After a morning filled with posts about glitches and hacks let’s get back to a little lighthearted fun!  

Hey there Hoppereenos. I am sure by now most of you have already gone past this part of the quest, but for me…I am LOVING all the extra fur balls roaming my town. So for now, I will let them stay and play. THEY’RE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!

Also, because I am just not “normal” (who’d have thought, right) I am messing around with them. They follow roads, so I am manipulating the very small amount of roads I have to see what fun images I can makes with them. Yah…I HAVE lost it. 😉


So for everyone who is missing them already…I bring you….FURRY FRENZY!!

Kang is surrounded. He ain’t the ONLY creature trying to take over Springfield.


Mass beach exodus to the Boardwalk.


Taking over the Boardwalk.


Downtown shopping. I hope not for fur coats. o.O


Poor Willie, he never saw them coming. ANIMALS ATTACK!!


Roamin roamin roamin…keep them piggies roamin…RAWHIIIIIIIIIDE!!!


Now now, it’s not fair that Smithers is doing all the work to try and eliminate the furry creatures. (Just glad I corralled them animals.)


For more info on the quest line that brought the cute fuzzy squeakers to our town, so the Episode tie-in post here.

A lil more…for ladypandi…and the geek girl squealing inside of me!! 😉








HOPPY Tappin’


Bunny Icon 2

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27 responses to “FURRY FRENZY!!

  1. I am going to pass. I bought the falcon but to be honet, he is pretty hard to find. To spend another 40 donuts and not get added % and XP, and to mention the facy I will probably never see him again…..

  2. How about? CGB ” Worst Star Trek episode reenactment ever.”

  3. Hahahaha yes! pew pew pew is my favorite. They are so cute, wish I didn’t tap them all away so quickly.

  4. My “B” town only has one square of road in it and it was neat to see the furballs all gathering there

  5. I figured others would see the StarTrek slant to these critters. I used to take in ferrets, kinda like a “rescue” service…worked along with this guy that wrote books about them…anyone that wants one, I suggest you start with a female, making sure she’s been fixed and possibly descented…cause they have a similar ability as skunks…ferrets, unlike rabbits will die if they (females) don’t breed regularly…having said all that, I never had a guinea pig… 🙂

    • I had a male ferret. They are a bit smelly. Lil sneaky things too. Lol.

      I’ll stick with bunnies.

      • The males are a bit bitey(?) and three times as smelly…my uncle raised rabbits…to train his dogs to hunt…I have rabbits living wild in my yard…maybe a relative of yours? 🙂

        Nice pics, by the way…I’ll get you one…

  6. soooo funny! Much needed laugh at the end of the day, thank you!
    The exodus on the beach made me think of lemmings – hope none of the little critters drowned… 😉

  7. Jeroen Vantroyen

    I play on two devices, depending on where I am (iPad at home, iPhone when away). I finished the guinea pigs part 1, but a day later the same quest started again on the other device. Small difference, no Guinea pigs, so I cannot collect them 🙁
    Any ideas?

  8. Christian Goddard

    I dont Know if you know this or not but the Android app store has an update for the game dont know about ios thought you guys should know btw i check for app updates everyday

    • Was actually looking into it too. 😉 I am combing through all the details now to see if there is a noticeable change. I don’t notice anything as of yet, but hoping it is a glitch fix. Thanks for the info.

  9. Love it bunny, you are so creative! I got so excited about the update that I quickly tapped all the critters and now I am sad for realizing how much fun I have missed out on :(. I especially like the pic of Willie under attack. Thanks for the laugh.

    • That one I didn’t even plan…Willie was on the task…the piggies swarmed…THEN…the rest of the animals did. Like all at once. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t get a good shot. Kept kitting the back button. Lol. 😉

  10. lol Bunny you have lost it, but I love it. If the 40 donut furball came in pairs and made more furballs, I’d totally buy it.
    It would be “the trouble with tribbles” TSTO style.. yes!

    • BWAHAHAHAH my thoughts exactly. I was attemptin to snag a pic of CBG in his trek uniform “pew pew pewing” them. But I couldn’t get him to that area. I tried forever. Finally…gave up.

      I may still try…I will add it if I am successful. What is really funny…NO ONE but me can see them. I have tried to enter my A game from my B game. They don’t show up. So…as Alissa says…they are all just in my head. Lol 😉

    • FINALLY!!! Here you go…trouble with tribb…errr…piggies! 😉


    • oh yes! if it was 40 donuts for 40 guineas i wouldn’t have even hesitated! 😀 40 for 1 is just not a good deal. 😉

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