Sunday Night Open Thread: The Simpsons Are Back!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  Everyone enjoying their weekend?  Did you all (well in the US anyway) remember to “Spring Forward” today?  Still searching for that extra hour?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Not only is it time for another Sunday Night Open Thread…BUT THE SIMPSONS ARE BACK!!  They’re back with not 1 but TWO new episodes tonight (starting 7:30pm EST)!  Of course we’ll have full episode recaps on both episodes…so if you’re not in the US or can’t watch the episodes don’t worry we’ll be here to fill you in on all of the details you might have missed!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  The Simpsons are back tonight…what will happen in the two new episodes?  Watch them along with us!  We had a new mini update hit our games this week, in an episode tie-in for tonight’s shows.  What do you think of the little update?  MLB Spring Training games are in full swing and NCAA March Madness brackets will be announced soon.  How are your teams doing?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, MLB, March Madness or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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135 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread: The Simpsons Are Back!

  1. OMG, OMG, OMG…I’m so tired…I really screwed up…this chick from church asked me out to a movie and I was too tired and polite to say no…oh god what am I gonna doooo???? I don’t want to hurt her feelings…what if she gets me drunk and takes advantage of me??? She’s been after me for years…her power is out and I had just told her about the Walter Mitty movie…it’s such a “date” movie…why, oh why?!?

    • Don’t brush your teeth. Don’t wear deodorant. Swear a lot. Eat something with lots of garlic and onions. She won’t ask for another. Lol 😉

      • …what is deodorant…???

        Hey, I found the picture I wanna show you…still looking for my prom pic…somebody needs to get to work on making any screen also a scanner so I can just hold the pic to the screen…one of you guys get right on that, okay?

      • Hey Alissa…I’m in a pickle…we all hate hearing that “F-word”…friend…I hate using that word but I’ve no choice…hate thinking about hurting her…besides, it’s been sooo long I think my virginity grew back… 😉

      • Okay, no shower…I do stink…I stink with a side of stink…I will get through this…

  2. Hey how come when legs and louie are ‘interrigating a squealer’ if I start moving stuff they just stop doing the task? Is this just happening to me or?

    • Sadly, this is a glitch that has been happening since they were put in the game. Not sure what is causing the issue, we just know to date…it is still in our games. It doesn’t happen to everyone or all the time, but it can be frustrating. Sorry.

      • Thanks for the responce! I guess I will just have to put up with it lol also, how do u get the cool looking brown house? I been looking everywhere for it but cant find it :/

      • @cutterps1
        The cool brown house was from The Day The Earth Stood Cool limited time episode tie-in, and can’t be found anymore. Which kinda sucks, because I really want it too…

  3. I’m looking for more friends 🙂 I’m on level 38 and visit my Springfield every day, no fail, please add me
    Hope to see you’s soon on my Springfield ,,

  4. Christian Goddard

    So that means that she is not going be on any more episodes sad

  5. Hiya Peachy!!! 🙂

  6. Hey, of all the movies I caught while waiting for our power to come back, I must say, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” was the one that stood out…I was very surprised with every aspect…if you get a chance to see it, see it…
    …still have ham left… 🙂

    • MMMmmmmmm Haaaaaaaaaaammmmm ***drools*** 😉

      • You have to let your lips kinda vibrate…uuunnmmmuuuunnmmmmvvmbuuunnnmmm…

      • Funny all you got from my post was the ham…lol
        🙂 🙂 🙂

        • I have been under the weather for a week now. Haven’t been able to eat too much. Can’t help it…I’M STARVIN!!! Lol 😉 Ham sounds sooooooooooo good right now.

          I still want to see a pic of this said “Cover” model of the younger you. Email it to Addicts if you must, but either way…my curiosity is peaked now. 😉

      • That wouldn’t be fair to either of us because I was gorgeous back then…lol…you would have this false sense of wanting THAT guy and he’$ been gone for 15 or so years…but yeah…I miss the status of popularity…but it made me an ice hole…

        • Psssh. I am not who I was in high school. I don’t think ANYONE was. I am just curious now. PWETTY PWEASE????!!! ***bats eyelashes***

      • I’ll see what I can find and maybe give you my present mug…we’ll see…

      • Sorry you been sick…wish I could help… 🙁

        Holy cow, look at the time…dang daylight savings…hope you feel better soon, Bunny…g’night everyone.

    • Are you talking about the Origonal Walter Mitty with Danny Kaye, or the remake.

      • I just saw the remake…I loved Danny Kaye but haven’t seen that one.

        • I’ve only seen the Danny Kaye one myself. Loved that one. Will have to check out the new one.

          • I never saw the new Mitty one, but i know the guy that wrote the Origonal Mitty Book, hated the Danny Kaye version and disowned it, but I like it, and his other movies like”The inspector General” and the “Court Jester” and the many other ones he made.

  7. “Weeeeeeeeeeeee” *thud* *drops the vine she swung in on*
    What up peoples? Everybody doing good tonight? Freak, are you back? Missed you, you crazy Fly Guy, you. And where’s Runic, and Alunited and Caveman? Come out, come out, wherever you are. And to everyone else that I don’t know, big Hellos Hope to chat with youse to. 🙂

  8. Was I the only one who choked up when they showed Ned daydream about Edna, then pan out to her picture next to Maude’s? Heartbroken, Miss Enda and Martia so much!

  9. Tapper for life

    I wonder, when is the st. Patricks day event predicted to hit our games? I’m really exited 🙂 I think I had too much sugar for diner because I’m hopping up and down in my chair just like bunny 😉

  10. My friend bonuses scaled back today 🙁

    At FP lvl 1, I was getting $21 per action. At FP lvl 2, $23. At FP lvl 3, $25. Then something fortunately went wrong and instead of $27 per action, I was getting $28 at FP lvl 4. This continued past 4 days at FP lvl 5 when I was getting $30. But today, I didn’t just lose an hour of sleep; I also lost my extra $1 per action. I’m now earning $29 per action. Loss of $300 per day 🙁

    • That does stink. BUT $29 per action is what you should be getting per the game files. So at least it’s not off of what the files are showing. And as soon as you complete level 5 you’ll start earning $90 per day. 😀

  11. A the Falcon contest, who is Kumiko dressed as?

    • Hmmm I have no idea. I’ll leave that up to our in house sci-fi folks…anyone know?

    • Going through new episodes now. Gimme a minut to look and see. 😉

    • K…so I saw the episode. My assumption (also due to CBG is in Star Trek uniform), Kumiko is attempting to portray a slave girl by the name of Marta from the Original Star Trek series. Though, they did kinda swap the colors (copyright issue?) Marta was green with blueish clothing.

      ***takes Geek girl glasses off and goes back to tormenting readers***

  12. Alissa who all works on this awesome and helpful site

  13. Hey…anybody miss me??? *dodges thrown objects*

  14. Alissa?

  15. I couldn’t watch the 1st episode, but caught most of the GMO one. I guess the falcon was in the 1st show.

    BTW was there any update or follow-up to the game tonight?
    I have not noticed any new dialogue or downloading notifications.

  16. Capital City Goofball

    Was hoping Homer’s new 24 hour task for lighting fireworks would stick around! Maybe they’ll bring it back for the 4th….

  17. I live in Canada and time moved forward here too incase anyone was wondering. I missed the first new episode tonight but have a later airing of it set to tape. The GMO/Sideshow Bob episode was really funny, especially the scene with Moleman and the always classic S.B rake (this time underwater). Also an interesting take on GMO foods that I’ve never heard before about it possibly being beneficial rather than unhealthy and a bad idea. Lastly, random decorations I would like to see in TSTO in the future: the Gummi Venus De Milo, Chocolate Apu, Gentle Ben, Crazy Cat Lady and the Babysitter Bandit. I’m sure there is a ton of other things but those come to mind.

  18. Did they write her character off the show

    • They said they would retire her, but this season was already done when she passed. So I think now whenever we see her it’ll be a dream sequence like that. Looks like they made some changes to the episodes after they were done. I guess everywhere else they just pulled her out, since she might not have been a key character in the episodes left.

      • Well, the actors do the voice work first so I doubt they would edit her out of future episodes if she had already done the voice work for them.
        She only had one line this episode so it might have even been a line cut from a previous episode before it was animated, because they seldom bring in an actor just to say one line..

        Maybe for next Halloween there will be a Ghost Ms Krabapple?
        Have her haunt the school, and Bart too!

        Flanders seems to,have the worst luck with women.

        • Lol maybe he’ll be the character killed off this year 😉

        • From what I read, she’d already pre-recorded for this season and possibly a couple for next season. I’m so gonna miss Mrs. K.

          • From what I know, they record one season at a time and while they are recording, the next season is still being written, there never had scripts for two seasons available at the same time..

            I just wish I didn’t turn my head to look at my iPad and missed seeing what happend to Mrs Krabapple..I only heard Nelson saying she would be missed..
            Maybe someone will post it in YouTube, or my cable system will have the whole show for free by tomorrow to re watch it.

            Hmm, looks like the school,will,also,be needing a new teacher too..
            Bart’s mom maybe?

            • They didn’t actually show what happened to her…or how she died. Just a dream sequence Ned had about a happy moment shared between them. 🙂

              • Hmm, then maybe she is in more episodes this season and tonight was just a Tribute to her….
                And before Marcia Wallace died they did say they were gonna retire a character so origonally it might have been someone else..

                I wonder what Ned would do if Homer is responsible for getting his Second wife killed too!

              • Hard to say…we’ll have to see what happens the next few months. 🙂

  19. Idk if anyone else has seen this but a moment ago while watching the Slideshow Bob episode and playing tapped out. I ran into him 8 times (unusually high for me cause I usually find him 2-3 times) and I saw munts (I think that’s his name, the bully in the old brown house) with purple hair, instead of his regular hair color, in a friends town. Is that a glitch or what?

    • I was tapping while watching too and saw a LOT of sideshow Bob as well. Like every other town.
      The purple hair is the quest that unlocks for Nelson, Martin, Milhouse & Bart when you purchase the Sunsphere 🙂

  20. Any idea when the update will come out for st patties

  21. Sooooo… Is SSB gonna appear in our water now? Sad moment with Flanders… =(

  22. We here in the Denver area don’t get The Simpson’s – at least my cable company doesn’t provide. So whatever you can tell about tonite’s episode, I’d love to hear.

  23. 24 hour task popped up for Bart and Milhouse but I have resisted. Waiting for “something” to happen.

  24. Ha ha Arkham asylum and clash of clowns hilarious

  25. Any news if we will get a Professor Sideshow Bob tonight?

    Also, does Frink,have a first name?

  26. Hey Guys! Here we all are just awaiting for something to happen soon hopefully! I’m hoping for a little luck of the Irish-maybe an unprecedented early update or a St. Patrick’s event! I would love to have the Irish pub! Been busy creating a type of “City Walk” type area in my SF. Wookie would know-right? Loved all of your posts this week! Take care!

  27. pattysmacks42

    4 minutes till the new episode…..first Sunday off in forever jus glad it was today. But on a side note I’m disappointed at the Michigan State ohio state game 😡

  28. Will the NY YANKEES win the World Series now?

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