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Season Recap: Season 25

What’s up dear readers and Addicts!

Apologies for being away the past few weeks but had to knuckle down on school for the final few weeks.  I’m still in the middle of finals but thought I’d take a quick break and write some thoughts on the latest season of the Best. Show. Ever.  It’s amazing that this animated sitcom has ran for 552 episodes over 25 Seasons.  Haters can say what they want but that’s some serious longevity.  All season, we’ve had the chance to recap each episode for you.  The following are just some thoughts I had about each episode.  The long (mostly Bunny-written) episode recaps are linked in the titles.

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Weekend Update: May 25th – 31st

Woe oh wow… another week gone by here at Addicts and you know what that means… yet another Weekend Update.  Our chance to sum up all the interestingness that happened on the site for anyone who didn’t catch it all or just wants the reminder.  Wookiee here.  I don’t usually do these posts but as Bunny and Alissa are otherwise engaged, I get the chance to do this one.  Hold on to your butts, it’s 2 AM and I just got home from karaoke.

Weekend Update Addicts

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