Weekend Update: June 1st – 7th

Shhhh…don’t tell…I am about to share some pretty cool secrets…

Weekend Update Addicts

After our last update, SATURDAY: Wookiee jumped in to share some of his thoughts on the Simpsons TV Series in Diary of A Wookiee Season 25.

Now for this weeks fun!!


SUNDAY: Bunny hopped in to let YOU Show everyone what you created in  Springfield Showoff: Ah Fudge!

Alissa then gave us some great background on a new character in Mad Men of Springfield: Dewey Largo. She then returned to start of the conversation for the night in Sunday Night Open Thread.

Chesterdupree throw a tizzy 1

MONDAY: Alissa started the day off with a barrel of laughter with this weeks Caption This! She then returned to give you all the details on the Chester Walkthrough. She then returned to let us know EA was back to dropping subtle lil hints to what was on the horizon for the game in Stonecutter Spoiler from EA’s Facebook. Then she brought us information on our June Tapper of the Month

Wookiee then gave us a lil insight to the silly relationships this silly lil game can bring in TSTO Classifieds.

Nuclear Meltdown 3

TUESDAY: Wookiee started the day of with some cool insight on how to Build Your Own Minifigs.

Alissa warned there is an Update Coming…EEEEEE!!!!


Alissa started off with the usual Stonecutter Update to let you know what to expect overall. She then warned us of a new option to store it ALL in the Nuclear Option PSA.

New Event means new friends needed…go HERE to add them…Add Friends for Stonecutters.

Bunny gave us the insight on a new way to locate your characters IN or out of a task in the Townhall Player Locator.

Robed figure

WEDNESDAY: Bunny started off the morning with a introduction to those figures running around your town in Capture the Robed Order. Then she hopped back in to tell you what you need to keep in mind while visiting neighbors in Eye Spy! Next up…SPOILERS… all those cool tasks to help unlock some more prizes over the next month in the Sacred Parchment. With each new Update comes some issues, so she hopped in with the Glitch Report on #1’s Tasks.

Alissa then jumped on over to give you the short short version of Turbo Tappin’ Stonecutters.

#1 section

THURSDAY: Bunny began the day with some more SPOILERS for  Number 1’s Daily Tasks. These come in handy with all those silly glitches. She then returned to inform you of some sweet sprinkly sweeties in the not so distance future waiting for you in the Secret Bonus. Then she wanted to help you become aware of some changes in the game you may have not noticed with the Stonecutters Update Random Changes.

Alissa wanted to help give you some answers to the many questions we were seeing pop up in the Addicts Question Corner.

Stonecutter Emblem

FRIDAY: Bunny started the morning with yet another New Glitch Number 1’s Tasks Running Repeating. But then brought you the item you love to see for these kind of events, the Stonecutter’s Emblem Calendar to help you stay on track to get the ultimate prizes at the end. She also noticed some Free Random Donuts popping into the game. Finally, the breakdown of great time management in the Math of Stonecutters Event.

So what do we have in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out. FYI…with so much going on this week, I wanted to give everyone some more time on their town designs in case they wanted to use or add a few things with the new event…so I am cancelling Showoff for this week. No worries, it will return. 😉

And that sums up this week here at TSTO Addicts.  What do YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Anything in particular you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



53 responses to “Weekend Update: June 1st – 7th

  1. my game got totally erased and started from the beginning! was at level 42 and ilog in and just starts from intro. very frustrated!!

  2. Anyone else run into the Large Hedge glitch? Place a large hedge, then place another one WITHIN the one you just placed. It turns a large into two small hedges, which is whatever, but can get kinda weird. Wasn’t sure where to post this, am I okay dropping it here?

    • Not a glitch. Something you used to be able to do in past but EA took it away. I’m glad it’s back. Makes designing so much easier when they can overlap and connect. 😉

      • I may have missed this, if you all have already posted it, but after I got Burns’ robe and the money pool Smithers shows *ERROR* in the Town Census. When the ‘Go To’ button is clicked it just takes me to Burns.

        Thanks for the reply Bunny, have a good day!

  3. Wondering is there a glitch? When I vist my neighbours now I get no more emblems?

  4. How come when I visit some of my neighbors only some houses have cameras, but others don’t even have the pyramid like they were spied on by someone else?

    • Basically, they may have just cleared the pyramid tap so it doesn’t register when you venture in. Also…there are a few that don’t have the spy option on them.

  5. OK, something is annoying me and I was wondering if I am overreacting?

    I’ve noticed a lot of my neighbors are coming in, only tapping the lodge, and then leaving (instead of tapping 2 more buildings). I realize they are trying to get the most out of their 60 neighbor actions, but it just strikes me as a little bit selfish to me… that they are coming into my town to collect their 5 emblems (which are available to them because I log in frequently specifically to clear my lodge for my neighbors) but they aren’t willing to tap another 2 buildings to give me another 10 emblems?

    They aren’t coming back later, either, I’ve been checking for that. So it’s not like they are filling up their 60 emblem actions and then coming back to my town to tap another 2 buildings. They are just tapping the lodge and that’s the last I see of them until the next day.

    It’s just rubbing me the wrong way. I am thinking about not clearing my lodge at all just to see what happens. But then, that’s not nice for my other neighbors who do tap the lodge + two others.

    • I’d be bugged if my neighbors were doing that too. Only real option is to watch for who’s doing it and then making a decision if you still want them as friends.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I always come back Cara, it might take a little time, but I do.

  6. I’ve got a big problem… I have about 25 friend requests waiting to be accepted and every time I click add it’s telling me a error occurred and to try again, but still no luck.. I’m using a Kindle Fire HD.. please help..Thank you.

  7. Bloodangel736

    I’m sitting here staring at my mess of a town with just 3 pieces of road and buildings strewn anywhere I had space. I want to redesign (or just design) but I don’t even know where to begin! I really should have designed as I went.

  8. Hi Tappers! A quick question…… Is #’s 51, 314 and 2 rewarded at anytime during event or do i need to buy them? Thanks! 🙂

  9. It only occurred to me now that rushing Brandine’s pregnancy would free her up for tasks. 19 donuts that I know I’ll get back eventually. She didn’t seem bothered.

  10. The calander of #1’s tasks was incredibly useful. Not only does it help tell when you want to stay up until midnight to start that first task, but also helped out with the glitches. Loving this event! Thanks for all your hard work, and cheerful, can-do, attitude!

  11. Can somebody tell me how one of my neighbors already exceeded 36000 emblems in under 6 days into the event? something don’t click!!!

  12. Josephine Kick@$$

    Good update furry one… need another neighbor? 😉

  13. Whew! What a busy & fun-filled event! You guys are rockin’ it!

  14. hey bunny what are your thoughts on the abandoned building?

    • I got it for my B game. I really do like the look of it from a design point. Should I Buys are still coming up. You got time to ponder it over. 😉

  15. I can’t wait for the “what to spend your donuts on section” my fave section this week would have to be all the calendar sections… Very helpful 🙂

  16. Has anyone else noticed after this update if you put you finger on a building and not move for a few seconds it automatically puts you to the move option and selects that object you were staying on?

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