Where did THAT come from – O’Flanagan’s Pub

So you may have wondered why the heck an Irish Pub from Ireland is in Springfield now.  Well, first off, because EA can really do whatever makes them happy (Exhibit A: Abraham Lincoln) but really, there’s more to it than that.  It make sense.  It’s St. Paddy’s day in Springfield and nothing really celebrates a Catholic Saint who rid the Emerald Isle of non-existent snakes than the indulgence of green beer and spirits in an authentic Irish pub.  Nothing more “authentic” than a pub actually from Ireland… just saying.


For the awesome price of $1900 (same as last year), this building makes you $90 and 10 XP every 24 hours and includes a questline.  It also looks really cool btw.  The pub comes from Season 20, Episode 14: In the name of the Grandfather.  The Simpsons family buys a Jacuzzi (aka hot tub) and while relaxing, completely forget about the Senior/Family Picnic at the Retirement Castle.

O'Flanagan Senior Day

If you like designing based on the show.  Build a backyard area for the Castle with brown fences (shrubs and trees on the inside).  You could even use two orange cones to indicate a wheelbarrow race starting point.

Grampa is justifiably upset and demolishes the hot tub.

“You good-for-nothing jellyfish!  While you were lyin’ here soakin’ like dirty dishes, I was lonelier than Estes Kefauver at a meeting of “Murder Incorporated.’  That actually makes sense!  Look it up!”

Poor Grampa.  He’s worried about not getting back any wasted days and I don’t blame him.  Life is short and the older you get, the more you realize it.  His family wants to make it up to him by doing something he really wants to do and Grampa has a few things he wants to do before he’s dust in a jar.

O'Flanagan Grampa's Bucket List

Homer kills me by saying, “Who said anything about a jar?”  Even better that this is right after he acknowledges that his dad has dreams and feelings.  Too funny.  Of all the items on his bucket list, Homer chooses Grampa’s wish to have one more beer at O’Flanagan’s Pub.  Of course this means that the Simpsons are off to Ireland via Derry Air.  Classic Pun.

O'Flanagan Derry Air

“Welcome to Ireland.  Also known as the Emerald Isle, Potatoville, East Boston, Freckled Bog, the Land of Poetry and the Land of Bad Poetry.”

Grampa remembers his time drinking at O’Flanagan’s as the happiest of his life and who can blame him?  He was 20 years young and a serviceman in WWII.  Beer, corned beef and cabbage all came on tap.  John Wayne and Victor McLaglen lookalikes beat up a men in kilts.  Irish authors James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde threw darts while drinking beers.  Heck, Grampa even riverdanced back then.  A “simpler age, filled with tweed caps, cheerful sheep and unending troubles.”

O'Flanagan WWII

Unfortunately, progress comes to every place eventually and Dunkilderry, Ireland (fictional town btw) is no exception.  The Simpsons arrive to find the town commercialized.  O’Flanagan’s pub is now just an empty place tucked between a Bog, Bath and Beyond and Taco Belfast.  No customers, no singing and no 20-year-old Grampa.

O'Flanagan's Pub

The owner now just watches old tapes of horse races.  It’s been years since he’s sold a beer.  So long that he mispronounces pint and pub.  The main cause is that everyone got jobs.  Tom is excited though that Homer has brought Grampa for a drink.  NOTE: Bush Mills Whiskey served in a potato in a pint of Guiness is apparently only an Irish drink if an Irishman spits in it.

O'Flanagan's Guiness

Homer and Grampa get really drunk and although they don’t remember it, buy O’Flanagan’s Pub.  Homer is perturbed but it’s all good since Grampa also had “Get Cheated by an Irishman” and “Aggravate My Son” on his bucket list.

O'Flanagan Cheated

The bar is empty and Homer has no luck convincing folks outside to be customers.  They need help making money with a bar that has no customers and zero charm.  Only one person this could be, right?

Moe gets to join the fun after a great joke about flying coach on Delta.  Moe’s secret is letting people do things in his bar that they can’t do anywhere else like drinking on Sunday mornings and dancing with goats.  The trio discover that smoking has been banned in bars so they turn O’Flanagan’s into a smoke-easy.  His cameo served, Moe is off to find his dad.

O'Flanagan Moe's DadO'Flanagan Simpson & Son Pub

Business is good until Simpsons & Son get busted by the law.  (“That stupid Jerk!”)  Homer and family get deported with a small fine by an Irish judge who resembles Mr. Potato Head.  Grampa’s just happy he got to see Eire again even if it’s not how he remembers it.

O'Flanagan Simpson & Son Pub Busted

“It got a lot nicer since we sent all our incompetent halfwits to America where you for some reason made them police officers.”

Enter Chief Wiggum who bops himself in the eye, tries to fix it with mace and then tazes himself.  The end.

So there you go.  I’m so happy that the pub returned for the original cheap price.  Of all the St. Paddy’s day stuff, it’s still my favorite.  I think of my pub as the American version.  Just for fun, there’s actually a real O’Flanagan’s pub in NYC.  Anyone been to it?  Well, y’all have a good one.  TTFN and Slan.

Wookiee out!

P.S.  Still kind of wonder why nobody pointed out they could have just gone to the Chrysler Building lol.

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  1. I like this building because you can face it away instead of just the standard two front facing angles. Are there any other building that can be faced this way?

  2. St. Paddy’s is a good update and all, but I’m still kinda disappointed they had so little to offer for freemium players (the main building/character, O’Flanagan, was returning). There’s a lot of St. Patrick’s content seen throughout the show, and I’m sure they could have used a lot of it. Still, I can’t complain, because hey, update is better than no update!

    In the Name of the Grandfather is a great episode from one of my favorite seasons from recent years, Season 20. I’m glad we got to see O’Flanagan in our games.

  3. i am very pleased with this event and more so by getting free donuts even if it is random. 🙂

  4. My FP lvl 6 donuts have gone down 🙁

    I got 1 the first day, 2 the second, 4 the third, 2 the fourth, 2 the fifth, and just 1 on the sixth day 🙁

    As a freemium player, I know I shouldn’t complain about getting even 1 free donut a day. But to paraphrase Homer’s sugar, power, women quote from “Lisa’s Rival”:
    In Tapped Out, first you get the Friend Power, then you get the Sugar Donuts, then you get the Premium Women.

    • Picky picky picky picky. Lol. 😉

    • Hey be happy…I’ve only received one a day…so just 4 for me…I’ve gone through all 99 of my friends twice and only got one…while I may complain, I’m actually content with this mini-event.

    • Im confussed. You got donutes? I didnt get any hahaha

      • Lol. Gotta get that lovable elephant then tappa tappa tappa your neighbors and hope they have a sweetie you can “borrow”. Is this the equivalent of borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbors? Lol.

  5. That’s sticking it to ’em, Wookiee,,, woohoo $t. PATTY’$ Day is over!!!

  6. St. Paddy’s!

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