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We saw reports yesterday and they are ongoing today in regards to yet again hackers trying to obtain personal information from another site. This time, they targeted EA. We have been waiting for confirmation and more details on just what happened. For now, you can find all the specifics and details of what is being said that happened in the link below.

We’re also seeing a statement from EA saying this has been found, isolated and FIXED.  More on that here:

This brings us to a very serious and crucial part of life right now. There are so many people out there on the internet now that will do anything to make a quick dollar by trying to camouflage themselves as someone else to try and obtain any and all of YOUR personal information. Please make sure you are taking the basic steps to protect yourself at all times.

1- DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. EVER. Most sites now only ask you to register to start. Even then, the information is very limited and basic. Most even allow you to bypass most and just ask for your Name, Email, and Zip Code. From that point on, you are usually only asked to provide your user name and password. If you are ever asked for your personal information again, question it. If it still does not make sense, then contact THAT company personally. (Their information should be on their site. I suggest starting a brand new screen and going to their site by typing it in. That way you know you are there.) If it still seems suspicious, report it immediately to authorities.

2- NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR ID AND PASSWORD. Due to you did fill out some basic personal information, treat your user ID and password as though it is a bank account number. Once you give out that information, ANYONE can access it. So just don’t do it. If you are worried it has been compromised, change it immediately.

3- USE PREPAID CC/GIFT CARD WHENEVER POSSIBLE. For online purchases, I personally set up specific accounts to use for ONLY that purpose. This way the amount I want to use is the only amount available. No possibility of more being taken. Not only that, it is not linked to my other bank accounts in any way, shape, or form. This protects a lot of my personal info and money from unauthorized access. I know a lot of us like to use our CC for those extra “points & mileage” which is fine. This is where purchasing a gift card from your local store may come in handy. You still use the card to make an initial purchase and still get points, but there is no need to give out your CC online. Even many banks are offering free prepaid credit cards to their customers. These are very handy.

The basic conclusion here is to protect yourself and your personal information at all times. If something is suspicious, report it. If you’re not sure, please ask. We’re always here to help. 

P.S. About 2 months ago Yahoo was hacked, mainly Yahoo e-mail accounts were impacted.  If you didn’t hear about it 2 months ago here’s the initial story: This has since been fixed BUT if you have a Yahoo mail account and did not change your password back in January when this hit you might want to change your password now.  Here’s some details from Yahoo on the matter:
Keep in mind…this has NOTHING to do with EA.  This is not something connected with the Apple Phishing scam that was shut down.  This is isolated and only pertains to Yahoo accounts (and it’s about 2 months old).  However…it’s still a good idea to go in and change your password if you haven’t already 🙂
Yahoo may be sending out precautionary emails to some of its users due to the compromise in January after the release of the Apple ID hack.  However, I use a Yahoo email for my TSTO account and I have not received an email from Yahoo as of right now.  SO I would be very cautious of any emails you receive asking for personal information again.  Especially if you play on an iOS device and use a Yahoo ID for your Apple login.  When in doubt report it to your email service provider for confirmation that it is in fact from them.  

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  1. Yahoo email accounts used as login foe TSTO are being hacked. Yahoo just sent out warnings to change password

    • I use yahoo for my TSTO login on 1 of my games as well…but I haven’t gotten a recent email from them about it. I remember it happened about a month or maybe 2 months ago…but I haven’t seen anything new on it.

    • Message from Yahoo:

      Dear &&&&&&&&,
      The safety of your Yahoo account, &&&&&&, is important.

      Because of recent security incidents across the web, we’re prompting users to change their Yahoo passwords. While Yahoo systems were not affected, if you’ve used your Yahoo password for multiple websites, your account &&&&&& is at risk.

      To secure and unlock your account, you’ll need to sign in to Yahoo and change your password.

      If you have additional questions about account safety, please visit our Help page or contact us at:


      Yahoo Customer Care

      • I just tried that link within the email…it is an INVALID site. You may be part of another phishing scam. Hackers prey when peoples sense of security is on the fritz. This entire thing with Yahoo in January, Apple ID now, EA a bit ago…I think they are targeting people all over. BE VERY CAUTIOUS.

        Again, DO NOT use any links in the email. Go straight to Yahoo themselves. Look for the padlock icon in the browser bar and the “S” at the end of http. S is for secure.

      • Great point!
        I never used the link. I signed into Yahoo via a secure computer directly and changed my password directly from Yahoo.
        I did receive the message about the hacking on a different email address (my backup to Yahoo)
        Don’t know if it is relevant or not.

      • Bunny I could use your support on these phishing & hacking schemes. I’m on twitter on the #TSTO tag trying to give news at the same time. We’re also trying to get Tapped Out Donuts down. I’ll tweet you guys now. Ps @bipolarlioness

    • Do you have a link?

  2. Michele McWilliams

    Hello! I’ve been trying to get into my game and keep getting cannot connect to server. Is this because of the possible EA hack?

    • No. Access to the server can be limited for various reasons. An update has hit creating a back log. Origin Server is currently unavailable. You are not in an area with a strong enough signal to carry them game. Etc.

      Don’t panic. Just give it a lil time, try again later. The servers to go down occasionally.

      • Michele McWilliams

        Thanks Bunny! I was worried! I’m waiting to see Brandines food baby! Just got notification it’s done but can’t access it! Thanks again!

        • Not a problem. Anytime Origin/EA feels their system is compromised or threat of an attack…they lock EVERYONE out of the game. This is for the protection of all of us. So if there are any signs of hacks…they shut it down immediately so they can target the hackers. It is very common for most businesses to do this. We are addicted to the game, so we just notice it more as we are ALWAYS playing. Lol

          They also do routine maintenance as well as set up for massive updates. All can limit the access. Sit tight.

    • I can’t get on either…

  3. Hacking is happening via Yahoo email accounts. Just got a message from Yahoo about massive hacking and to change passwords ASAP. One of my Springfields is a yahoo email so this connects

    • I remember hearing about that a month or so ago. Is it a new attack?

      • This is the first time I ever got a warning from Yahoo. I believe it is connected to EA & TSTO as I have several Yahoo email accounts but the only one yahoo sent a warning about is the ONLY yahoo email for my Springfields.
        Plus the message Yahoo sent (in less than an hour before your post) implies that the hackers are targeting something specific.

        • Yahoo was compromised in January. They may be doing this as a precautionary measure due to the release of the issue reported on the Apple ID hack. Would you mind forwarding a copy of your email to me? I never got one, but am seeing reports. I also locked down my yahoo account in January.

          • Just posted it while deleting identifying info.
            It stands out to me as I have 7 Springfields (addict anyone?) and several Yahoo email addresses.
            As I said, the only Springfield with a Yahoo email is the only one I received any warnings – out of 5 different email providers.

            • None of the Addicts Team Members using Yahoo got the message. It is …ODD…to say the least.

              Either way, if you feel compromised go direct to the Yahoo site by entering it yourself in your browser and then go change your settings. If anything looks fishy at all. Back out and wait.

        • Just be cautious as to the origin of the message itself. We are still trying to confirm it. DO NOT click on any links in it. Instead, go directly to the Yahoo site itself to make any changes to your account.

  4. Unsure if related, as I don’t own “i” devices, but I found my game signed out on my Android tablet earlier, signed back in and kept getting messages saying I was signed in on another device, I wasn’t. Needless to say password changed.

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