Weekend Update: March 23rd-29th

Oh my goodness. What a week I have had. I ate some ice cream. Had some chocolate. Ate a really good omelette. Had some coffee. Huh? Boring??! Psssh. Fine fine fine…ON WITH THE SHOW!! Take it away Kent.

Weekend Update Addicts

Saturday AFTER the Weekend Update,  Showoff: Forgotten Krustyland was dropped by Bunny and we got to see all the pics you all sent to us of that poor lil Theme Park.

SUNDAY:  Alissa jumped on in and gave us more insight into Skinner’s Mommy in Real Housewives of Springfield: Agnes. Then she came back with another great Sunday Night Open Thread.

MONDAY: Alissa gave us all some good giggles with this weeks Caption This! Funny pics sent to us by YOU! She then reminded us to get the goodies while they lasted in Last Chance Pigs and Leprechauns.

Bunny broke down the newest Simpsons in Episode Recap: War of Art.

Then Wookiee hollered on by with some Krustyland and Potential Awesomeness. Oh hey…looks like EA is peaking at our posts again. Coincidental that we talk about something and POW it’s in the game? 🙂

TUESDAY: The Addicts Team has wanted a way to thank their neighbors since the game started. So did YOU, so we made a way you can Thank Your Friends and Neighbors!

Wookiee brought us another off the brain post with Simpson Random News.

WEDNESDAY: Wookiee brought us some more randomness, but also cool information with Diary of a Wookiee: Guinea Pig Ramble.

Alissa let us all know that once again, EA was up to something sneaky…the sign…Servers Are Down: Open Thread. Then she brought you the Top 5 Finalists in our Monthly Cross Blog Competion with the Shout Out April Tapper of the Month Finalists. You can enter every month until you win.

THURSDAY: We love to showoff YOU, so Alissa brought us another cool addition of the Mouths of Addicts: Inside the Mailbag. Some really neat stuff in there.

You asked for it, Bunny supplied it. I give you the Springfield Downs Odds. Then she came back to remind you to get those pics in with the Showoff Reminder: Watcher in the Woods.

You just love to fill up your friends list. Well the comments were getting filled too, so time for Alissa to do some Spring Cleaning: Add Friends New List!

FRIDAY: We were asked by YOU to give the entire dialog breakdown, so Alissa provided you with St. Patrick’s Day Full Dialogue Walkthrough (Reader request)


Alissa jumped right on in with all the basic info in the Level 39 Rundown. Then she came back with the short short version of the main quest with Turbo Tappin’ Level 39.

With a New Level comes lots of new and different things, so Bunny let you know the Changes to TSTO Via Level 39. Funny thing is just a few hours later, EA was all over fixing some changes that Bunny outlined in 2nd In Game Update: HotFix.

SATURDAY: I wonder what other odd things will  be in store for today. Stay tuned for this weeks Springfield Showoff. Will YOURS be featured?

So there you have it. The week all smashed into one neat and tidy lil post. Nice and convenient for you. Hope you all are happy you got your Update and New Level. Well, are YOU??!! I need to go now and try to get this big creepy looking guy to stop poking me through my cage. It’s starting to freak me out. I wonder if I bite his finger if he will scream. 🙂

Bunny in a Cage 3

Til next time…





25 responses to “Weekend Update: March 23rd-29th

  1. Any update on what the doughnut download bar is/does, or did i miss it lol

  2. I can’t wait for Sunday night open thread to share this. I was thinking about the lighthouse and possibilities that might come down the road later when I came across this online.


    This looks amazing to me. If a fan can do this, then you know EA can make this happen. So all I can say is… EA hear our crys and give us nighttime…. Please, please, pretty please.

  3. Tapper for life

    *sigh* I forgot to turn on the confirm donut spend button and I accidentally purchased the blue haired lawyer. Oh well he’s a pretty cool character 🙂

  4. Just lookin for that tickle spot that makes your leg go up and down really fast…lol

    • Hey now this is a family site 😉

    • I was wondering about something, you said the donut spend always changes when there’s an update. I play on an iPad 4 & my daughter plays on Android on my Note 2 & since I changed the donut spend to confirm it has never shut off! I have never accidentally spent donuts since I turned it on! Is there anyone else who’s stuff has stayed?

      • I was happy for the heads up on that, a while back when I was having prob’s, I uninstalled then reinstalled, and needless to say I spent donuts on something I didn’t want to (can’t remember what, but it was almost 100). This update didn’t change it though.

      • I don’t have to reset mine after an update either.

      • Yeah, mine was still on too, I checked it specifically due to the reports about the reset, but it was fine. No unwanted premium objects for me.

  5. Oooowwww!!!!

  6. Any chance of an Easter event or is it too soon for another event? Maybe Easter could bring a bunny into the game?

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