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Hey there Hoppereenos, Bunny here. Putting on my nerdy geek girl glasses, getting out my pocket protector, and getting my magic fingers and thumbs ready to type those zeroes and ones. Basically…it’s Nerdy Time!!

For whatever various reasons, our game likes to frak with our minds and heads and nothing seems to quite go right. We panic. Throw our device. Scream. Yell. There may be many tears as well.  DON’T PANIC!! Just slowly take your thumbs/fingers off the device or you may crack the screen. Lol.  It’s OK. I am here to help. All of us are. Promise. 

Addict Tech Support

A common thing we see immediately following an update is this…My device won’t update. Well let’s look at the basics. Was the update something the downloaded right to your device? Or is it only available through your app market? (We will put up a post notifying you of where the update came from, so just keep an eye out.)

*If the Update came via directly to your device, but you still do not see any changes then try the basic troubleshooting steps to see if it will force your device to update. Note: also make sure your device has enough memory to hold it. Right now, the game takes up well over 1GB on my device so I store it on an external mini SD card and NOT in my device memory. 

*If the Update came via your device app market, you will actually need to go to the market and see if the option to”update” is there for The Simpsons Tapped Out (see image below of my Google Play Market). Again, the basic troubleshooting here will help to refresh your device. Be patient though, the app market updates do not hit all devices, markets, versions at once. They usually hit iOS…then Google…then the rest, so some may get it sooner than others. (Though this is not always the case. Again, we will inform you when we see it hit specific markets.)


For Kindle Devices there is a different set of troubleshooting you can use. (Thanks to MrsMLKnight, a frequent reader/commentor of Addicts,  for testing and forwarding this on to us.)

*Remove only the app on the device not the CLOUD*
Step 1 – Make sure you’ve synced your town: How I do it: Go visit a friend, return home. You don’t need to do anything but click return home button it will say “syncing” then visit friends list again to Log out.

Step 2 – Log out & uninstall the app from ONLY the device NOT the cloud.
Step 3 – Visit app store to re-download the app (it will pull old data already saved to the cloud & add the new data which we need for the update).
Step 4 – Log in & enjoy the update!
It shouldn’t say your town failed to save if you did Step 1, If it does just click continue usually you don’t lose anything. This works for ALL Kindle Fires HD & non-HD as they all have the amazon cloud which makes re-downloading the app so much faster!
How to Hard close is tricky on Kindle Fire’s.  The easy way is to hold the power button, and click shut down. Wait… Then power back on. To real hard close, go to control menu top of screen (HD swipe down/non-HD click circle icon), go to applications, installed applications, drop down menu, running applications, find tsto app icon. click now force close & ok. 
Thanks again MrsMLKnight for the helpful information!

To be quite honest, pretty much ANY issue you are having with your device…the simple basic troubleshooting steps clear up the majority of them. This means items missing, game rolled back to beginning or a previous level, glitches…almost all of it. So give the steps a try first then go from there.

In the end, if all the troubleshooting and help we offer still does not resolve your issues, Contacting EA is going to be the next step.

iPhone 4 to iOS 7.1 Update Information 3-13-14: (thanks Soundbwoy808 & Lamonster)
We have gotten many reports from our readers that there is a KNOWN issue going in with the devices. Once updated, the user looses all access to their TSTO game. EA is aware of this and working on a fix. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact EA for further support. It is best to open a ticket with them to let them know how far spread it is and also to help you with getting your game back and possibly help with items missed you while you’re unable to access your game. Hang in there. They are doing all they can.

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  1. My phone will not let me update my free games

  2. I have an a droid turbo two and when I update in the loading screen it just restarts the update constantly. Any suggestions Thankyou


    I can’t get into my game took me back to level 1 but I forgot my ea users account and password I been playing this game for over3 years I’m I. The 100s level please help me

  4. Hi, mind have a really good tapped out on my iPad but I just got a new phone (iPhone 6 plus). I want to play tapped out on my iPad and phone but I don’t want to start a new one on my phone. Is there any way I can have the one that’s on my iPad on my phone too?

  5. Sandra Dennison

    I have everything now except for friends. Not one, out of over 70 has visited It has been two days. I am using an iPhone 5.

  6. Hi Bunny,

    Please can you include the date on each new article?

    For those of us who are new to the site (& game) it’s difficult to know which articles are current & which refers to earlier issues/updates.

    Kind Regards,

    • The date is actually embedded into ALL the articles themselves. It is right there on the top when you open it up in the main screen. “Posted on…”

      If you view it on mobile, it is also still there…permanently embedded by Word Press at the bottom of the info (my device shows it in blue). All posts today show July 17, 2014.

  7. Had game on htc desire. Then wouldn’t up date, then game uninstalled it self. Tried to download app again and now its not compatible with my phone!!! Please help?

  8. Edmundo Truitt

    My Simpson tapped out has been stuck for over a month. Ive contacted EA and nothing has been done. Its stuck on the Capital City Goofball prize. When I press ok it doesn’t do anything. It just says that your prize will be in your inventory. Someone please help because I’ve tried everything and I miss playing. Thanks

    • Without knowing all the ways you’ve tried to contact them, my best advice is to keep at it. Re-open work tickets, live chat, have them call you. I was locked out for two different two week periods and can understand the frustration. They had a ton of tickets with all the lag/lock out issues so maybe you got misplaced in the shuffle. Here’s a post we did on contacting them just to help. Make sure you let EA know how long you have been waiting. Good luck and I hope you’re back to tapping soon.


  9. Forgot to mention that it also crashes on my xperia z phone aswell, is it just an android fault or does it happen with all users ???

  10. Hi im using Xperia z tablet and everyday so far the game has crashed sometimes 2 or 3 times but others 5 or 6 its getting very frustrating ! All ea recommended to do was force stop or uninstall which did nothing ???

    • For me and Alissa, there is a compatibility issue with Jelly Bean on Android and the game, so it depends what OS your device is running. I know they are still to this day trying to find a work around with Jelly Bean but still running into some issues. I try now to mainly use my Galaxy Tab as it is just my GS4 i am experiencing it on.

      If the troubleshooting they suggest is still not working for you, let them know. Reopen the ticket if you have to or start a new one. Each device has its own quirks so it is hard to say what works for one and not the other. In the meantime, it is just a matter of playing when you can and taking a break if you need to so the crash frustrations don’t become overwhelming.

  11. My simpsons game has been getting those servers every time I try to see my friends . The server cuts me off since valentine update & ea won’t do anything to fix it or to help me
    So tired of not being able to get to my friends without getting cut off

    • Is it ANY friend, or just a few specific?

      Have you tried to check your signal strength that you use. Make sure it is a steady strong signal?

      Have you checked to see if it is a few neighbors specific that have TOO much going on in their town, coupled now with the new event causing it to crash? (that happened to many of neighbors during halloween)

      You can also check to see how much storage space you have available as the game takes a LOT of memory and needs a lot of room as well to function right.

      Those are the main items I notice in my devices. Let me know if any of them help you out.

    • I know maybe this isn’t the right place but how do I contact EA directly.

  12. I have a problem yesterday I had 50 donuts and after getting on today I have zero donuts and only one basket I didn’t mean to buy it was just placed into my inventory

  13. I have iphone 4 I had iOS 6 when I started playing – now iOS 7.

    I’m really frustrated as I can’t play while I’m away from home.

    I’m the type of person who uses PC to play REAL games at home & just use my device while away from home & board eg at those many dr appointments I go to that take 3 hours literally sitting in the waiting room.

    I started playing because I love the simpsons. Then I got my son & husband to play. My husband has iphone 5 (as his got stollen & insurgence replaced it with iphone 5) my son has iphone 4 just like me. Imagine my frustration when I realized my husband has been at work playing & leveling faster than me! At first we thought it was because he has a newer phone therefor has 4G. Then one day while not at home I used my sons phone to log into his Springfield and he too can access away from home!
    I read somewhere that I had to update to the new iOS, so I did. My phone didn’t work properly after that & simpsons didn’t work at all (allowing my husband to catch up more) I had to restore factory settings and reinstall the iOS. Now my phone works S it used to, I still can’t play away from home. I checked my sons phone settings, they are the same as mine (he has a different service provider). So with the process of illumination that means it must be the service provider, wrong again, both of the phone accounts are mine, I’ve had them since before my husband and I got together, they are both the same with the same company.

    It really is frustrating to me I can only play at home, my husband can play anywhere. If I forget to set my simpsons to do a 12hr task while I go to work, tough luck! If my husband forgets, I drive to work while he sets his, but only for an hour task, has he can set them again an hour later.

    I keep looking for fixes & I want to contact ea, but can not find a ‘contact us’ for them

    • So sorry you are having issues. For me, the only way I can play away from home is if I am in an area that has a good strong signal. I recommend WiFi as it does not use your data and seems to be a bit more stable at times then the 3G/4G areas. Just again, a good strong signal. This game uses a TON of memory so it needs a good signal to keep it from crashing. I put the link to my post on how to contact EA below. Please let us know how it all goes.


  14. Hi, I tried adding some new friends today, but origin said I already have too many. First of all, I just deleted about 12 friends that don’t play anymore. Secondly, there’s no way I am even close to having 99 friends in my Springfield.

    • It is a “false” error you will get. It means THEY may be full. Only way to really tell is to use the Origin Desktop Manager.

  15. Thanks for the tip about logging into the game on a different OS. I had a glitch on my android device where I tried to buy a scratch-r and the google store said “you’ve already purchased this item, cancelled!” but then charged my credit card anyway. It took EA a couple of days to hunt down the fix, but they loaded the scratch-r into my game, but then my people were all walking behind the buildings (which made it especially hard to get that sideshow bob). But logging into an ios version and then logging out almost completely fixed it. I say almost completely because I’m still having a weird glitch where my gulp ‘n’ blows randomly appear as other buildings. If I tap on them they say “frying everything in sight” and if I scroll away from them and back they will have changed back to the gulp but so far they have been just rainsticks, the simpson house, moe’s, and a couple of other buildings.

    Long story long–thanks for the tips!

  16. Im not sure of this is the right place to out this post….please helppppp!!!! There has been an update in the last few hours (the guinea pigs). My iPhone has updated fine but on my ipad it won’t because it says I’ve not got enough storage space for all this cool stuff. I’ve spent the last 30mins deleting photos, apps, music etc and I’ve just realised that I’ve actually got more free space on my ipad than on my iPhone!!! How is it then that I can’t update on my ipad. I’ve got 878mb of available space. These updates usually only need around 5mb!! Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place. Please can someone help??? Thank you….

    • I had same issue with my Droid phone with a 32GB external mini SD card. I had to uninstall and resinstall the game to get it to load. Give that a try and see if it works. 😉

      • Sorry to sound ignorant but is that delete in ipad terms??

        • Remove any and all remnants of the game you possibly can from your device. That kind of delete. 😉

          Just restart your device to make sure all is cleared before you add it back on.

      • Successfully deleted and re-installed app. It’s updating now so it looks like all is well and I can start chasing guinea pigs. Thank you Bunny. What would us addicts do without you?

  17. I just hit level 38, & unlocked all the friend prizes, I had Bart riding stampy and when I came back to my town my elephant is gone!? What do I do? Where did he go? I’m totally freaking out!!

  18. Ugh stupid ios 7.1 has kept me off through the whole holiday event. Sadness

  19. Now I know why my Donuts have mysteriously increased! 🙂 Since the update a glitch is causing all the characters to walk under the scenery eg: grass,buildings etc even Stompy. hope next update fixes this it’s annoying.

    • Try logging out, playing with a device OPPOSITE of what you have. (Like if you have an Android try playing with an iOS product). Then log out of that alternate device. Restart your main device, then log back in. It has fixed some games from the “walk under everything” glitch.

  20. Hi Everybody! Just want to say that i Tap with my Iphone 4 only and i have no problems logging in! Now where is some wood?? And to my neighboreenos, i apologize that i have not been very diligent about visiting and getting my town more organized but i am working on it! I swear i am! 🙂

  21. Logged on today, wasn’t my account. It was a little weird .

  22. Not sure where else to post this and I couldn’t find anything about it in the posts I read, but I was going through my friends list today when EA decided to award me with donuts. I think it worked out to 1 donut/30 friends visited (90 actions). I just got Stampy yesterday. Just wondering if this was part of the St. Patrick’s Day update or part of the friendship event. More importantly, is this permanent???

    • There was a rumor going around about the Friendship event giving donuts after you’ve maxed out levels. However, no one has been able to prove it (ie no screenshot of it happening)…but looks like you might have some good evidence on it. Do you see donuts pop out when you tap buildings or do they just appear in your donut total?

  23. A great big Thank-you to the Addicts staff, trying not to panic about the iOS7.1 iphone4 fiasco and your time and attention to your posts is much appreciated when I can see that someone is on it! Thanks again!

    • Not a problem at all. We try to help out all we can. I hope it is fixed quickly. There are Addicts out there that need to tap…NOW!! Lol 😉

  24. Not related directly to the game update, but when I updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 7.1 it totally frakked my game. Haven’t been able to get back in since. Screen locks at “Gracie Films” screen and if left will reboot my device. This is a known widespread problem for iPhone 4 tappers which EA is painfully aware of and “working on.” If you happen to be my neighbor, know that I’m not slacking, I just can’t get into my game.

    • Thanks for letting us know! And that totally stinks…hope it gets resolved quickly. 🙂

    • Mark (@brucejwayne)

      I know the Addicts Team has mentioned it before, but if you can’t log into your game on your iPhone, you can use a program called Bluestacks on your computer. It is in the Beta stages, but it has helped me get through some hard times (I know I know, again with the First World Problems lol) like waiting for EA to respond to your issue or not being able to log in through your device.
      Hope this helps!

  25. It’s also worth mentioning that after updating to iOS 7.1, iPhone 4 users cannot access Tapped Out at all. EA is supposedly aware and working on a fix.

    • Oh wow thanks for letting us know! Not something I was aware of…mostly because I still play on an iPad 1 and Android devices. Appreciate the info! 🙂

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