iPhone 4 Users, A Possible Fix for iOS 7

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Just dropping in the midst of all the fun St. Patrick’s Day celebrating with in IMPORTANT message for those Tappers with an iPhone 4 suffering with out TSTO since updating to iOS 7.  It appears there might be a fix for TSTO and iOS7.  According to Mrfy over at Topix an App Store update for iOS users has appeared in the iTunes store.  This update does NOT contain any game change files for actual play, but it appears as though it might just be the fix EA promised for iPhone 4 users.  So be sure to get into your App Store and update TSTO if you’re on iOS…especially if you’re having problems getting into TSTO.

As long time readers of Addicts know I play mostly on Android devices, while I do have an iPad…it’s an iPad 1, meaning it’s OLD.  So I have no way of verifying if this indeed will fix the problems.  So this is where we need YOU iOS users.  Download the update and let us know if it resolved the issues you’ve been having with TSTO since updating to iOS 7.

Hopefully this resolves the problems for everyone and you can finally log on to TSTO today in time to still get your FREE DONUTS!

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8 responses to “iPhone 4 Users, A Possible Fix for iOS 7

  1. I didn’t see this first, so it was a HUGE surprise to see an App Store update for St. Patty’s when I had been playing it all along!

  2. Finally! Got an update from EA! Tapping again! Sorry to all of my neighbors!

  3. Brian Q. Lehmann

    Woohoo! It works! Thanks for the heads up – I usually only check for app updates once per week.

  4. Christian Goddard

    Can you still play tapped out in the ipad1? Just curious

    • Yup sure can. I don’t play very much on it (i’ve gotten a Galaxy Tab) but I can still play. I mainly use it when an App Store update is expected, since iOS tends to hit first. But it works just fine for me. 🙂

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