Springfield… It’s Alive! It’s Alive! (Building Animaniacs)

How are all my fellow Stonecutters doing?  Anyone remember that show in the title?  Ever since this event started my mind keeps imagining Yakko, Wakko and Dot running around animating things.  I know… I’m special lol.  Anywho… with this new event, one of the really neat things is spying on neighbors.  It not only helps your club members earns emblems for those neat-o prizes, it also animates your buildings.

I don’t know about you, but this Fuzzball is super stoked to see previously dead buildings come to life.  I’ve also noticed some animations I haven’t seen for a while.  I spent the other night wading through my friends taking images of all the coolness while I was sneakily spying on them.  I made note of all the animations as I went along to make a list for my favorite tappers.  It’s not all inclusive but I saw quite a few.  Any buildings in bold indicate my favorites.

Random Animations

First up, SPRINGFIELD PROPER aka the non-water land.  All are alphabetized for your convenience.

– Adult Education Annex – Figures appear in upper windows.  You can see this one all the time by sending Lenny there.

– All Night Gym – Sign lights up.  Wolfcastle has a task that animates this.

– Aztec Theater – Marquee lights up.  I love how it goes down and then up the letters before the entire sign lights up.

Burns Manor – Dome opens, vulture flies out, circles and then perches over entryway.  It’s a simple animation but it gets me every time.

Animations Burns

Calmwood Mental Hospital – A rope made of sheets appears out of window and then is drawn back in.  Me thinks Bunny is trying to escape.

Animations Calmwood

– Community Center – Antennae on roof moves.  Not much but more than this building normally does.

Crazy Cat House – A cat jumps out the front window and runs through ramshackle fence into backyard.

Animations Crazy Cat House

El Chemistri – Green flashing in second story culminating in green burst out front doors.  Pretty cool.

Animations El Chemistri

– Kamp Krusty – Krusty flag lowers, Kamp Bart flag raises and repeat.

– Krabappel Apartment – Upper window opens and cigarette smoke blows out.  We still miss ya Mrs. K.

– Muntz House – A raccoon climbs up on the roof and starts chewing on wires.  This is what raccoons should look like… no sweaters, just mischief.

Museum of Natural History – History of weapons banner unfurls.  Simple but I love seeing one of my favorite buildings actually do something.

Animations Museum

– Open Air Stage – Stage lights flash (note… this deosn’t happen if an act is on stage).

– Pimento Grove – Olive lights up.

– Singing Sirloin – Sign border illuminates.

Sir Putt-A-Lot’s – I love the monkey moving it’s arms.  Nuff said.

Animations Sir Putt-A-Lot's

– Springfield Grocery Store – Front door opens and vent fan on roof moves.

– Springfield High School – Various windows light up.

Springfield Knowledgeum – Double helix pops out of top.  For anyone who;s seen this episode, you also know this is a slide.

Animations Knowledgeum

– Springfield Observatory – Telescope appears out of top and moves up and down.  I really need to send Skinner, Frink, Martin or Lisa on this 3 hour task more often.

Springfield Pet Shop – Rat scurries from trash bag behind store, cat appears in window and chases rat into store through opening front door.  I had never seen this one before and boy do I dig it hardcore.

Animations Pet Shop

– Springfield Retirement Castle – A squirrel appears and climbs on top of the striped patio out front.  Most action this building has seen ever.

– Springfield Wax Museum – Sign lights up, vent fans move and an extra window opens.

– Swanky Fish – Sign neon illuminates and animates.

– Wolfcastle Mansion – Hand grenades are flung out front door.

– Zesty’s – Smoke out of pipe on roof.

Next, SQUIDPORT.  I admit I should be much more excited about seeing these buildings do something but I really wasn’t.

– Crypto Barn – Sign flickers and lights up.

– Just Rainsticks – Sign flickers.

– Malaria Zone – Sign flickers.

– Much Ado About Muffins – Hot muffins steaming on ledge.  The coolest of these IMO.

– My First Tattoo – The 1 in the sign lights up.

– Planet Hype – A light flashes and alternates with radio waves illuminating.

– The Itchy & Scratchy Store – Sign illuminates.

– Turban Outfitters – Jewel in turban lights up.

To fill out the post, I figured I’d include LIMITED TIME BUILDINGS.  I know everyone doesn’t have all these but your neighbors might.

– Abandoned Store – Fans on top come on and steam comes out the pipes… not drastic but certainly not abandoned.

Bad Dream House – My absolute favorite… an amazing light show out of the windows.  So incredibly cool.  This image doesn’t nearly do this animation justice.

Animations Bad Dream House

– Blocko Store – Doors opens… boring.

– Clausco – Spotlights come on.  Didn’t know it did that honestly.

– Cool Brown House – Side window lights up blue as if someone is watching TV.

– Egg Nog Bar – Neon signs flicker.

Fireworks, Candy & Puppies Store – Pinwheels move, puppy shadows jump in windows and fireworks light off above store… really, really cool.  FYI… Ralph Wiggum can make this happen whenever you like.

Animations Fireworks

– First Church of Lard Lad – Orange lights flicker inside.

– Ghost Zapper – Lights up continuously.  I thought it was neat they let a decoration’s animation show.

– Gingerbread House – It sparkles and I feel silly for having written that word.

Guinea Pig Rescue – That cute little guinea escapes out the window, sneaks around front and is then butterfly-netted back indoors.

Animations Guinea Pig Rescue

– Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop – Smoke puffs out from basement door.

– Helter Shelter – Shutters come off the front doors and the lights come on.

– House of Evil – Toys in the windows move around.  Kinda creepy and naturally I love it.

– Johnny Fiestas – Sign lights up.

– Madame Chao’s – You can see people dining and a server walking back and forth.  Pretty neat.

– Mapple Store – Mapple symbol lights up and sliding doors open.

– Nighthawk Diner – Person eating steaming food appears in window.

– O’Flanagan’s Pub – Door lights up and bucket of water is thrown out side door.

– Phineas Q. Butterfat’s – Sign lights up.

– Pumpkin House – Black smoke comes out the stem chimney.

– Santa’s Village – Christmas lights on trees twinkle.

– Santa’s Workshop – Christmas lights on trees twinkle.

– Shamrock Cafe – Lights come on inside and you can see tables inside.

Springfield Skating Rink – Zamboni appears out side door and it never fails to make me laugh.

Animations Skating Rink

– Springfield Mall – Fans on top move.

Super Collider – I honestly completely missed this one.  One door sucks in air uon the left side of the building and it’s blown out the other side.  Special thanks to aabend380 and Bunny for tapping it so I could get an image.

Animations Super Collider

– Ultrahouse – All 3 antennae dishes on roof move.

– Up, Up and Buffet – Sign illuminates and animates and lights around plane flash

Wowza… that’s a lot of animations and I purposely left some out because I was familiar with them. A good number of these are animations you’ll only see during this event so enjoy them while you can. THe first image in this post actually shows a lot of the animations I didn’t single out.  Kinda a super collage I suppose. Did you see any you hadn’t noticed before? Did I miss one you love? Sound off below. Until next time, stay classy, keep snagging those emblems and enjoy the event.

TTFN… Wookiee, the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) out!

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  1. The toy car coming out of millehouse place is real neat

  2. I seriously LOVE this post! Great work on writing this up & keeping tabs. I don’t know how you guys do it with tracking all of the info & making us charts, etc, but I sure do appreciate all the hard work that it takes. Thanks to all you Admins/Writers!

    p.s. Wookie, I seriously am in awe of your Springfield. 🙂

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