The Ladies of Town Hall

Hey there you crazy people you. Having fun yet? Tappa tappa tappin to get all your Frink Points? Hoe many have you got?

Well I’ve decided to hop on in for a lil clarification on a glitch some of you new to the game are seeing and some of you ling time tappers may just be noticing. This glitch has been around for quite a while now. Makes for some great giggles around her, that’s for sure. (No, it’s not me…or is it? Lol.)

The glitch is the Silhouette of a lady or ladies on the roof of the Springfield Town Hall after it has been graffitied. A lot of you are wondering where this is coming from.

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(From our reader Capcitygoofball)
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Well I’m here to ease your minds. No, you’re not seeing things (unless you got into my “water”). The silhouettes are there. More than maybe you realize. They actually come from INSIDE Town Hall. 

As part of the animation for the Town Hall, while Quimby is on a task there, a silhouette of a female goes back and forth across the windows (look at the windows in the pics below and watch next time you have Quimby on a task there.) Hinting maybe Miss Springfield or one of his many other of his mistresses are their “working” with him.




So how does this silhouette hop onto the roof? Just another code glitch. It seems it appears more when the Town Hall is turned one way vs the other. Either way, it is quite random.

So there you have it. No, Bart isn’t getting a lil risque with his tags…yet. Lol. It is just another silly glitch in your game.



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20 responses to “The Ladies of Town Hall

  1. I’ve spotted even weirder things on the roof of the townhall, some parts of other buildings. I’ve emailed the pictures to those wonderfull addicts..

    • Lol…gotta love those silly lil texture glitches. Replacing images with decorations and/or building parts. It makes me giggle. That is for sure. 😉

  2. I am level 38 palsy on I-Pad have not received any st. Patricks day updates help????

  3. There are more than just one typo, hoe many can you find?

  4. An in game update just hit my phone!!!

    • Lisa starts off dialouge for march madness/ st Patrick’s day!!!

      • She doesn’t actually “kick it off” she only starts to talk. It is Homer you actually need to have free to go and complete the first task. So in actuality, Homer kicks off this particular one. 😉

        It is actually for an episode tie in.

  5. I noticed the glitch for the first time today while in a neighbours town, thought I was seeing things so took a screenshot to make sure I wasn’t going mad. lol

    • You’re still going mad. 😉
      You can always join me in the Addicts Asylum. They got cool jackets that make you hug yourself all day. Not to mention fluffy rooms.

  6. I do like Quimbys tasks especially spend the night with Miss Springfield. Snigger snigger.

  7. “Hoe many have you got?” That’s the best typo I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks bunny for bringing the awesome even if by accident!!!!!

  8. “Hey there you crazy people you. Having fun yet? Tappa tappa tappin to get all your Frink Points? Hoe many have you got?”

    Bunny I can’t believe you would let that slip like that….for shame…..(made me laugh when I read it) Think you meant how many……or did you….

  9. Thanks for the explanation Rabbit. Saw this last week, took a screen shot and meant to ask about it. But I guess I was too lazy to post pic on Flickr/photobucket (required me to make an acct).

  10. I noticed the dome shadows but would have never noticed the others in the windows…surely beauty contestants never do anything questionable to win a pageant…right?!? 😉

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