Weekend Update: March 16th- 22nd

So another week has come and gone. What are YOU up to? Making any delicious treats or meals for this weekend? (It probably is a bad idea to write up a post when I am hungry.) Well for all of you that coasted through the week, we are here to give you the heads up on all that happened.

Weekend Update Addicts

You ready for this? NO??!! Too bad, cuz here we go…

First off, after last weeks update, I wanted to see a lil more green than we were already seeing with the Springfield Showoff Lucky Charmz. Some pretty amazing design ideas in there.

SUNDAY: Alissa started off the week with our next newest feature the Mad Men of Springfield: Tom O’Flanagan.  Then she informed everyone of the fun things we have in progress with the Launch of Family Guy Addicts. Then she rounded out the night poking into YOUR minds with the Sunday Night Open Thread.

MONDAY: Bunny hopped on in to give you the breakdown of the new Simpsons Episode Recap: Winter of His Content. Then just to mess with your minds, she came back with How to Make Bunny Water- Green.

Alissa reminded everyone to go grab their 5 FREE DONUTS in the Happy St. Patrick’s Day From EA! Did you get YOURS? Then she tried to make us laugh and giggle while for this weeks Caption This. Finally she notified those Apple users that there was an update to get you back into your games in the iOS App Store Update iOS 7 and TSTO Fix.

Wookiee let us peek into his furry head in a very green Diary of A Wookiee: St. Patrick’s Day.

TUESDAY: Alissa updated us on that dreaded star rating system with St. Patrick’s Day and the Conform-O-Meter.

Wookiee gave us some insight in Where did THAT Come From O’Flanagan’s Pub. Then gave us all some extra giggles and a sweet treat in Everyone’s A Winner on Pie Day!

WEDNESDAY: Alissa wanted to show us just how often those EA sneaks drop stuff into our games in Tapped Out Up-Dates. She then came back to give you some information on one of the new tie-in items with Should I Spend Donuts on the Strupo Statue.

WOOHOO!!! UPDATE!!! NEW STUFF!!! Alissa made sure we were all informed on what just hit with the Episode Tie-In: “War of Art”.

Bunny then bounced on in to give us the Springfield Showoff: Krustyland Reminder. She then brought us a great story from on of our readers in this edition of From the Mouths of Addicts: In the News.

THURSDAY: Alissa brought us some great information on that cute lil fuzzball in Should I Spend Donuts on Pokey? She then wanted to make sure all that wanted to enter the contest were getting their last minute submissions in with the Monthly Shout Out Reminder.

Bunny let those who were stuck on the new tie-in quest line know how to report the issue and some possible fixes in the Guinea Glitch. Then she made you giggle while she lost her mind in her silly post Furry Frenzy. Lastly she informed you that there was some updates to the markets that may have resolved issues with App Store Updates. Make sure you update YOUR device.

The Addicts want to keep you safe and protected while you are online so they gave you some great basics on internet use in Personal Information Warning

FRIDAY: WOOKIEE DAY!! First he brought you a great read with Accidental Where Did THAT Come From?!  Rex Banner. Then more giggles with this weeks TSTO Anonymous: Can You Spare a Spot of Time? Of course, there are some cool LEGOS out there right now and he has been sitting on this post for long enough so he put out Silly Simpsons: More LEGOS! (Bunny hijacked it to give you all a lil hint of some upcoming goodies for our readers.)

SATURDAY: Stay tuned for this weeks Springfield Showoff. Will YOURS be featured?

So there you have it. The week all smashed into one neat and tidy lil post. Nice and convenient for you.

But wait…don’t YOU want to win something from us? YOU DO??!!! Well then don’t forget we DO have another contest ongoing.   Our Cross-Blog…..in conjunction with TSTOTopix and TSTOgame…. Monthly Shoutout!  Are YOU going to be the Tapper of the Month??!!  Stay tuned for the announcement of the finalists next week. No worries, you can start entering NOW for the Month of May!

Til next time…



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13 responses to “Weekend Update: March 16th- 22nd

  1. Just saw this on Flipboard. Some Russian art students redid a bunch of famous paintings in the style of the Simpsons!


  2. Great week!!! If I counted right, I got 17 donuts this week including the five from EA and “leveling up” …again…


  3. I’ve just got 2 donuts from two consecutive neighboors. Way to encourage the visiting 😛 😀

  4. Been a great week 3 events going on at once.

  5. Well, I don’t know about your people, but most of my guys are in the slammer. And, BTW, I’m STILL unable do open the hospital. I’m on XP level 38.

    • XP and game play level are never the same. I’m at at 38 XP and game play probably 34 or 35 in my A game.

      The hospital took FOREVER for me to get the notification on. I skipped around a lot on that one. Don’t know why.

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