Silly Simpsons: More LEGOs and a topical extra

It must be said that the amazingly talented Platypus Guitar posted about this before me but I still wanted to share some Silly Simpsons goodness with my favorite Addicts.  That’ll teach me to leave posts in drafts lol.

The LEGOs seem to be a current theme in my life for some odd reason.  Saw the movie, then found a bunch of new cool stuff/images.  The awesome LEGO peeps picked my favorite cartoon and I’m even singing the theme song from the movie at karaoke.  Summation… Everything is Awesome!  Seriously, no complaints on my end because I love the building bricks.  They’ve been a part of my life since I gained dexterity in my hands.  Now if I could only afford all the ones I want lol.  Anyone else feel like they were a lot less expensive way back when?


My wish list totally includes the Simpsons house and the Millenium Falcon. Some day, I’ll have to drag my huge tub of bricks inside from storage and have some fun with the youngins.

Anywho… I found this on MyTube and had to share.  It’s The Simpsons intro and couch gag  in LEGO form.  Also includes some of the peeps from the movie. NOTE: This is completely separate from the Simpsons LEGO episode with premieres 4 May.

This was done by Monsieur Caron and is so cool.  It’s funny because I keep trying to imagine the upcoming Simpsons LEGO episode and this has me even more excited.

It must be said though, that the Best. Show. Ever. has dabbled in LEGOs before. You might remember this couch gag from Season 19, Episode 3: “Midnight Towboy”.

Simpsons LEGO Couch Gag

In other LEGO news, the minifigures that will be released in May have also been announced.  Thankfully, these will be much less expensive than the house (a whopping 199.99 US).  I’ve seen that they will be priced at 3.99 US each but will most likely come in collections too.  The figures are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson of course.  The others are Apu, Chief Wiggum, Ned Flanders, Itchy, Scratchy, Milhouse, Mr. Burns, Grampa, Nelson Muntz, Krusty and Ralph Wiggum.  I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited.

The other little video I wanted to share was done by watchmojo.  I really dig their stuff on MyTube and with all the recent hubbub about TSTO and the new Family Guy game coming out, figured this was topical.

I agree with the final result but would have scored it all on Homer’s side.  Still… a win’s and win.

Well, that’s it for this edition of Silly Simpsons.  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts about all this.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

Bunny here hijacking the Fuzzball’s post because I am REALLLLLLY excited for the LEGO’s and the upcoming mini releases. Sooooooo many LEGO’s, so little time. I have been playing with this amazing set for a while now. Can’t get enough. The people at LEGO are quite amazing to me. 

Now…to mess with your heads, cuz it is what I do. 😉 

Keep an eye on the Addicts site as we have some really special treats for our readers that will be including the Simpson LEGO’s coming in the not so distant future. You know what that means? 😉

Oh and here are some images to tie you over in the meantime. 

71006_1to1_Homer 71006_1to1_Marge 71006_1to1_Lisa 71006_1to1_Bart 71006_1to1_Maggie71006_1to1_Flanders

71006_Piano 71006_Top_FirstFloor


71006_Front_House 71006_HouseOpen

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48 responses to “Silly Simpsons: More LEGOs and a topical extra

  1. Collectible minifigures pictures just came out!!! Will be sold in May, price should be 3.99 USD. Here are the pictures:

    • Some of the pics I posted are from the mini figs…just minus their “toys and extras”. Lol. We can’t wait. Got some fun stuff coming for our readers with them. 🙂

      • Well, the ones you showed were from the house. Now they will repeat the Simpsons from the house again in the blind bags (i.e. CMF – collectors mini figures) – this time for everyone and not only for those buying the pricey house. So there will be chance to find all 6 characters from the house (with different equipment, Ned Flanders in different clothes), plus 10 completely new ones.

        The fun stuff I would say will be the whole Simpsons episode made of Lego, which should air at the beginning of May.

        • Yah, I have been in talks with LEGO on all of it since the announcement of the joint collaboration. I only released the “house” images for now as I was saving the others for a post with what I have planned for our readers. So I used those ones as just a teaser. I am ALL over this release. Can’t wait. 😛

  2. We were at the Lego store in Concord, NC (Charlotte) last Saturday when I caught sight of The Simpsons’ house. All I can say is IMPRESSIVE!!

    And apparently they retire sets from time to time. They no longer have any of the Sponge Bob sets, and only one is still available online. Even Walmart no longer has any of the Sponge Bob sets! I’m glad we got our oldest son all of then while they still had them!

  3. Thanks for the shout out my furry friend!

  4. Monsieur Caron is so cool.c and paste grrr:)

  5. Legos are by far my son’s favorite thing. I had them when I was a kid (wish I held on to them). But this little boy has more sets than I can count, and he puts them together so fast and makes it look easy too. He wants to work for Lego and design new sets. On his Facebook, he has stated that it is his current place of business. I wonder if it’s a sign of things to come.
    Together we have shared hours and hours of fun and creativity with them. For a little while now he’s been making stop motion videos with his new camera. For only being 11, his talent is to me, nothing short of amazing.
    Before Legos it was Hot Wheels. Hundreds of them, that we would race across the floor and build tracks out of almost anything.
    When I was little I used to like to bring mine outside and make tracks for them in the dirt. He still has and plays with the cars, but all focus is on his Legos and school.
    This post made me think of when I was his age and how my son and I are like mirrored images. It’s awesome, and he means more to than anything on the planet.
    I do believe you are right about the pricing being much cheaper back in the day. They can be pretty expensive these days.

  6. For years I have been collecting Star Wars models, mainly UCS (yes, I had all of them), modulars, etc. Finished that hobby, sold all (money I received have paid for half of my new car). But could not resist Simpsons house – so now I have only few great Lego sets – Simpsons House, UCS Imperial Shuttle and Tower of Orthanc (plus minifigs that I collect lately). Here is picture of my minifig collection:

  7. I’m getting a bit fed up of this plastic brick fixation, we need to Lego of it….:-D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. I have the simpsons set and I really want to build it. I cant make myself open the package because it might be worth more later. Its already $300 plus on ebay.

  9. I have the Lego simpsons set… But there’s a friggin Death Star?!!!?!???!???!?111!!??????one?!!!!!??!11111.

  10. I checked out some Legos at Christmas. They only go up in value. A ship that once cost under $100 is now around $600… Who knew

    • I got the Millennium Falcon for $150 a few years ago and a Tie Fighter last year for $60…now I want the above and Bikini Bottom.

    • Legos are the first thing to go at Christmas and are often a HUGE Black Friday item. So they go quickly & don’t really go on sale after that. But thanks to early bird, online shopping, price-match, limited edition store specific sets…. You can score big if you work for it. (As a stay-at-home-mom I need to stretch my dollars!!).

      As for old items….. Garage sales, church/community/school sales, ect. Pennies on the dollar because they just want them gone. 😉

  11. I WANT that!!!

  12. I have both the Millennium Falcon and The Simpson’s house. I also have the Death Star (and quite a few others, I “may” have a Star Wars Lego addiction). Is totally worth it though

    • The Death Star too?!?!…what about all the Lego video games? My son has all of them.

      • The video games are how I get my Star Wars Lego fix.

      • Hmmmmm, I never thought about the video games. My daughter may enjoy them as well. Any suggestions as to which to start with?

      • I enjoy all of them but of course the newer ones are better…many to chose from… my son started out with the StarWars and IndianaJones ones and it just snowballed into getting them all!!! I’d say ask your daughter first… 🙂

    • So lucky. I go to the Lego store and drool over all the amazing sets. Never saw the Death Star one. Pics?

      • I’m not exactly sure how to post my own pics, so here is a link that should give you an idea:
        I have a Tattoine shelf that is just waiting for the Sandcrawler that is coming out in May and for the (rumoured) Mos Eisley cantina this summer (fingers crossed). And I’m very excited for the Ghostbusters set coming in June (maybe we should start a Lego Addicts site 😀 )

  13. Brilliant. I love lego!!! My other passion is the Lego Games. My son recently bought me Lego Marvel so I am slowly making my way through the missions and trying to find the characters. BTW, The Hulk is my favourite as he does the “puny god” move from the movie lol

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