Episode Recap: The Man Who Grew Too Much

Hey there Hoppereenos. Hope you all had an exciting night watching TWO new episodes for the Simpsons. Due to my obsession…errrr….love for Sideshow Bob, I told the Fuzzball that I WILL be the one recapping this episode. Lol. (Luffs yah Fuzzy) πŸ˜‰

So let’s begin with the NewΒ Simpsons Episode: The Man Who Grew Too Much


The episode starts out with the poor kids stuck watching another boring old movie (most likely a VHS) on the planet Neptune. But worse…it is….TACO TUESDAY!!! Poor Willie sacrifices himself to save his beloved mop Ethel as the tidal wave of a thousand kids trample him in the hallways. (Titanic-esque music playing of course.)


Lisa is disturbed by the amount of tacos everyone is consuming and starts to investigate the veggies that seem to last forever. GMO veggies, who’s effect on the human body is unknown. She is desparately trying to read her tablet as Marge is racing the car to the church.

Today is volunteer sign up day and if she doesn’t make it in time, all the good items will be taken. Thanks to Jasper Beardly taking a VERY long time to cross the street, she doesn’t make it in time and is left with Teen Abstinence Counseling. She is not too happy. A few days later she is attempting to teach the kids about it, though I have a feeling that Shauna & Jimbo are going to need a LOT more teaching. Lol.


Back at the school, and emergency PTA meeting is called to address GMO’s…by Lisa. Skinner proceeds to show the first movie that popped up on his web browser, Apocalypse Chow.Β (Even the late Mrs. K is in the audience.)Β 


According to the “film”, scientists love money money money, Mayans cross bred crops into something unnatural, and today we use retro viruses to create Super Foods. Not to mention it is endorsed…by Jenny McCarthy. It is worse than Lisa thought.Β 

She asks everyone to wait while she researches these GMO’s further. She decides that they are good for us and they need to promote them. So she sets up a GMO Buffet, courtesy of the Monsarno Corporation. They are so happy Lisa set it up, they invite the family to their research campus.

There they are introduced to the Chief Scientist…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAH SIDESHOW BOB!!! He tells them there is no need for alarm…as his face….PEELS OFF??!! WHAT THE…???!! NO Maggie, DO NOT put that in your mouth. EWWWWWWW!!!!


Now…what were we talking about? Oh, yes…no need for the Simpsons to worry as Sideshow is still “Shawshanking” it at the Penitentiary. You know what this means, right? Another montage of a back story on just how Sideshow got there. Off we go…

Sideshow was so…ummmm…”happy” to be making vanity license plates that Β he jumped at the chance to be a volunteer test subject when Monsarno came by. He was being tested to make sure the experiments wouldn’t be too painful for the lab test monkeys.

He wrote up his results and went from subject…to scientist. Though Bart finds it more humorous then truthful. “Look at me, I’m Sideshow Bob”.

Bob is told he has to get back to work (the corn on the cob has become self aware) but he begs the Simpsons to come back and visit him. He seemed to pull a few of Lisa’s heart strings in feeling bad for him. (Must be that nerd brain, they always get yah with the intellect.)


He really has gotten into Lisa’s head, so much so she is seeing him in her books.Β She begs Marge to let her go visit him. Marge is not too happy, but Homer wants to go back. They have a cool Psyche Class.

Back at the Church, Marge is once again trying to reach the local teens in her Abstinence Class…complete with finger puppets this time. Sadly, things go HORRIBLY wrong with the finger puppets.

Lisa meanwhile is hanging out with Sideshow Bob at Monsarno. They seemed to have formed quite the bond. Singing and making Pomato Juice together. Sideshow is actually laughing, and NOT maniacally.


Back home later that night, Marge is still obsessing over how she can reach the teens…since “it seems like they will never have any”. (Oooooh, nice jab at yourself there Simpsons. Lol.) Homer points out that she will never reach them and that she is just wasting EVERYONE’S time trying. So she shows Homer how she should give the kids a better example, by rolling over and going to sleep. HA HA!

Marge brings Homer to the next abstinence class and talks to the kids about her and Homer being able to abstain for two whole days. All the kids can think about now is what happened THREE days ago. EWWWWWW!!! (Marge’s plan worked. No one wants to imagine what the adults do.)

Sideshow Bob and Lisa are spending the day at the Museum. (Boy this episodes hops around almost as much as I do. Lol.)

While there the Calder Display comes crashing down towards Bob and Lisa. Bob steps in to save Lisa and catches the display parts. Lisa is shocked at his strength and questions him. He tells that as he has been modifying foods, it came to mind…why can’t he modify HIM? So he has been changing his DNA. She asks just HOW strong he is. He demonstrates by snapping his chains off, picking up the cement block and spinning it like a basketball on his finger, then promptly kicking it out the glass windows above…and on to a poor unsuspecting Moleman. (At least it missed his porcelain figurines, right?)


Now comes the REAL reason for all that Sideshow has been working up to. WHY he wanted to go to the Museum…other than it was Tote Bag Day. (You knew there was a hidden agenda. There always is with him.) Genes of Genius. Washington’s backbone, Einstein’s brain…errr…eyebrows, Nightingale’s tenacity…he wants to take their DNA and add it to his own.

But this time Bart was on to him. No, really. Stop laughing. Seriously! BART! Eh, on with it I go.


He is so full of so many spliced genes, he could snap and go on a murderous rage at any moment. So good thing an annoying family is standing by to have Bob take their picture…over n over n over n …AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Sideshow Bob goes out of control.

The police are alerted, but Wiggum is more concerned about the teens practicing abstinence…and now obsessed with finger puppets. Lol.

Bob catches Bart and Lisa at the dam. (Yah, I said DAM!)

But Marge and Homer are hot on his trail…along with a group of abstaining teens. Marge promises the teens they will be released from their pledges if they defeat Sideshow Bob.Β (It’s about to get ugly.)Β The bullies are no match for his strength…or his python like jaw. (HA HA Kearney!)


Lisa steps in to quote Whitman and Bob, feeling there is no other way, tosses himself off the dam and into the river below. He would be dead, if he hadn’t gave himself gils. BWAHAHAHAHA…I wondered when my beloved rake would make its entrance. Nice way to close it out.


Overall, a great episode. Lots of laughs. Still, I am hoping that EA grants my wishes and puts Sideshow Bob in as a PERMANENT playable character in our game.

But wait, not done just yet. What about those Tango dancing lessons Ned mentioned he was taking with Edna to get out of the wine tasting? The ones that made it so HE couldn’t teach the abstinence class to the teens. Looks like Ned n Edna are heating it up on the dance floor. Awwwww, it was just a dream sequence.

Edna n Ned

“Sure do miss that laugh.” We all do Ned, we all do.

Edna n Maude Tribute

WOW…what a fantastic way to end the episode. Another great shout out the late Marcia Wallace. Loved it! πŸ™‚

Your thoughts on all of this? Sound off in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for Wookiee’s recap of Diggs.

Until the next time…

HOPPY Tappin’


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38 responses to “Episode Recap: The Man Who Grew Too Much

  1. RIP Edna K.

  2. My wife and I both play, from the way the game left it, it was suggested we needed to watch, then answer the questions… It has been done before, in the Simpsons attic… I think for Halloween… Anyways, really disappointed. They could have at least given a couple donuts… A tease, but still would have been better…

    Tired of tune n to see how we validate charging you 150 donuts for a useless falcon… Should at least you know, be a Bart job added…

    Not to mention it seems the squid port tile trick is broken since the valentines day update.. If not earlier.

    • Usually whenever there is an episode tie-in they ask a question. Kind of like a cliff hanger on old TV shows. “Will they end up getting out alive?! Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of…” Generally they serve no purpose to the game itself. The only time I’ve seen that done was Halloween.

      BTW the Falcon is only 40 donuts. Still pricey for a useless Falcon..but not as pricey as 150! πŸ™‚

    • I understand your frustration in the lil amount of content right now. I was really hoping for more items too from the tie ins. But the week isn’t over. EA likes to drop lil things on us Tues & Thurs (at least in the past they did). So I am still hoping for more to come by this Thursday.

      The falcon is cool to look at, but at 40 donuts and no bonus multiplier…I see it as a pass on item unless someone is an elitist. It would have been cool to link it with a task for Bart to catch it on his arm.

      The tile glitch is gone sadly. I hope it returns…but who knows.

      • Useless Falcon it flies it’s beautiful ok it doesn’t hunt down the turkey or the funzos but …..

        On another point the strongman homer task at Halloween was great and I think EA should do more of this question in the game linked to the episode type thing.

        It requires planning and really only covers the US so these are the downside but as a Brit I thought it was a great.

        • I agree…the attic questions were awesome. Great way to link viewer and player.

          I want them to give the falcon tasks. Like land on Bart’s arm. Play keep away with Snowball II. Chase Milhouse’s airplane. Or fight the turkey. Lol. πŸ˜‰

  3. If you didn’t catch the reference, Bob’s face peeling off is a callback to “The Bob Next Door.”

    Just to put my longer review in a nutshell: This wasn’t my favorite Bob episode. The subplot was kind of weak, and it sort of messed up what could have been a brilliant three-way confrontation with Bob, Bart, and Lisa. I enjoyed the connection between Lisa and Bob though. The episode was also pretty funny.

    • Heheheeh I caught it. The face peeling off cracked me up a lot. Especially when Maggie rolled it and was about to suck on it. LOL. It is another one of those… “I wanted more from this…but this will do” episodes. They got me at the end with the Edna tribute for sure. But meh, not too much you can shove in a 23 min time slot (after commercial usage). If I had my choice, I would’ve taken out the Marge story line altogether and gone another way. Overall, it was still a decent episode. Just wish I saw Francesca somewhere. Lol.

  4. Side issue but given the game and tv show which comes first,

    • Well…the TV show is 25 yrs old…so it was first. Lol j/k. πŸ˜‰

      I like both. But the game is 24/7 right now where the show only once a week now n then. So I say game right now.

      • The tie in are great and I think the game will spark ideas for the TV show……..but where was Mrs T last night?

        Just finished watching The Black Widower with the first Mrs T.

  5. WanderingCaveman

    Great recap bunny. Now if you’ll excuse me, the room seems to have gotten very dusty right as I got to the end…

  6. Hi, I live in Springfield, MA and funny enough we have a HUGE Monsanto factory in our city and coincidentally our mayors name is Dominick Sarno. So to name Lisa’s fictitious company “Monsarno” is most likely a poke at my fair city. (Mike Scully went to my high school, his sister was so hot lol).

  7. Did I miss something? what about the ? that was asked on our game ” which tastes worse french fried pomatoes or spaghetti and pomatoe sauce? Was that answered or is that irrelivent ??

  8. Was that a mistake seeing Edna in the audience? I completely missed seeing her there when I watched last night!

    • It showed her a couple times. No mistake. She’s a teacher at the school and appeared a lot of times in the back of the auditorium usually during these “meetings”. Most of the time she was smoking too. Lol

  9. soooooo the falcon was the only addition and the new pomatos for cletus’s farm……argh…….i bought doughnuts hoping for a sweet one time tie in character…and we get a falcon…….i got the falcon on principle ;/…..now i need to find him again

  10. A IRL friend of mine has found a glitch, I’ve looked around the internets and there’s only a few mentions of it. Everytime you visit Other Springfield, quickly go down to the Squidport Entrance and Bob will be there, ready to tap on.

    • It isn’t really a “glitch” per say. It is just were he initially pops into the game on some devices. It happens all the time for me when I go into my A game. I go right to the Squidport area and there he is. It has been around a bit, just also varies per player from time to time…so hard to calculate it effecting all games. In my B game, he pops in from the opposite end of the screen. To the far right instead of the far left.

  11. I guess I can’t get a pic to show in posts, I wonder why?

    • Having a bit of difficulty tonight there Harry? Been in my “water”? πŸ˜‰

      • Gee, this water tastes 90 proof, did Cleatus make this stuff for you in his still?
        It takes me about 180 proof to get me a bit buzzed πŸ˜‰
        I really like Aftershock, that’s about 160 though, hard to find now, I heard they make it very limited now or,it was discontinued.

        I wasn’t trying to get you killed off as wife #4 I was thinking, what a challenge for Ned to have a girlfriend so opposite to him.
        A Bible Thumper and an Evil Bunny!
        What a combination that would make!

        • Pssshhh…I make the “water” myself. Nothing like a lil 180 to get a basement bumping. Lol

          Uh Huh suuuuuuuuuure you weren’t. I see your evil plans mister. Kill off the Bunny…invade the basement…take over the WORLD!! πŸ˜‰

          Not to mention…would I be able to handle all those rules and regulations? πŸ˜‰

          • Or, would he be able to handle al ofl Your Rules and Regulations!
            You have a basement?.
            Almost everyone I know has a basement but me…
            It’s so hard to have a Secret Lab and a place to hide all the bodies without a basement..
            The only place left is behind the stacks of Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, Videogames and Anime DVDs !

        • (p.s. it is spelled “Cletus”. Lol) πŸ˜‰

  12. Maybe this will be his next girlfriend?

  13. Looks likewhatever happened to Edna happened offscreen, maybe this will her his next wife?
    It will certainly be a big change for him!


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