Oh Those Servers Are Down Again….Open Thread

serverdowngraphic-800x450“They’re up
They’re down,
They’re down and up and down
down, down, down
up, up, up,
The EA Distraction Show!”
(Thanks CGuy for the awesome modification to my server’s down jingle!)

Update 9:36AM EST:  Of course I put up our servers are down thread and the servers come back up for my game.  Check your games let us know if you’re back up too!

Update 10:00AM EST:  And now they’re down again…for me anyway.  Readers are reporting theirs are down again too.  Definitely hit and miss right now.  Certainly gives credit to the fact that they’re up and they’re down right now.

Update 4:30pm EST: It appears that the servers have now been up for a while and stable (well as stable as they can be) for anyone having issues with the game.  No, no update today…but who knows what tomorrow will bring.  For now have fun tap tap tapping! 🙂

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Are you seeing this message when you try to login to TSTO:
2014-01-29 21.25.47
Or this one?

Yea?  Me too.  But...DO NOT PANIC!  While it sucks, yes, this is something that we’re seeing many many MANY Tappers experiencing right now.

So be patient…relax…and keep trying.  Eventually they’ll come back up and we can all get to Tap Tap Tappin again!

In the mean time…do you need some ideas of what to do?  Check out this post for the do’s and don’t’s of the Servers being down. You can also add your Caption to our latest Caption This! OR talk amogst yourselves as we make this post a special Wednesday Open Thread!  Is this perhaps preparation for something big from EA in our games?  What do YOU think is coming?  It is Wednesday afterall…EA’s Favorite Update Day!  And it’s always fun to speculate!  So chat it up with each other about anything and everything TSTO related or not as we ALL wait for the servers to come back up 🙂

Can’t wait to chat with my favorite Addicts!

104 responses to “Oh Those Servers Are Down Again….Open Thread

  1. Am I the only one who can’t log into origin? I hope it’s fixed by morning, I’m in the middle of a Santa task!!! 😳. My husband thinks I’m crazy for being so obsessed with this game. I CAN’T HELP IT!

  2. hi guys how do you add friends on simsons tapped out

  3. Haven’t been able to get back into the game since the evening of the 25, except long enough to just accept the daily prize, then back to the screen of Bart. Just made level 35 right before that happened 🙁 anybody have any ideas. Have tried uninstalling, then reinstalled, tried force closing, restarting my device, even tried clearing the cache. Thanks. And have contacted ea and they said try those things

    • Sorry about that. It sounds like you have done all the steps needed to troubleshoot it. What kind of device are you playing on?

      • On android phone. Lol driving me batty, been playing this for a while and am totally addicted lol

        • Usually if you completely uninstall and resinstall it that’s the best method, however sometimes it’s a more serious issue. At this point your best bet is to contact EA again. Let them know you tried ALL of the basic Troubleshoot methods and none have worked. They may need to go into your game and roll it back to just before the issue happened. The good news is whenever things like this happen, despite being out of the game for a bit of time, EA usually rewards you with Donuts for the problems.
          Let us know what happens! 🙂

  4. Loving “The Bates Motel”…!!!…tap tap tap, is this thing on??? Do I get like, points taken away for posting in yesterday’s thread? Wanted to mention the show lastnight but I kinda got sidetracked thinking about doing some yard work…

    • lol negative 500 points freak!
      How are you gonna do Yardwork in all that snow?! 😉

      • HEY ALISSA!!!…I saw something about you yesterday being sick…sooo sorry…like it or not, saying a prayer for you…there…I asked for some smiles to come your way!!!

      • …it worked didn’t it!!! …God can be really cool sometimes…we’re kinda like buddies(grew up together) 🙂

        • lol are you implying that you’re really old? Or that God is really young?
          Feeling better now. I tend to burn the candle at both ends (and usually ignore early sick warning signs…green nyquil on St. Pats and kept on going!) so when I really get sick it knocks me on my butt. Had just about all the itis’s you can think of…sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, conjunctivitis…all hopped up on antibiotics now (including some that make me all loopy) but feeling MUCH better. So thank you 🙂

        • She’s a really cool chick. Kinda reminds me of Alanis. 😛

      • I was sorta being serious about growing up with God…she has been a great friend and has kept me alive today just so I can tell everyone, at least this one time, that She/He/They do care, that ALL OF YOU TRULY MATTER…and you’re gonna love what’s on the other side…
        Kinda teared up there…what’d I just say?

      • I’m glad you are better Alissa, and Bunny, I LOVE “Dogma” !!! 🙂

  5. Still can’t get into my game, over 24hrs now and starting to get worried. And a bit annoyed.

    • Have you tried the usual troubleshoot methods of hard closing, opening back up, restarting device and then uninstalling? Sometimes that happens to me and the system just needs a reboot and I can get back in. 🙂

      • Have tried most of those apart from the uninstall one. Is it safe?

        • As long as you have an origin id it’s perfectly safe. That’s the beauty of Origin…as annoying as it is when it’s down, it does backup your game to their servers and NOT your device. So you can uninstall, reinstall, switch devices as many times as you want it’ll all still be there.
          I actually just did this with the last update because it kept telling me my device was full (it’s not it’s on my 32GB SD card). The uninstall cleans everything off your device and the reinstall puts a fresh clean copy on it. The only word of caution I would issue to you is be prepared for all of the updates to download once you install the clean copy. It’ll look like in game updates, but it’s just downloading the St. Patrick’s Day content and 2 episode tie-in contents to your device. 🙂 (nothing new, just adding the files to your game)

      • Done that, uninstalled and reinstalled snd it’s fixed.
        Thanks guys.
        Only one problem, I’d just brought a Golden scratcher when the game crashed, I’ve got a receipt for it but it hasn’t arrived, probably because of the crash, how do I get it back?

        • Well I’m glad it’s fixed!!
          To resolve the golden scratch-R issue you can do 1 of 2 things. Contact the App Store (either Google Play, iOS or Amazon)..usually via email..send them the receipt with the contact and let them know you never received the item. Generally they’ll refund the money for you.
          Option 2 is Contact EA let them know what happened. Explain your game crashed when you purchased the Scratch-R, show them the receipt, tell them you never got it. They’ll generally issue another one or refund the money.
          Contacting EA might take a little longer for a response…BUT there’s a possibility EA could reward you with some free donuts to make up for the trouble. 🙂

  6. Just got an update, not sure what it is though.

  7. I still can’t get into my game, it’s now 2200 GMT 26 Mar and it’s been off since around 1100 GMT.
    it went down just as the page was reloading after buying a Golden scratcher, hope I don’t lose it.

  8. This is just EA getting ready for a bigggggggtgggtttt5 update,

    Monorail please let it be a monorail

    • Lol…you too? I SOOOOOOOOOOO want that frakkin monorail!!!

      • I would even accept a broken one with no animation……..but I really want one to travel round my town with a station and everything something that will make my tablet melt….lol

  9. let it be known that today, the 26th of March, I FINALLY got Stampy! woo hoo!

  10. Hi All! Just got my phone replaced yesterday and between changing it out and servers down, its been a fun day and half but persistance paid off! Back to Tappin! I believe when servers go up and down as they do, it is an indication of a new update. As to when, i dont know! Im thinking either later today or in the morning!

    • I was hoping today, but it is too late in the day now. So…crossing fingers tomorrow by 2pm EST. 🙂

      • 2pm? I hope its sooner. I’ll be up at 3 am wishing for some good news! 🙂 Keep those furry paws crossed and i’ll be….well…. doing something, prolly wear my lucky shirt. Come on EA! We have been tortured long enough!!

  11. Woohoo…I wasn’t locked out for long but while I was I played a cool (to me) game called BattleNations…lovin Lt. Morgan…Zoey reminds me of someone here… 🙂

    • Who would that be? 😛

      • 😉 😉 😉 …the dialogue is funny, you get to blow stuff up and you have an adorable mechanic that fixes all your gear and vehicles…I recommend everyone give it a try, if only for a laugh…I imagine Lt. Morgan’s voice to be that of Patrick Warburton(?).

  12. Christian Goddard

    Does any one why the rivers are still green? Would like to know thanks in advanced

    • The items were set to auto roll off with their update releases…the water on the other hand requires a complete coding change. So for now, it will stay toxic ooze green until we get the next update and coding file changes to our games. So…hopefully soon. 🙂

  13. What a dissapointment ur right it was nothing new. I don’t know how an old update snuck in when im on top of the downloads. Well sorry I thought we had an update ;(

    • No worries at all. We appreciate that our readers notify us of all they see too. 🙂

      I have been watching the files closely as I want some new stuff too. Lol.

      Those in market updates are sneaky as you have to “force” them into your game where as with some other apps it is an auto download, so you may miss them from time to time.

  14. I havent had any problems logging in today (knock on wood).

    On a different note, has any one ever figured out any kind of pattern at springfield downs to win more often. Ive noticed sometimes I’ll win more playing the middle odds then have a dry spell no matter which odds I play. Just wondering if anyone has a system when they are at the track.

    • The odds changed last year when the prices changed. I have a post on the back burner that I just never got around to that has the odds. Will get it up…eventually. Lol.

      • Oh ok, this is something that I’ve been trying to figure out for a while. I would be really interested in reading it.

        • I have watching the files so much lately, I tend to forget stuff from before I joined Addicts. I am slowly trying to catch up all the posts of things from 2012 forward that we don’t have due to the Addicts site wasn’t around at the time. All of us have a list of items we want to work on, but get tossed to back burner when new content hits (as it should. Lol.) 🙂

    • Mr. Homer, I have won the 200k dograce 11 times since Thanksgiving…the last one yesterday…considering reposting my “secret” next Tuesday…

      • Lucky sod, I’ve been playing the 200k twice a day since the price dropped and only won about 5 times, haven’t had a damn penny from it since xmas either.

      • Let me push a few buttons here…there, that might get you a win next time!!! 🙂
        I’ve never been called a lucky sod…or even a regular sod…I’m guessing that could be a bad thing?!? Sorry your luck hasn’t equaled mine…maybe I fixed it for your next race… 🙂

      • eeeeeeeeew…there are at lest five different comebacks in my head for your comment…and you can’t post any of them…nope…two more…can’t post them either…
        …bet the sod had a cigarette after…no no no…I’ll think of a good postable one and get back to you…

      • …so THAT’s a lucky sod…!!! 🙂

      • …you baited me… lol…evil bunny… 🙂

      • My, I opened a can of worms didn’t? lol. Aside from a name for turf etc, sod is brit slang, don’t know if there’s an american version, but it is basically a milder term for b*st*rd, and can also be interchanged with p*ss and f**k in most cases. I meant it in a jovial ribbing kinda way. Can also be used to replace Murphy in the adage Murphy’s law.

        Oh, and your button fiddlin’ hasn’t started working yet, lost AGAIN this morning. 😕

      • I rather liked being a lucky sod, thank you very much…got to see the master baiter spin her web of words to and fro…lol…oh yeah, so no dice on the race, huh…hhmmm…oh I see…I had the “fingers crossed” key selected by accident…you know the key, over on the left…allows you to enter false statements and other untruths onto the enterweb…I NEVER use it…now try…good luck!


  15. I don’t know about anyone else but I got an update. Now I haven’t been in yet to see what was new I’m going now 😉

    • You might be seeing an old update that you never got….or just yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded room 😉
      No updates have hit the devices or servers yet.

  16. Woo hoo! Just got back into my game for the first time since I put my Springfield to bed last night. I gave everyone 1 hour tasks in hopes of an update. 😉

  17. Good luck!

  18. Add me sassycandy19

  19. Im anxiously awaiting my 1st whacking day event ….. I have 213 donuts …. But don’t wanna spend em just yet. As for my luck I’d buy a “premium” item and that would be a whacking day “freebie”

  20. its 11:50 EST and I have access to my game. I hope the server problem is because an update is coming. I really hope its a new level, I need 606k XP to get a bonus donut these days :/

    • Hoping it’s a level too. I’m still down. I’ve gotten on a couple of times but then it kicks me out again. 🙁

    • I’m able to get in. 9:30 PST and yes we need another level. 728k XP to get doughnuts for me. I wonder if they’re spacing out the leveling up because they’re saving level 40 for somthing special?

      • I am making an educated guess that there will be a major event related to the season finale on may 4th. Im writing a new post about the lego set at this very moment (to be posted on my blog, not this one)

  21. Still can’t access my town and just checked Origin server status (all arrows are green). Do you think they are doing an update?

    • It’s quite possible, but still speculation at this point. I can tell you that..based on the past…if it’s a level update or an app store update it’ll hit in the afternoon. So fingers crossed it’s something good 🙂

  22. Keep trying to get back on but so far it’s not letting me 😞. It crashed at about 10:30am UK time for me, whilst I was visiting my neighbours. A good way to fill the remaining half hour of break at work. Or so I thought…

  23. Can anyone tell me (if there is one) what the max number of decorations, bldgs, etc you can have in a town?
    I am overhauling my town and I’m going BIG, but I will be really peeved if I get 3/4 of the way done and hit a limit on items.
    I’m not doing 2d stuff but I will have a TON of trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers

    • You start getting warnings at 4500 total count. Once you hit that point, you need to be cautious as your game will start to lag a lil bit. If you keep going after that, you risk getting to a point that neither you or your neighbors can access your town. (That usually happens round 5-6000 but could happen sooner.) This has happened to me and Wookiee before.

      The thing that gets you is if you use a lot of the smallest items. My suggestion is to use larger hedges and bushes. They cover more ground and count less towards your total. So you can fill up an area more with like 10 items vs like 50. Keeps those counts to a minimum.

      Hope that helps.

  24. is everyone’s water still green? I’m ready for that to go away.

    • It is. The water is coded differently and requires a game update to change it out. I am hoping it comes with some new items today or tomorrow. 🙂

  25. I’m not sure I understand what they meant by bringing back the heart grinder in the article today. We don’t have hearts to sell back right now. Or did they still keep track of the ones we had left at Valentines Day?

    • No idea what you are talking about, unless you are seeing really old information. The Valentines Event and all the items are long gone now. Sorry.

      • I see this too.

        (especially with talk of the heart grinder returning again),

        • Yea…that’s on me. Sorry guys. Copied the old post for the graphics and forgot to pull that section out. No more nyquil and posting. 🙂

      • It’s right there in the post: “While it sucks, yes (especially with talk of the heart grinder returning again), this is something that we’re seeing many many MANY Tappers experiencing right now.”

        I’d wager it’s a little bit of copypasta.

        • lol that’s on me. Copied the old post to get the graphics up there and forgot to pull that section out. That’s what happens when you’re home sick and hopped up on nyquil. All fixed now 🙂

        • Lol…and you thought the Bunny was bad on the water. Just look at what happens to poor Alissa when she is sick and on meds. 😛

      • hehehe , I saw that too, you are NOT crazy, Jason ;-p. I have a feeling that some of the post text may have been “borrowed” from a previous post- and has since been edited away. I was wondering the exact same thing. On the plus side you all now know that we really read every word and wait for more words!
        Thank you for doing what you all do- we appreciate you so much.

    • lol that’s on me. Copied the old post to get the graphics up there and forgot to pull that section out. That’s what happens when you’re home sick and hopped up on cold meds. All fixed now 🙂

  26. I do not recall an Easter event last year; is there any possibility of such an event this year?

  27. Alluring Alissa – we need a new jingle – although this one will be tough to beat.

  28. capcitygoofball

    Woohoo! I can get back in! Noticed Pokey is still available in the Premium menu, guess not enough people bought him.

    • Hm that’s interesting since the Strupo Statue is gone. I purchased Pokey so he won’t show up in my build menu but you could be right. It could be something the made permanent to entice more people to purchase him.

      • capcitygoofball

        He still has the limited tag below him, so not sure. Strupo is gone though. Couldn’t bring myself to advertise fermented capers in my town, too gross! It would be like having a pyramid of Beast Light cans on display from my college days! 😉

    • capcitygoofball

      Barted again! Definitely hit or miss, as I can sometimes get in.

  29. Good morning everyone (trying to start the day out on a positive note). Getting ready for my 1st day back to work, wish me luck & have a great day 🙂

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