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Hey there Hoppereenos. How are you all enjoying your lil furry creatures in your town? Already got them all? Psssh. I am letting mine run loose in my A game for as long as I can. Quite silly to watch.

Anywho, what we came here for. FROM THE MOUTHS OF ADDICTS!!

Here at Addicts, we are all about our readers. This site is for YOU. So we like to peek into your worlds now and then too. You send us information about you, and we show it off for the Community to see.

This edition came from our Pi Day (Contest) post. The Geek Girl in me wanted to know YOUR geekiest/nerdiest moment. Well, as usual, you never fail to impress me. Our reader Rich posted this in response.

Geekiest moment – The day that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released my family and I dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter series. I dressed up as Viktor Krum, my wife was Professor trelawney, my 8 year old son was Ron weasley (and yes, we dyed his hair red for the occasion), and my daughter, who was 6 at the time dressed up as dobby, with pointed ears and multiple hats. We all went out dress up like this, in public, to the local WalMart, and for some reason the local newspaper was there, and they asked if they could take our picture. We said “Sure.” The next day our pictures, and names, were all in the paper.

Well, in the usual saying, “Pics or it didn’t happen…”, I HAD to see the pictures for myself. They were pretty AMAZING. So with Rich’s and his Family’s permission, I am now sharing them with you too. ENJOY!!

Grimm 1

Grimm 2
I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but in the picture of his son, he has him holding a toy rat (Scabbers) with only 9 toes. SO COOL!! 

What do you think of the pictures? I am really impressed. THIS is doing parenting right. Engaging with your kids. Having fun and enjoying anything they do to its fullest. This is the kind of stuff that creates lasting memories for them. What a neat thing to tell THEIR kids in the future. Thanks again Rich. 😉

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8 responses to “From The Mouth Of Addicts: In The News

  1. What is the costume for the elf looking task

  2. thank you so much for sharing. I 💜 your family and Harry Potter!

  3. Lucky kids with parents who participate in fun for them. No doubt just some of the delightful memories they will carry throughout their lives.

  4. i have a tech question. If i use the icloud to store TSTO, does it allow me to play and also use less memory ob my iphone? i have never used it so i am inexperienced with it. Thanks!

    • I know a LOT of people are backing it up to the cloud. Just one warning, once it is there…it is a PAIN to delete. So those uninstall/reinstall options…become a chore. Just my opinion anyway…we may have to take a poll on this one. See what other readers are experiencing with it.

      • sounds good My furry friend! Thank you for help! I need to brush up on that! i am having a replacement coming which is why the inquiry.

        • I really haven’t played with the cloud much. I just know that one main issue. I am on Android devices now, so I use my external memory cards to store my game. Lol.

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