Where Did THAT Come From: Singing Sirloin

Hey there fellow Addicts, how are you enjoying the new items that EA is bringing to us in their next “Social” event? How many have you got so far?

Well one of those items is a cool new restaurant, complete with sounds. You trying to figure out why it is in the game? Where it came from in the Simpson world? Well, no worries. Bunny here to bring you the back story of the Singing Sirloin.


Let’s start off with the episode the Singing Sirloin appeared in…

Season 1, Episode 9: Life on the Fast Lane
It is Marge’s 34th birthday and Bart & Lisa are working on a birthday breakfast for her. (I think 100+ pancakes should do it, don’t you? Lol.) As the kids are delivering the giant stack of pancakes to the bedroom, they quickly learn that Homer has NO idea it is Marge’s birthday. (No shock there. It IS Homer.)

He tries to play it off saying he has a “surprise” for her. And he dashes out the door to rush and go find her a gift. He rushes of to the Springfield Mall. Meanwhile Marge is on the line to her Sisters, Patty & Selma. They remind Marge that all the gifts Homer gets are more for HIM then her. Patty & Selma tell Marge they want to take her to somewhere “fun” for her birthday. The Singing Sirloin.

Singing Sirloin 2

Marge does not seem too happy at this idea. Boy, the waiters do sing about pretty much anything. Anniversary, pregnancy, birthdays, and…death?

Singing Sirloin 3

Good thing Homer picked the perfect moment to give Marge her gift. O.o

She is not too happy to say the least. (Would you be happy to get a gift for a game you NEVER played with the name of someone else on it?)

Well that wasn’t a very happy trip to the Singing Sirloin. Maybe the next time will be better? (The rest of the episode is quite interesting as Marge is being seduced by Jacques as she attempts to learn how to bowl with her “gift”.)

Season 12, Episode 5: Homer vs Dignity
This episode has been touched on a few different times in previous posts. A lot going on in the episode. We again see the Singing Sirloin in this episode…

Singing Sirloin 9

while the Simpson family is celebrating Bart’s first A in Astronomy. Of course the waiters are singing to him.

Homer attempts to pay for the extravagant meal with his credit card…that is promptly declined.

In standard Simpson fashion, they attempt to run out on the bill…but are caught right away.

How do they work off the money owed? By singing of course. It is the Singing Sirloin.

I think that maybe this is NOT the best restaurant for the Simpsons to frequent. Though, it seems they run into issues at all of them. Lol.

Singing Sirloin 15

So there you have it. Another lil stop in the Simpson world and it has made its way into our lil game. WOOHOO!! What do YOU think of the Singing Sirloin? Where have YOU placed it in your town? Sound off in the comments below. I would love to see and hear from you. 😉



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  4. Capital City Goofball

    Does this mean we may get Jacques next? 😉

  5. What are the specs on it for those that haven’t gotten there yet? $ producing? or just % boost?

  6. Pandi (@LadyPandi)

    Yet another mystery solved by that “wascally wabbit”, thanks Bunny!
    I haven’t got it yet, just got the Olmec head last night, but I will be pondering its future locale until then, I like to plan where I will put things before-hand.
    That head… well, I haven’t figured out where to put that permanently yet. I had it next to the insane asylum, but that wasn’t funny enough… I mean they’re locked up they can’t go out and talk to it, so it would just torture them through the windows… So for now it’s sitting next to good ole’ Abe’s cabin, he’s rather paranoid, and old, I thought they might have stuff to talk about. 😉

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