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Springfield Showoff: Squidport!

As we sit here frakkin files, pulling pics, and typing a million words a minute to get our readers the latest updates and information…we find ourselves sometimes forgetting to stop and enjoy our own games. More so our neighboreenos. So we try to make it a point to hop in n out of the towns now and then to see what cool things YOU are up to. So we have decided we want to continue to focus more attention (as if we don’t already 😛 ) on YOU…our readers. Time to time we will be peaking into your towns, checking our Flickr, and also the posts in the comments below to see what cool ideas and designs YOU have come up with to make your towns unique and…well…YOU. So here is YOUR chance to show off all your hard work, time, donuts & in game cash spent. Send us your work, no matter how big or small. Brag about it to the world. We want you to. (That and Bunny loves to see other designs and get inspiration from it.) Then keep your eyes posted to Addicts to see if YOU end up on our “SPRINGFIELD SHOWOFF”.

Squidport 1


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Weekend Update: May 18th -24th

Note from Alissa:  So apparently this was scheduled to post and Word Press never published it.  Sorry about that everyone!  Enjoy your Weekend update…just a little late 😉

Hey Kids…do you know where YOUR parents are???!!!

Weekend Update Addicts

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5/24 Update: EA Apologizes for Lag Issues with FREE DONUTS!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Notice anything different when you log into your TSTO game today?

2014-05-24 16.45.12 Seems a little odd that an update is hitting our games on a Saturday huh?  Well this update is EA’s way of apologizing for the recent lag issues that plagued our games since Easter was removed.

And EA has a sweet way of saying their sorry…..FREE DONUTS!!!

2014-05-24 16.45.47

That’s right my friends pick up your favorite Tapping Device and logon to your Springfield to claim your 20 FREE Donuts!

2014-05-24 16.45.57

What do YOU think of EA’s apology?  Does it make up for the last week of game issues?  How’s your game playing since the fixes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

LEGO Contest Winners: Friday

We put all the names from the entries on yesterday’s submissions into the Randomizer. Congrats to our top 5 LEGO Contest Winners for Friday. They guessed the words correctly. Who do YOU think they were referring to?

LEGO Friday Bunny 5LEGO Friday Bunny 1 LEGO Friday Bunny 2 LEGO Friday Bunny 3 LEGO Friday Bunny 4

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LEGO Contest Saturday Submissions

Hello There LEGO Tappers!

Well over the last week here at Addicts we’ve had you searching the site for our LEGO words/phrase for your chance to win LEGO Minifigures!  Well now the hunt for the phrase that pays LEGOS is over it it’s time to submit your answers!

Remember the words for Today’s Entry can be found in last SATURDAY’s POSTS.  Only submit the words from last Saturday….more than one entry per day will not be accepted.  So make your first entry count 🙂

Here are the LEGOS you can win today:

LEGO Saturday

Homer, Mr. Burns, Flanders and blind packs….for a total of FIVE Winners from Today’s Thread!

So now let’s get to the entries…..(Entries for Saturday MUST be submitted by 11:59PM EST on 5/24/14)

REMEMBER: Winners will be picked at random using Random.org. ONE Submission per person per day.  If multiple submissions sent only the first one will be accepted (they’re time stamped).

You can win up to a total of TWO times. Once your name is chosen the 2nd time, you will no longer be eligible. This is open to EVERYONE. Including past winners. So anyone can enter.

So how do the prizes work? The 5 Winners will each get ONE LEGO Minifigure. We will have a predetermined set of characters picked out. 3 opened and 2 blind bags. The first two Winners will  have the option to pick one open or one blind bag, the remaining will then get passed on to the next 2, and so on until all 5 characters are awarded. (Gotta make it a lil interesting.)

DO NOT Post the Words/Phrase in the comments below.  Any entries submitted via the comments will not be accepted, and will not be approved for moderation.  ALL entries MUST be submitted via the form above.

Winners for Saturday will be announced Sunday 5/25.

For Official LEGO Contest Rules click here. 

Good Luck and Happy LEGO Grabbing!