when they visit me, should I not collect the houses and business? Or does it work the same? Sometimes I go to some Springfields that have nothing to tap, I wonder if that’s because there’s already been too many visitors or because the owner collected everything

    • A few buildings do regenerate fast, but it is good to try and leave something for neighbors to tap. I try and clear handshakes only and leave the rest for tapping. You can also decide if you wanna toss out a couple extra homes, but not really needed. Just depends on how often you go in and clear out handshakes.

  17. Level 38
    Daily player


  18. I like that stuff. It will decorate my Harbor – like some wonderful Valentine decorations still do!

    I hope that the app will be more stable while visiting friends. During Valentine Event it crashed so often. Or it lasted “half an eternity” (=Germany saying) to load a new town.

    Plus, some neigbors had NOTHING to klick, during the whole Valantine Event. Now I can interact again with them… very strange thing!

    No matter: I am looking forward to seeing Bart riding the elephant!!!

  19. Need some more reliable friends. Maxed out lvl 38 daily player.
    Add me. Skyfire1969

  20. Seems like I only get FP when I visit but not when someone visits me. Only a couple of visits from someone else gave me FP. What’s the deal?

  21. It would be great if we could put it on top of buildings … This would look pretty sweet on top of Willie’s Shack…
    Origin ID: sagelike31667

  22. I Love this idea! Now i’m trying to get Olmec Head 😀
    Need some friends:
    Name: Kreuzerin
    Lvl: 38+

    Greetings from Germany

  23. Should have it unlocked by 1pm EST today. Can’t wait! No idea where I’m going to place it though. Look forward to seeing what my neighbours do with it.

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