Just jumping in here with the details and information I know you are all DYING to find out. Where do I need to be on Emblem count to collect ALL prizes by the end of the event. Well, here is my usual handy dandy Calendar to guide you along.

Stonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter EmblemStonecutter Emblem

I broke every day down starting from the 5th of June. I stopped it at July 1st as the event ends on the 2nd, so I like to play it safe. As long as you are pretty close to these numbers by the end of each day…you will be on track to get all the goodies available on the Emblem Prize list.

Emblem Calendar

There is a Secret Bonus beyond the last prize, so if you are ahead of the count…it will be beneficial to you in the long run. Play, have fun, and enjoy this cool new event in our silly lil games. 😉



  1. William Keeling

    Darn I missed having everything by 50 emblems.I tryed playing but when that update came out it wouldn’t let me play until I did it. So hopefully I can do a little better next event.

  2. Yes, got it all 😉 And I have to admit that emblem calendar was a very useful tool indeed! Thanks!

  3. Signatory1 add me, daily player!!! I will visit you!! Level 42! I want more emblemssssssssssss

  4. 56,000 emblems as of right now. Want to thank everyone on this site for all the help and great hints. This was a fun update and I am sad to see it go, but excited for the next one. Which holiday will it be?

  5. I’m at 33,914, will it end tonight exactly or will it end tmrw night…I’m almost there! :/

    • The set end time for the event is 8:00 GMT (4am EST). There may be a little grace time after that but that has ranged from a day or two to a couple hours so no guarantees beyond that time.

  6. BEARison Ford

    i’m at 31,900 right now. How can I hit 35,000 by tomorrow night?

  7. Does anyone know if u could still get number 1`s quests on wednesday?

  8. I have about 30800 emblems do I have enough time for final prize or am I to late

  9. at 3:51 my time I have 31438 emblems, is it still reachable to 35k?

    • 3 days left… #1 tasks are good for 3,000 if you get them all. Another 180 for visiting neighbors plus however many emblems you figure neighbors will give you. Probably gonna be a close one but I wish you all the luck in the world.

  10. I just hit 35k yesterday! Thanks for all the help. (:

  11. Aw, I only have 20700 now and I won’t be finishing #1s last task before midnight. There were a few others where the character was already schedule for the task but didn’t complete it til too late so I didn’t get the 400 emblems. Also, I have so many inactive friends and didn’t find the post on how to remove them until this week. I cannot download on my work computer and this is where I always am!!! I’ll be ready for the next event! I will have to find my new friends on this website.

    • Looks like you are in good shape for at least the table. If it makes you feel any better, I’d have been more than happy not getting the anvil. Sounds like you have a solid plan for the next one.

  12. I’m 2000 emblems behind, I think I might have a chance at getting the table but do you think I’ll have any chance at getting the last prize ?

    • There’s a possible 3000 from #1 tasks left and you still have emblems from visiting and being visited by neighbors. I think those are good odds.

  13. aside from using donuts, whats the quickest way i can get the emblems only because i know im not gonna be able to make it til the 2nd. i only have about 15154 emblems now.

  14. I’ll be cutting it prettig close ’cause I won’t be able to play for 2 days. I could use some more active friends. Think I have about 30 now but they don’t all visit me. Feel free to add me. Svemie or SvenSteghers . TSTO rocks, best episode so far. Thanks for all the help

  15. Bunny,

    Thanks a ton for this calendar it is a vital tool in making sure I’m on track for completing this.

    This is easily my favorite event ive seen in TSTO.

  16. Woohoo. I’m at 27,500 on the 23rd. After the Easter fiasco I was worried about future events, but this one is almost perfectly done. Only issue I’ve had is the long no. 1 tasks keeping me from 4 each day.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      EA was just testing the waters to see how many/ how much, we would spend to speed up the tasks. Only sped up the lodge have approx.4300 emblems and had/am having fun. After Easter I think we needed something pretty good to keep us… for some. They kept me. other than that, no donut with sprinkilillleeeeees were sacrificed (that I can remember)

      • Yeah I think Easter was too frustrating for a lot of people, I lost a lot of neighbors (not visiting and not updating to stonecutters after a week or two in) after that event, this may be coincidence.. but who knows but them?

        • Josephine Kick@$$

          I know I lost a lot of neighbors too. I’ve still got a couple that look like they’ve abandoned their game, but I’ll leave them for now, just in case.

  17. It’s sunday, june 22, and I only have 21300 emblems. Do you think I will be able to get everything?

    • You’re pretty close to the target. Just stay on track, keep tapping away and you should be ok. Remember Bunny’s calendar allows for 1 extra day…so just keep playing and get as many emblems as you can! 🙂

    • Well a couple of things cam help boost your numbers.

      Do you have the max # of neighbors?
      Are your neighbors visiting you everyday and are you clearing yoouen town every couple of hours (if a lot of neighbors left the game.or dont visit you, I recommend trimming them away and posting in the “add me” section

      When I visit neighbors this is how I play it out – First I go through and only click my neighbors who have the I temple and one other thing open (earning me 6 emblems per visit)- its better to click two things in a neighbors town than scouting them out for just their temples – it annoys players and might get you removed. Then after ive gone through all my neighbors once I go click crazy and visit all neighbors and max out my visitation with em all (theyll visit you back).

      Sorry if this isn’t completely clear just some tips I thought would work well to help those catching up. I was behind by a day emblem wise and have since gotten almost 2 days ahead using these methods.

      • By visiting your neighbor in such a manner (assuming you hit up 30 in total getting a temple and one other thing) – you get a yield of 180emblems by visiting rather than 60 a day. Good for catching up.

  18. The secret prize is a real letdown, it’s just doughnut, but Choclate looking, they still seem the same as regular ones though.

  19. szpeter256448

    I hope I’ll be able to collect emblems after the countdown just like Christmas or Easter event.

  20. I need more friends! It looks like most people on mine have stopped playing so they’re not giving me emblems.:(

  21. It is Sunday and I don’t have the stone of triumph yet will I be able to make it?

    • Best way to figure it out is to see how many emblems you are averaging a day. Take where you are vs how many days left and you’ll have an idea. #1 tasks can give 1K a day so that’s 13K potentially plus all your neighbors visiting you. Not completely bleak IMHO. Definitely will take a lot of consistent tapping.

  22. I was wondering how some players have used donuts to get so far ahead? I am 2 days behind going by this, I have gift more friends and am now starting to catch up slowly but was looking to use donuts to get on track. You only seem to be able to use them to speed up tasks which doesn’t help because, once you’ve completed the days tasks there is nothing more you can do, or to get the next prize but you are still down on em embalms so you haven’t caught up as such. Is there anything I can do to be able to get to the end before the task ends? It’s annoying that this is the best task for ages and because my ipad was out of action for a few days when it started, I might not be able to complete it!

    • You can purchase each item on the prize list via donuts. Check check out the middle of the prize list you’ll see a “Buy Now with….donuts” And each time you buy a prize it gives you that amount of emblems as well.

      • I used donuts to buy the second prize but it didn’t top up my emblems so I still had to get the same amount to get the third prize (the amount I was under the second prize plus the amount between that and the third prize) so it didn’t allow me to get catch up, only got me the second prize quicker, it was a waste of donuts as I would have to it eventually anyway. I did buy the pyramid but I can’t see what else I can do?

    • Pyramid!

  23. Hi! How is everyones game going? To the people having problems, one thing that you can do if you have time is to catch all the neighbours spying your town quickly so you always earn 5 emblems for each one. Only about 40% of my 100 friends visit me everyday but I try to make the full out of those visits. I also have the all seeing eye, bought it cause I love the building and it was worth 2 months of donut gathering and even though I didn’t care at all for the bonus emblems it gave at the beggining, it really adds up, it helped me get to 32000 plus emblems today. I play everyday and visit all my friends, so feel free to add me and I will do my best to help you. 🙂

  24. This is now the 2nd time I miss out on the last nr1 task completing in a day.
    Task 1: 6hours
    Task 2: 6hours
    Task 3: 4hours
    Task 4: 4hours 🙁
    Task reset at around 02:00 and I wake up at 05:00 and go sleep at 23:00

    • It all rolls over. So if you don’t complete the day before, the missed tasks roll to the next day. It makes for some pretty nasty days!

      • Yeah but I don’t get the 400 emblems on the roll over 🙁

        • Nope you miss the last prize because the task wasn’t completed. But it’s still possible to unlock everything while missing out on some of the prizes from #1.

    • For me its always like 4 hour task: finishes a few minutes after the daily tasks reset >:(

  25. guys, my emblems are 34.000 and i only need a thousand to reach the Satan’s Anvil but suddenly the secret bonus mission with the message 0/3000 emblems to collect is appear. the question is do i still get the Anvil when i reach 35.000 emblems or this is a glitch? because the secret bonus should appear after the Anvil right?

  26. Hi i would like to know what purpose the Sacared Chest will serve when the Stone Cutters event is finished
    Will it be taken away like the easter baskets.??!!

    • Using the Crypts, Holiday Tree, Elf Home and Egg Generators for reference, my guess is they will generate income every 8 hours once the event is over.

  27. your daily task list calendar goes through July 3: but the game says the event ends on Jul 2 (and your calendar ends on the 1st to be safe). I will be cutting it close because of a 3-day vacation, so can I expect the event to run through the third?

    • pun intended

    • I am not sure what EA is thinking. Unless there is some sort of a continuation of Number 1 AFTER the Emblem Prizes. The June 2nd date is for the Emblem Prizes. The info I posted is direct from the files. 😉

  28. Any help? I’ve only got 5000 and something 😬😐

  29. I got quite a bit behind when I went to launch the app one day and it said “Disk Full” – it took a really long time before i could manage to find a way to get the game to update on my phone. I was really bummed and pissed. It happened again today – and i had to remove quite a few things just to make room for it. So yes, I’m behind, but when you have been seeing “Disk Full” repeatedly, you just feel grateful to ever get the game to load at all.

    • It happens to me every time there’s an update (and I always have plenty of room on my phone). What I do when it happens is uninstall TSTO and reinstall it. It’s annoying and takes forever, but works the best for me. 🙂

  30. I am 5000 emblems ahead of this schedule 🙂
    Currently have 24500

    Can’t wait to get the table and make stonecutters sing 😛

    • You know you all brag about how far ahead with emblems you are. How about maybe offering an advice on how to catch up. I have a 100 friends and they are all useless because they rarely spy on my town and I only get 60 emblems for spying on them. Maybe one of you can offer a cheat or something on how to catch up fast. Nobody is saying anything of a substance, all you do is brag.

      • I put up a post to help those to gain Emblems the quickest. (p.s. we do NOT promote altered games, so you won’t find any of that info here)

        If your friends are of no help, delete them and get new ones. It is a matter of constantly tapping your town to get the most out of the game along with VERY active neighbors.

      • Gene, this isn’t a cheat but not everyone realizes that when you click the Stonecutter’s Lodge, you get five emblems instead of just one. When I have time, I like to go through my list of neighbors clicking only on lodges. I then wait an hour or two and do it again. If I use up the 60 taps on lodges, it is possible to get 300 emblems instead of just 60. After I have used up the 60 emblem-clicks, I then go back through my list one more time clicking everything but lodges because those clicks are worth dollars and FP and they are worth five emblems each for my neighbors. (Don’t click the lodges after you are no longer getting emblems since they will benefit other players more and their value to you is the same as other buildings.)

        Meahwhile, 100 neighbors each clicking three of your buildings is worth a total of 1500 emblems to you — so max out your neighbor count. And clear out the “seeing eye” symbol over your buildings as fast as you can since this helps more of your neighbors.

      • You get 300 per day if u only tap on your friends stone cutters lodge. Make sure u ger all number 1 missions done. I’ve missed a few and still have 24000

    • i have somewhere around 2500 so we are both ahead of the schedule

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