Free Random Donuts? WOOHOO!!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just jumping in as I was just able to confirm a very odd occurrence in the game the other day. FREE DONUTS!!!

2 donuts3 donuts1 donut


UPDATE: Looks like EA has a message that was quite delayed. Some got it, some still have not. For those just getting it, as you see from this post…you may have already received these donuts and got the message later. 

Thanks DrewDabble for snagging this SS! 🙂

DrewDabble 12 Free Donuts


So that accounts for 12 of the donuts…now…for the other 10?

Now I was curious at first when one of our regular readers Safi posted this…

Has anybody received 10 free donuts anywhere along the early parts of the new event? And if so, when and where? Between last night and visiting neighbours this afternoon, I went up 15 donuts. On a previous post, it was suggested I may have won 10 from completing something in the event, while the other 5 from visiting neighbours. I’m really curious so if you get any donuts from early in the event questline, please let me know when and where. Thanks.

Then others started to report the same…

dohhomerdoh: Safi, I too obtained free donuts along the way. I was at 2 just prior to the update (just bought barney and bowl-a-rama… finally earned enough free donuts woo-hoo!). Then right before new update I re-leveled up and got my 3 free donuts so should have 5 total. Somewhere along the line I got bumped up to 20 with zero notification or fanfare. Maybe a gift from the Stonecutters. Does this mean I’m in their inner circle?

Madam Dukes: I got donuts too. 12 in both my A and B towns, the funny thing being I think got them before I updated. It could have happened with the update, but I think it happened in the morning and the stone cutters came to our SP in the afternoon. I have been reading the forums to see if it happened to anyone else.

So I sat and waited and watched my games. Then just after I completed the build of the Stonecutters Lodge in my A game, I stopped playing a bit to work on a few posts and transfer screenshots I took. I went to go back in and got Bart screen. So I reset…got back in…and there they were… FREE DONUTS!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I would have not even noticed if it wasn’t for Safi pointing it out and my screenshots to prove it did happen. Lol.

The top image is the info for Krustyland meter I was working on for another post not too long before I stopped for a bit. The bottom is the image I saw when I returned to the game after the Bart screen. That is a 22 donut difference in my A game. (Due to I have so few in this game, I can account for every single one too.)

Free donuts


Now the question still stands of WHY? I really don’t care…just the fact that EA added to my game…again, I won’t complain (Many open tickets on this account). Of course the geeky nerd in me is gonna shred the files to see if there is anything I missed on the random donuts just popping in. Lol. I am still wondering if there is a glitch in two tasks, the “Trust No One” and “Quash Those Who Trespass Against Us”. These are supposed to be 10 donuts each to SPEED UP the task and avoid it (for those odd ones that still play without neighbors) and not a reward. But so far, it is the only way I can explain a possible 10 to 20 donut increase. Waiting for confirmation on this from EA to find out.

Trust No One 1 Robed Order 3

Did YOU get any free donuts? If you did, how many did YOU get? I am really curious now. Let me know.


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  1. I wish there were some sort of in game trading I have more boardwalk tiles than I know what to do with.

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