WDTCF – The Sham Rock Café and Yupprechaun

Mora na maidine dhuit!

How’s everyone on this foine day?  Figured it’s only appropriate to try out a little Gaelic since we finally got some St. Patrick’s Day in our towns.  Green water, the return of the coveted pub and wishing well and of course, the new addition of the Sham Rock Café and Yupprechaun.  I must admit, with the delay of this event, I was afraid we wouldn’t see anything new and I’m so happy my fears were wrong.  I do wish it wasn’t for 120 donuts but nothing I can do about that.  I snatched it up immediately but it was an easy decision since I had the old stuff, although I think EA is mocking me since I said I preferred the green and orange versions previously.  This new building-character combo is a nice surprise.

Sham Rock CafeYupprechaun

So, in my normal fashion, I’m hear to tell you where these items come from. Both actually are really quick blips in Season 20, Episode 14: “In The Name of the Granfather”.  The Sham Rock Café (pretty sure everyone gets which restaurant this is a pun of) shows up a couple times.  Honestly, if you’re not looking for it, you probably missed it.

When the Simpson family first drives into Dunkilderry, Ireland in their tiny car, they discover that it has become a trendy town.  There are billboards (woohoo… U2!) and modern buildings.  According to Lisa, Ireland is also at the forefront of Europe’s Tech Boom.  One of the buildings we see is the Sham Rock Café but only half is seen before it cuts to the next scene.

Shamrock Cafe

The next appearance is also real quick.  We can see it through the window of O’Flanagan’s Pub.

Shamrock Cafe 2

For anyone figuring out where to put it, next to the pub is not a bad idea.

The Yupprechaun is also shown twice but at least it’s for a few more seconds.  During the same scene as the first Sham Rock Café appearance, Grampa is shocked by the changes to Dunkilderry.

“What the!?!  Upscale boutiques!  Yupprechauns!”


Basically trendy leprechauns.  If you’re wondering about the unlock screen’s quotes, this is exactly what we hear the two guys say to each other while walking down the street.

Yupprechaun Unlock Screen

We see these two fellows later eating in a café.

Yupprechauns 2

They also appear to be an item.  (Moe: “They’re certainly liberal when it comes to romance.”)  Makes me kinda sad that only one made it into TSTO.  Love is love even if you are preppy leprechauns.

And that’s all folks.  Quick appearances for both.  It’s a pretty safe assumption that the Yupprechauns were eating in the Sham Rock Café which is why one of them comes with the building.  So… another building from Ireland in our towns.  Considering what I’ve seen of Springfield Geography and Buildings, doesn’t bother me one bit.

Y’all stay classy… TTFN… Wookiee out!

Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!

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13 responses to “WDTCF – The Sham Rock Café and Yupprechaun

  1. What is the sham rock cafe a pun on?

  2. Okay, I stand corrected. You really can find anything on the internet!

  3. I think EA is just about out of Irish things from the show to put in the game. The only other mentions of the Irish I can recall is jokes about Grandpa and his friends beating them up at the turn of the century! I think they had a stereotypical old time Irish cop in a couple of throwaway gags.

    • They did, the generic “Why arentchu a cute baby…” – I’m trying to remember correctly if that was Family Guy or Simpsons, since FG seems to emulate so many bits from the Simpsons, I lose track sometimes :S

      But it’s never been more than a line, we’ve never actually heard his name.

      There was the episode with the “Cool” Catholic priest when Bart switched to Catholicism after he was forced to go a Catholic school when he got expelled for (I think…) flooding the Gym during a Fire Fighters demonstration at Springfield Elementary, but I could have combined that with another episode (possibly the Wise Guys spoof one..).

  4. I’ll admit, that is one hilarious unlock quote.

    But i’ll not be having Yuppiechauns belittling the way my Leprechaun dresses…. with his snug sense of fashion, literacy, and ability to make complete words and phrases damned Yuppies.

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