Springfield Showoff: “FREAK” Point (FP) Items

As we sit here frakkin files, pulling pics, and typing a million words a minute to get our readers the latest updates and information…we find ourselves sometimes forgetting to stop and enjoy our own games. More so our neighboreenos. So we try to make it a point to hop in n out of the towns now and then to see what cool things YOU are up to.

So we have decided we want to continue to focus more attention (as if we don’t already 😛 ) on YOU…our readers. Time to time we will be peaking into your towns, checking our Flickr, and also the posts in the comments below to see what cool ideas and designs YOU have come up with to make your towns unique and…well…YOU.

So here is YOUR chance to show off all your hard work, time, donuts & in game cash spent. Send us your work, no matter how big or small. Brag about it to the world. We want you to. (That and Bunny loves to see other designs and get inspiration from it.) Then keep your eyes posted to Addicts to see if YOU end up on our “SPRINGFIELD SHOWOFF”.

Olmec, Singing Sirloin, Homer's Car Showoff

So for this weeks edition, I decided to add 3 items from the FP Social Event to the list. The Olmec Head, Homer’s Car, and the Singing Sirloin. You all had a TON of great ideas/designs. Here are all the cool pics.

@NMW2412 sent this to us via our Twitter feed. I wonder just how many burgers Homer is ordering…for himself.

@NMW2412 twitter

1ignaciohdz817 put the Olmec Head next to the Malaria Zone. Wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

1ignaciohdz817 neighbor

candiekidz also put Homer close to his favorite place to eat. She also gave teh Singing Sirloin a cute lil corner next to Krustylu Studios.


DeadBurgerKing decorated nicely around the Singing Sirloin. It also looks like the Olmec Head managed to make it back outside on the front lawn by all the melted Simpson Snowpeople. Looks like Homer actually made it home AND into the driveway this time.


Drew D made a cozy lil mountain area for his Olmec Head.

drewdabble olmec

drklrdsth parked Homer right in front of Moe’s. Looks like Moe is taking off though, is that a good idea to leave Homer alone with all that booze?

drklrdsth car

Freaknstein must not want anyone to find his Olmec Head. He has hidden it quite well.


Ohmeohmyso420 has Homer parked, or is it crashed, in the front of Moe’s.

Ohmeohmyso420 comments

OSebhlen put the Olmec head in front of the Museum. Must be a cool display going on inside. I do like the 2D musical notes outside their Singing Sirloin. Once again Homer is at Moe’s. Well, it is one of the places he spends most his time at. Lol.

OSebhlen comments

runicgem has a pretty cool train system running through their town. One of the stops just happens to house their Olmec Head.

runicgem olmec

Safi also put the Olmec Head next to Malaria Zone. I wonder if it is helping to spread MORE malaria or to stop it. Lol

safi olmec

sfdsquid has both the Olmec Head and Homer’s car next to their Simpson house. Looks like Homer has been using the car to bring a few “extra” items home.


Shelfcleaner also has both the Olmec Head and Homer’s car at the Simpson home.


smitty959 created quite a pyramid effect with the Olmec Head at the top. Vary reminiscent of the Mayan Temples.

smitty959 comments

stevenitman made their Singing Sirloin to look like it is quite the gathering spot. Can you pick your own meal out back? HEY NOW??!! DON’T TELL ME BUNNY IS ON THE MENU??!!!!

stevenitman neighbor

szpeter256448 has both the Mayan Calendar and the Olmec Head designed into a pretty cool Mayan Temple area.

szpeter256448 email

thaddeus created quite the eatery area in their town. Singing Sirloin in the center.


WalkerMerle made and entire Mayan-esque area for their Olmec Head. A lot of cool 3D design elements. Their Singing Sirloin is tucked into a nice lil area next to King Homer. I wonder if he dances for bananas? Homer is once again at Moe’s. I wonder what he did to upset Marge this time.

WalkerMerle WalkerMerle 1 email


wanderingcaveman seems to have found where Homer misplaced his car after last nights trip to Moe’s. It also looks like the Olmec Head has made its way to Kamp Krusty again.

wandering caveman

WeaponsFreeJD tucked their Olmec head into a lil wooded area by Kamp Krusty.


Now for a lil fun from the Addicts…

Wookiee tucked his Olmec Head back behind the Springfield Mall.

Wookiee Olmec

…and now for mine.

I have been slowly putting my Bunny B town/Creative town back together. Here are the areas that are still in progress and being decorated.

Homer’s Car is taking off down the road from the Simpson’s house. The Olmec Head is the center point in my “Seasons” area (think Nightmare Before Christmas-esque). The Singing Sirloin is making its home in my “Entertainment/Fun Zone” area.


That about does it for this week. GREAT submissions as usual. I love being inspired by seeing what all of YOU create. What did YOU think of the designs? Have any favorites? Things you would like to create in your town? Suggestions for others? Sound off in the comments below. 

Do you want to be featured on the next Springfield Showoff?  Post your images to the Addicts Flickr, share them in the comments below, share your images on our Facebook Page, Link them to our Twitter feed, or email us your screenshots at TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com. We can’t wait to see YOUR designs!

HOPPY Tappin’


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  1. Woo hoo! I had no idea my picture got used. Thank you! I was really surprised to see this. Everyone’s looks great…so many cool ideas. I’m honestly trying to figure out how I missed this post. D`oh 🙂

    • Lol. Bunny is sneaky and pokes around EVERYWHERE to get some cool images. You never know when I am watching. 🙂

      (K. That did sound kinda stalkerish, huh? Lol) 😛

      • It’s funny and scary all at the same time…lol wouldn’t have it any other way. 😀
        If you ever wanna check out my town for quick poke around, you’re more than welcome. I know you have an incredible amount of requests.
        Just no sneaking up behind me, I frighten easily, jk.

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  5. Woohoo, I made the title(sorta)…there are some great towns above, excluding mine…mine is becoming a place to yell at my neighbors…who all suck but you…

  6. Thanks Bunny for putting my Olmec out! i plan on doing something more to it so the population can see it. I love seeing what other Tappereenos have done! They all look great!

  7. Woooo!!!! Thank you for using my picture 😀 loving the Mayan temple ideas, very cool

  8. I don’t have the donuts at the moment, but I was thinking of getting the open air stage and putting it out the back of the singing sirloin with some outdoor seating etc

  9. I like the idea of Homer’s car at the Krusty Burger drive thru. Moe is a good alternative. I placed mine on the Simpsons lawn like some of the above. But I think I’ll move it to the drive thru soon. Thanks for some good ideas folks!

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