Friendship Level 2: Unlocking the Singing Sirloin

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

How are you doing in your quest for free Doodads?  Have you unlocked the Olmec Head yet?  Making good use of visiting your neighbors daily?  Do you have enough friends?  Remember you can always find friends on our Add Friends Page…the best (and only way) to submit your Add Me requests on TSTO Addicts!

Anywho…we’ve already covered the first Friendship prize, so now let’s talk about the second  prize, the Singing Sirloin.  The Singing Sirloin is unlocked once you’ve unlocked the Olmec Head AND earn an additional 2,000FP…and many of you should be unlocking it at some point today or tomorrow (depending on how many friends you have).  So what happens when you unlock it?  What does it do?  Let’s take a closer look…


Once you’ve completed Friendship Level 1 and earned an additional 2,000 FP you’ll unlock the Singing Sirloin and you’ll see this message popup:
Photo Feb 26, 12 33 25 PM

Once you return to your Springfield you can find the Singing Sirloin in your Inventory.  It’s a new restaurant for your Springfield.  Once placed from your inventory it will take 24 hrs to build and earns $90 and 10xp every 4hours.

It takes up a 8×7 chunk of your town and can be placed on the grass/pavement.  When you tap on it you hear some crowd chatter and then a bell.  The building does have some animation to it…the sign lights up when in use.  Which means….it does get used.  Yes, that’s right.  A building in TSTO that actually gets used!  What a concept right?  The Singing Sirloin unlocks a new 3hr task for Moe:
Eat at the Singing Sirloin- 3hrs, $135, 35xp

The rush rate on this is 10 donuts/100 FP needed.  So if you need 2,000 FP to earn it, it will cost you 200 donuts.  If you need 1900 FP points it’ll cost you 190 donuts, and so on.

 Once it’s placed a little dialog will popup from Homer and Moe.  Along with a 1 part quest for Moe.  Here are the details:

Homer: The Singing Sirloin is offering free steak to anyone who’ll sing a couple of songs on stage.
Moe: What?! Really? I can sing!  Although I’ve never really tried, and I have a weird voice, and no sense of pitch.  But I assume I’m great.  Plus there’s free steak.  Steak and people admiring me.  I’ll be like Donald Trump except people will like me!
Make Moe Sing at the Singing Sirloin 3hrs, Earns $135, 35xp
Homer: So, Moe.  How’d it go?
Moe: Not so good.  Apparently, I’m even more repellent when I sing.  Something about not being able to block me out by closing their eyes.

Now that you’ve completed Level 2 it’s onto Level 3.  What does that mean exactly?  Well not only is it your chance to earn Snowball II but you’ll also earn more Cash  for the items you tap while visiting Neighbors.  How much?  You’ll earn $24/item tapped (so $24 x 3 items is $72 per neighbor).  This is a $2 increase from Level 2.

Next up…you’ll need 1,000 FP to unlock Snowball II!  I’ll be back over the weekend with the details!

In the meantime…what do YOU think of the Singing Sirloin?  Have you unlocked it yet?  Did you earn it via FP or did you spend donuts to get it faster?  What are your plans for it?  Do you have a spot in your town all picked out?  Sound off in the comments below…you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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43 responses to “Friendship Level 2: Unlocking the Singing Sirloin

  1. I am doing what will pretty much take forever. I only visit one town to get friend points—other springfield. That’s right! I’m an annonymous user of Tapped Out trying to get some fun. This has taken more than a year, but I ALMOST have the Singing Sirloin. Yep, I’m a freemium player too. I don’t have a single doughnut, which means I can’t and never will speed things up. Impressive? I’m going to try and do this until I get Snowball ll, or do it longer and try to get up to Cool Lisa. I am going to try!

    Goal 1: Olmec Head (completed)
    Goal 2: Singing Sirloin + Snowball ll (almost to Singing Sirloin)
    Ultimate Goal: Get all prizes up to Cool Lisa (not even close)

    • I commend you on what you’re trying to do. However, I would still recommend creating an account (even if you don’t add friends) to ensure your progress is saved if something happens to your device. I can’t tell you how many times I hear about people getting locked out & if you don’t have an account backing it up there’s no way to get it back. I’d hate to see you lose all of your hard work because of not creating an account

      • I actually think I’m lucky. I have accidentally been logged out (almost erased data) four times and nothing happened. Look at me! On level 26! As happy with my Springfield as can be! I have even deleted Tapped Out, clicked erase all data and I end up with my level 26 springfield again. My device has a lucky glitch.

    • Update from “Why me?!”:

      I just got the Singing Sirloin and it is now building. Snowball ll here I come!

  2. New to this. On level 17 playing solo. What’s the benefit to adding friends as opposed to playing on your own? Anyways feel free to add me: Cubalibra 220

    • You can get the prizes a LOT quicker, money and XP a LOT quicker, you need them to level up your Friend Points to get the FP prizes. In short…you want more…get more friends, otherwise you will be limited on what you can get.

      FP info…

      Friend Request Page (by putting it in the regular comments like here, no one will see it or add you. Friends page is your best bet.)

      FYI…our Tips & Tricks section in the menu will help you a LOT with the game to learn the ins n outs. If you can’t find the answer…just ask. We are always here to help. Welcome to the Addicts! 😉

    • I played alone the first time around, but then decided to start fresh and added friends. Definitely betters the game experience especially for game events like Easter ’14. (Plus, there are personal benefits like money, XP, prizes, etc.) Feel free to add one or a hundred! I’m “chowskanna352” if you’d like to add me.

  3. Please add me I play daily, sometimes hourly

  4. Level 26 please add I don’t vandalize! Bsiders11254

  5. I unlocked the singing sirlion but it isn’t in my inventory… I cannot place it. Anyone else have this issue?

  6. Add me I play everyday all day. Level 38

  7. I have unlocked and built the Singing Sirloin, but it is still showing up as the next prize for me to earn with friendship points!! Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix?

    • No worries. Try the standard troubleshooting. Log out, restart your device, log back in. See if that works. 😉

      • I never got the Singing Sirloin. It told me I earned it, but it never showed up in my inventory. It also gave me Snowball II a few FPs later. I tried the logout/restart, but that did nothing. Any ideas?

        • Hmmmmm…I have seen this off and on. So if it is NOT in the cardboard box storage, and the standard troubleshooting of restart didn’t work…I would suggest the uninstall and reinstall of the app (this is also standard EA troubleshooting). Then once you reinstall, go back into your cardboard box inventory and see if the Singing Sirloin is there. Let us know how it goes.

      • It did not work. I also tried logging in on a different device, and it didn’t show up, either. What do I do now?

  8. Do u know if this restaurant contributes to my gluttony rating?

  9. So did our creepy smiley trains loose their ability to increase the money we earn , and does having graffiti change the conform-o-meter?

  10. fentonbailey add me will add back i love dog, dog will love you back.xoxoxo

  11. I already have a spot picked out for it and should accrue the points by tomorrow. My OCD has me always a few moves ahead in growing my town. I try to keep to a simple concept; East, South, and West. Restaurants and shops go to the East, Public buildings to the South, and Housing to the West.

  12. Brian Q. Lehmann

    Looks like I got $21 at Level 0 and am now getting $23 per click at Level 1. Anyone know why that might be? My bonus percentage is 30%, so that’s not it.

  13. I visit all 100 of my neighbors daily, (pretty much when the time is ready), but the problem I have is that it popped up a box last night saying I can’t earn any more FP for the day 🙁
    I would like to visit my neighbors, but have yet to unlock almec, which is kind of annoying. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and is there a workaround to it? I love the new update & am excited about it, but this was a little discouraging.

    • hmmmm you should be able to earn FP on all 100 friends each day. Are you letting the counters ALL fully reset each day?

      • Alissa, I had the same issue too as GranmamaDar! I counted my neighbors and found i had 100 plus the othet SF making a total of 101. EA only allows FP for only 100 neighbors

      • I’m not sure what you mean by “counters”, I play incessantly, and visit neighbors approximately 3 times a day, visiting whoevers time is up. Is there a particular time of day that the time resets for how many FP you can get? I’ve gone beyond obsessed LOL, to the point where if someone calls or texts me when I’m playing I ignore it until I’m done with what I’m doing.

        • Addicted much? Lol 😉

          At the bottom left corner of your neighbor screen you will see that you are given so many FP per neighbor visit.

          As far as visiting those neighbors, once you go in and tap just one item, the countdown starts from 24hrs until you can tap 3 total times again. So with the FP points, it usually resets 24hrs after too.

          • Thank you Bunny! I saw how many FP’s I was getting, but didn’t know it reset at a particular point. (and yes, but obsessed doesn’t even come close LOL) My family usually asks what is wrong when I don’t have my phone in my hand 😉

  14. I’m taking it slow. I see it as an opportunity to have a good look around, but I don’t have time to do that at all my friends so I do about half everyday. I’m still trying to work out what to do with the head.

    • That’s great tho that you’re taking the time to actually “visit” neighbors! It’s great to see what others have done with their towns to provide inspiration! 🙂

      • That’s one of the best things about the social aspect with this game, getting to see what your neighbors do with their town! I really wish EA would give us the option to zoom out about another 20-30% so that we can get a better idea of what some of the larger towns look like overall.

        I think it would also be really cool if they allowed us to send compliments to our neighbors. Sometimes I see something really cool in someone’s town and I would love to tell them something like ‘your Burns Manor looks awesome’ or ‘love what you did with your Squid Port’.

        • I love seeing what my neighbors are up to. The ability to send messages would be great but not sure what that would mean for coding. Until then, there’s awesome sites like this where you can talk to your peeps.

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