How To Make Bunny “Water”…Green

Well hello there Hoppereenos. What are you up to today? Looking for a bit of fun to be had with all things green? Well it IS St. Patrick’s Day. Have you found a Leprechaun yet? Stole a pot of gold? Kissed a Blarney Stone? Kissed someone that said they were Irish? Lol

There is all sorts of fun to be had today. Even the Giggle is getting in on the act. Just click on the image they placed above the search bar and it will take you to several links to learn more about St. Patrick’s Day. Two fun ones I saw are listed below.

For the history buffs.
For those with lil ones that want to find something fun to do today.

But that isn’t what you came here for, was it? You want the details of Bunny Water. Just what on earth is Bunny Water? Where did it come from? Why do we talk about it? Well if I had and episode to recap, I would give you a little rundown…but I don’t. Not even the Simpsons know what’s in the “water”.

greenbunnywaterThanks again Nosferatu3342 for the great image of the Chicago River!

Well for those who have had the UN-luck of being stuck with me longer than 24hrs (escpecially after I haven’t slept a while) notice that I become a lil…ummm…unusual? Giddy, silly, goofy, completely mental even. I have been called the “Sober Drunk”. Even a flight attendant refused to serve me any beverages due to she thought I was already “3 sheets to the wind”. (Poor poor Alissa, though I think the rest of the plane passengers had a flight they’ll never forget.) All I had drank all day was coffee. SERIOUSLY! Let’s just say the very “playful” side of me starts to show through the more and more tired I grow. It is like my brain just gives up and shuts off. There is no control. Funny part is, this is also where the more creative side of me shows up too. The things I come up with when I am dead tired. They even shock me. Even funnier, it seems to start spreading. Like it is contagious. Those around me start becoming more silly and playful.

Now that I am an adult (Lol…”adult”), I do enjoy my adult beverages. Though I still think that I am more of a riot with just my “water” in hand. I always seem to have a drink container that I carry around with me no matter where I go. Due to this people started to assume just what kind of “water” was inside. There is no way someone can be that silly without assistance of some kind, right?

According to Alissa, all it takes to make Bunny Water is to give me a really good shaking (or beating) and eventually I will make it. Well, I guess however it is done, it is MY lil secret. You didn’t REALLY think I was gonna spill about my secret drink from the fountain of youth did you? No way! Guess you’ll just have to find me, take a sip of my “water”, and experience for yourself personally.  😉

Awww don’t be sad. To make up for it I will instead tell you of some OTHER fun “Green Drinks” you can make for today.

The Everyone Versions

Mountian Green Water
1- 2 liter of Soda of your choice (like Mountain Dew/Sprite/7-up/Ginger Ale)
1- Half Gallon of Lime Sherbert  (or use Vanilla ice cream if you prefer)

Get a very large punch bowl or beverage container. Put the ice cream/sherbert in. SLOWLY pour the Soda into the bowl, only a few cups at a time as it will fizz all over. Mix. Keep adding the soda until you get the desired consistency you want for a slushy drink.

Green Drop Drink Water
1- 2 liter of Sprite/7-up or Mountain Dew/Ginger Ale
2 cups lime green jello (pre-made)

Take the made Jello and mix it up in a bowl so it is broken apart, but still chunky. Put some parchment paper on a cookie sheet or freezer safe dish. Place scattered drops of the jello all over the paper. Stick in freezer until hardened. Once hardened you can take a glass, add some soda until the glass is 3/4 full, then drop in some frozen Jello bits.

*an alternate to the jello drops…
1-3 oz package of Lime Jello
1-bunch of green grapes

Put the Jello powder into a ziploc bag or bowl. Wash the grapes off with water really well. While they are still wet, put them into the powdery mixture and roll them around until well coated. You can drop these as is into the drinks just prior to serving. Or freeze them first until hardened, then drop them in. (These are also tasty as just a snack.)

For the more “Adult” in us all, take a look at all the many options below in making some …ummm…”water”. Lol.

So whatever it is that you like in your “water”, just make sure you got a designated friend to lock you in the basement until you are tolerable. Lol. I am off to make me some Guacamole Deviled Eggs. Mmmmmmmm.



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  1. Thought this was interesting, shows how they turn the river in Chicago green:

    Thanks again for posting Bunny!

  2. WanderingCaveman

    Bunny writes a fun post to share some creative drink ideas, and shares a little about herself as well, and all I can think of are jokes about the picture of the 50ft tall Bunny standing next to the Chicago River…

  3. Bunny, you remind me of the hyper girl in “Real Genius”…with maybe a hint of the character, “Boltie” from the movie “Super”… 🙂

    • Lol. It is amusing. I am not the only one in the family that gets that way when really tired. So a game night with my Mom and Sisters turns quite silly after midnight. 😉

      • The game of choice around here is now, “Apples to Apples”…I have my kids and my brother’s kids over all the time and that’s what we play…hope you have a great time with your family!!!

  4. sounds like me with no sleep!

  5. …Alissa shakes it out of you??? …that’s like my secret yellow snow recipe… 🙂

  6. Bunny water…..frozen grapes…..jello chunks…… much for new years resolutions…….!

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