LEGO Contest Winners: Saturday

We put all the names from the entries on yesterday’s submissions into the Randomizer. This is the last and FINAL Day of the Contest results. Congrats to our top 5 LEGO Contest Winners for Saturday. They guessed the phrase correctly (these of course were words about Alissa).

LEGO Saturday Alissa 1 LEGO Saturday Alissa 2

LEGO Saturday Alissa 3 LEGO Saturday Alissa 4


Here are the Winners:























And here are for the prizes for Saturday:

LEGO Saturday

All the Winners will be contacted to get their choice in the following order…Winner #1 will pick first a character or blind bag, the remaining 4 items will then pass on to Winner #2 to pick a character or blind bag, and so on as each item is taken until all the prizes are awarded.

Thanks so much to all those that participated in the LEGO Contest. For all the details on the contest, take a look at the main post here. Keep your eyes on the blog as you never know when another surprise one will pop up.


22 responses to “LEGO Contest Winners: Saturday

  1. I just got my mystery pack in the mail today, opened it with much anticipation, and got… MAGGIE! My fave!! I will put her and Bobo on my desk at work so that everyone knows how cool I am. Thanks again addicts. 😀

  2. Thank you, Thank you, mr. burns your all mine. ( more like my 9 year old sons.

  3. 🎉Congrats to ALL the winners, well done!🎉

  4. I don’t know how you figured out who’s in the packs because I’m at toys r us as we speak and I’ve been feeling up the packs and I have no idea!

    congrats to Saturday’s winners!

    • lol each one has distinct features. But Milhouse and Ralph are the two hardest.
      Beyond that it’s their accessories that help. For Bart it’s his wheels, they feel like 2 dumbbells. For Burns it’s the plutonium and the fishbowl. Nelson, baseball bat. Marge is super easy because of her hair. Grampa has the flat newspaper but also spikey hair on top, that makes him different from Milhouse and Ralph. Homer has the little donut and tiny remote. Lisa has her hair and her sax-a-ma-phone. Apu has the cup, no handle. Where Ned has the cup with the handle and the toolbox. Wiggum his hat helps because of it’s odd shape. Krusty’s hair should help. Maggie is the only one with out legs, so spikey hair and less pieces. Itchy has mouse ears and Scratchy has the axe (all 1 piece). I think that’s everyone lol..takes a little while but eventually you get it down.

      • wow I’m impressed! i ended up with homer and burns! burns tricked me because the plutonium was crammed inside the stand. didn’t matter because the only thing I could tell was that they were different. I hope my special surprise minifig is someone different! I was going to wait before buying any buuuut
        that didn’t happen lol

      • I wish I could borrow you for a trip to the store – plane ticket would be a bit expensive, though 😉

    • LMBO@ feeling up the packs… they must be experts at it?!? LOL

  5. Alissa is an “Adult” lol did that have to be in quotation marks for the contest?

    • Uh huh…because she is technically the youngest of us 3…but plays the “adult” card far more often then the Fuzzball and me. So, it’s an ongoing joke she is the “Adult” of the group.

  6. What a great surprise! Thanks addicts and congrats to other winners!

  7. Oh my gosh, I won!?! Woohoo!!! Thanks so much for the fantastic contest, Addicts team! I’m back into THE.BEST.GAME.EVER. and I won a Simpsons Lego fig? Best weekend ever? Maybe not, but it’s definitely a good one!

  8. Congratulations winners! Have fun with your awesome figures 🙂

  9. Congrats everyone.

  10. Congrats to all 5 winners! 🙂

  11. Thanks addicts!!
    A special thanks to Alissa as it is her day, and she also was quick to reassure me that there was still one more day in the contest yesterday. It is great to win on the last day. And congrats to my fellow winners!!

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