Mad Men of Springfield: Hugs Bunny

Welcome to another new addition to Addicts, the Mad Men of Springfield. We will be going into depth on the history and background of the male species running around our lil towns as well as those not yet in the game.

Just think about it. What Man living in Springfield is “normal”? Not a single one that I can think of. They all have at least ONE thing wrong with them. Seriously! Think about it. How many issues does Moe have? A Reverend a “little” obsessed with trains? An owner of a Kwik-E-Mart that goes to counseling with the same person that robs him, on a daily basis? Not to mention the “inbreeding” and other strange happenings going on at the farm. Oh the idiosyncrasies.

So sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy as we kram your brains with some Simpson knowledge of the MAD MEN OF SPRINGFIELD.


In this weeks episode, I am going to talk about a new character brought into our games via the Easter Event. This poor guy just had ONE job to do, but he had an unfortunate run in with Homer instead. I do not think his life will ever be the same again.

I am talking about none other than Hugs Bunny. (I wonder if he is single. 😉 )

hugs 2


So how did he end up in our games? Where in the Simpsons TV world did he appear? Why is he so terribly angry with Homer? Well that’s look at the episode that we first met him.

Season 17, Episode 7: Last of the Red Hat Mamas.
The episode begins at the Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt, that will be opened by the cities own “wascally weferee”, Hugs Bunny. Who apparently is not legally allowed to hug anyone (makes you wonder what he did in his past to prevent that).

hugs 1


He opens the gates and blows his whistle. All the kids storm the lawn full of eggs. The kids begin grabbing eggs and putting them in their baskets. Nelson takes the wrong kind of eggs out of a nest and is attacked by the birds…

Hugs 2

…while Ralphie attempts to pick up the same egg again and again as it falls through the whole in the bottom over and over.

Hugs 3

Homer is watching from afar as Maggie’s attempts to get an egg are foiled. The other kids keep taking them before she can. Having just about enough, Homer gets upset and starts to take eggs from the other kids and put them in Maggie’s basket.

Hugs 4

Hugs sees this and instructs Homer to set Maggie down as he “wants to talk”…


He immediately pounces on Homer and the two start to brawl. Homer states, “Silly Wabbit, Kicks are for RIBS!” and lands a kick into Hugs ribs. The fight drags on and on and on as each one tries to hit and punch the other as much as they can.

Hugs 5

Meanwhile Marge is inside, discussing waynescotting with the other ladies. As they pass one of the windows, you can see Homer and Hugs STILL going at it as Homer is now chasing Hugs on a riding lawnmower. (Does Homer ever fight fair?)

Hugs 7

As the ladies continue the tour of the Mayor’s Mansion, Homer comes crashing through the window. He is still yelling at Hugs. Even has one of his ripped off ears in his hand. He gets up and still taunts Hugs for volunteering to help children. (Awwww man, NOT the ear!)

Hugs 8

A poor regular guy just trying to do his job was driven completely mad and into some crazy rage thanks to Homer Simpson. Now the question is, does he appear again in the Simpsons TV Series? Are there other characters that he seems to resemble? (The voice is from Hank Azaria, so you hear it in a lot of the other characters.) You tell me.


Hugs unlock screen

Now as for his entrance into the game, it was a matter of whether or not you were lucky enough to acquire him from the Gold Egg Prize Box during the Easter Event. (I was shocked to get him in the 2nd one I opened, but I giggled as now I had a cute guy Bunny in my town.) He did come with a funny walkthrough including some silly dialog.

Hugs dialog




And some great and hilarious tasks mimicking the episode he came from.


Hugs check on eggs hugs and homer fight 2 Huggs head 1

Hugs Tasks

Task Length Earns Requires
Check On Easter Eggs 60min $70, 17xp Outside
Work a Birthday Party 4hrs $175, 45xp Blue House
Battle Homer 8hrs $275, 70xp Outside City Hall
Give a Presentation to Children 12hrs $420, 100xp Springfield Elementary
Fight For Fair Compensation 24hrs $600, 150xp Purple House


There you have it. Another crazy character brought into our silly lil game to battle it out with Homer. Isn’t he dreamy? Did you win Hugs? What do you think of his tasks? Do you have a favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

Huggs head

Til Next Time…

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  1. I didn’t get him…. never mind… sounds cool!! Enjoy him those who got him!

  2. I got ok him.

  3. I did get Hugs (yes, donuts were spent), and I love him! Battling Homer is pretty funny!

  4. I only just mentioned to my hubby that some of my friends weren’t online and he suggested that maybe they had got bored (oh the uninformed who doesn’t understand the addiction lol). No chance of removing you 🙂

    • Is anyone else having problems visiting specific neighbors? I have one neighbor who everytime I click his/her SF I get kicked out of the game. I have 100 friends and it only happens with one. Anyone know why?…….Bunny?

    • How cute Alpine, oh blissful the ignorance of a non-Addict 😉

  5. Sounds fun…..would’ve liked getting him…

  6. To all my friends (and DeadBurgerKing):
    I just moved into a new apartment and internet has not been set up yet. I’m checking my SF as often as I can through my phone without trying to use too much data. I get internet installed this week. Please, friends, be patient with me if I haven’t cleaned out my SF! I’m still playing and just got Fit Milhouse! Please don’t drop me unless u want to: I’m still here and playing! I’m not dead! (Thank you everyone who’s hanging in there with me…did not know how else to communicate this except through TSTO, which we all are addicted to as well as our games)
    Thank you all.

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