Episode Reminders: Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much

What’s up party people?

So after much too long of a break, there are two, yes two, new Simpsons episodes airing tomorrow on FOX.  I know most of you have heard about them by now, but I just wanted to make sure I threw a reminder up.  Jebus knows I need to be reminded about things sometimes like writing posts, perspective, schoolwork, etc.

The first episode will actually be showing 30 min earlier (7:30 P.M.) than usual and is titled “Diggs”.  Pretty stoked for this one as it includes a character voiced by Harry Potter, err, I mean Daniel Radcliffe and our first glimpse of Freedom the Falcon.  It also will have a really cool couch gag by French animator Sylvain Chomet.  Here’s a couple clips available on the Animation Domination channel on YouTube.

I didn’t include the couch gag because I like to see those in real time but it’s available too if you like.  Just click the hyperlink above.

The second episode, “The Man Who Grew Too Much”, is the one Bunny has been salivating over.  It is a Sideshow Bob episode and the reason we now have 4 hour Pomatoes at Cletus’ Farm.  Here’s a couple clips.

I am super excited for the episodes and in true Addicts form, we’ll be here shortly after with episode recaps for both for all of you who can’t watch them or really like the crazy things Bunny and I say.

Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

9 responses to “Episode Reminders: Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much

  1. Do we know if the GMO Pomatoes are going to stay in our towns? Because it they are, their price is a bit steep. $80 to grow those, while Silvertongue, the 8 hour crop, only costs $55.

    • As far as it looks…it seems permanent. Only time will tell. Some of the cost vs payouts they set up are a bit…ODD…to say the least. Lol

  2. It always catches me off guard when I hear a certain actor in an interview and I didn’t know they had a different accent. Andrew Lincoln totally threw me for a loop. I was like what?!? I’m terrible at doing any accents. Being able to do a Russian accent must be sweet!

    • Completely agree with Andrew Lincoln. Blew my mind. The Russian accent is good for a laugh. I can mimic some other stuff too with varying degrees of success. I also do a mean Yogi Bear lol.

  3. Daniel Radcliffe has an impressive american accent! Can’t wait to see!

    • I always think it’s amazing how actors with accents can imitate us but when we try, it just sounds off although I know some Yanks who can do accents with the best of them. I’m told my Russian accent is quite good.

      • Mark (@brucejwayne)

        With accents or not, is there a petition somewhere that we can sign to try and get you, Alissa, and Bunny on the show. That would be, in Lego Movie mode, AWESOME!

        • BWAHAHAHAH…that WOULD be pretty frakkin AWESOME!!! Start calling and emailing EA STAT!!! Lol 😉

          It seriously though would be cool. I love doing voice work.

      • Dick van Dike did a fine accent in Mary Poppins…….

        Kevin Spacey does a good Brit accent but he lives over here, I think it’s the amount of US TV we get.

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