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A Very Figgy Birthday and a Super Happy Wookiee

Well hello hello.  Another year older and another year (something something).

So first off, I just have to thank all of the readers here for all the birthday wishes last Friday.  While we do get a good amount of comments on posts regularly, seeing 89 comments, and only one was from my Mom, was really special. They say for every person that comments, nine others thought about it and didn’t and that number just blows my noggin.  Over a thousand of you just took the time to click the post.  Wowza.

I had a great bday as those things go and spent the day in Disneyland so I have no complaints at all.  Got some stuff from family and friends and all in all, it was just the sort of relaxation needed before batting down the hatches for finals preparation.  Special thanks to my Mom for renting a poolside cabana on Saturday.

Anywho… there’s actually a point for this turn at word slinging.  My amazing friends/”sisters from another mister” on this blog not only surprised me with that birthday post but also sent me a prezzie and having received it yesterday, I had to share.

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5/20/14: Google Play Update

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Little update in the Google Play Store (sorry iOS nothing out for you just yet).  So go on and download it now.  It’s another attempt to fix the lag issue.

For me on my GS4, I’m noticing some drastic improvement.  Although still spotty at points.  Much better than it was last night.

Let us know how YOUR game looks.  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

PS Don’t forget to check out Bunny’s post if you’re still experiencing the lag issues.

The Lag Is KILLING Me!

Hey there Hoppereenos, just passing on through to update on something that is still in progress. That dreaded Lag Issue we are all still running into. I have been in talks with EA in regards to this since the issue hit hard after the Easter Update. Some devices have slowly resolved to a lil better, but most are just unbearable.


If you’re living in slow-mo glitch land like poor Homie, hang in there, they are WELL aware of the issue and have responded…in a way.

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LEGO Contest Winners: Monday

We put all the names from the entries on yesterday’s submissions into the Randomizer. Congrats to our top 5 LEGO Contest Winners for Monday. They guessed the phrase correctly. Excited to see if YOU won?

Monday 1 Monday 2

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Join the Scuzzle Fun at TSTO Game!

ico_mhud_fpprizesTo celebrate twenty-five seasons of The Simpsons, our friends over at TSTO game are hosting their very first contest. Everyone is free to participate, even if you are currently unable to log-in to the game. For a complete list of rules, please check their site for further information.

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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Cool Lisa’s Cool Intentions

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Our new Friendship Prize, Cool Lisa, is the first FP reward that comes with a full questline and set of tasks!  A sweet little bonus for a cool new skin for our towns!   You can check out the full overview of Cool Lisa here  and the where did THAT come from here, but now’s the time to talk questline!

What happens during the Cool Intentions quest?  Who do you need to keep free?  How long does it last?  All those questions and more will be answered below the fold…..so let’s get to walking…

unlock_lisa_coollisa                  cool lisa 5

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LEGO Contest Tuesday Submissions

Hello There LEGO Tappers!

Well over the last week here at Addicts we’ve had you searching the site for our LEGO words/phrase for your chance to win LEGO Minifigures!  Well now the hunt for the phrase that pays LEGOS is over it it’s time to submit your answers!

Remember the words for Today’s Entry can be found in last TUESDAY’s POSTS.  Only submit the words from last Tuesday….more than one entry per day will not be accepted.  So make your first entry count 🙂

Here are the LEGOS you can win today:

LEGO Tuesday

Homer, Nelson, Bart and blind packs….for a total of FIVE Winners from Today’s Thread!

So now let’s get to the entries…..(Entries for Tuesday MUST be submitted by 11:59PM EST on 5/20/14)

REMEMBER: Winners will be picked at random using Random.org. ONE Submission per person per day.  If multiple submissions sent only the first one will be accepted (they’re time stamped).

You can win up to a total of TWO times. Once your name is chosen the 2nd time, you will no longer be eligible. This is open to EVERYONE. Including past winners. So anyone can enter.

So how do the prizes work? The 5 Winners will each get ONE LEGO Minifigure. We will have a predetermined set of characters picked out. 3 opened and 2 blind bags. The first two Winners will  have the option to pick one open or one blind bag, the remaining will then get passed on to the next 2, and so on until all 5 characters are awarded. (Gotta make it a lil interesting.)

DO NOT Post the Words/Phrase in the comments below.  Any entries submitted via the comments will not be accepted, and will not be approved for moderation.  ALL entries MUST be submitted via the form above.

Winners for Tuesday will be announced Wednesday 5/21.

For Official LEGO Contest Rules click here. 

Good Luck and Happy LEGO Grabbing!